Guest Review: Mustang

Vixen Mustang, photo courtesy of That Virgin Who Can't Drive

I knew I was in for something good because the email began, “I feel like only you can understand the breathtaking sense of wonder and accomplishment I’m feeling.”

Unsurprisingly, the email was about squirting.

Despite already owning and loving the G-spot god that is the Pure Wand, the letter writer experienced her first ever ejaculation with the unassuming Vixen Creations Mustang. See, I knew it would make a good beginner’s G-spotter!

Aside from having the best screen name on earth, That Virgin Who Can’t Drive is also very adept at describing sensation.

Okay, so, I’m still relatively new to toys and your blog has been indispensable in helping me to spend my money wisely. I was intrigued by VixSkin and pored over each of the reviews you’d done on the line, trying to get a sense of which one would be the best for me. Your review of the Mustang did me in — I snatched one up. The second I inserted it, I was in love (actual tears of pleasure may have been involved) and it still remains my favorite.

Reading your blog also opened me up to the possibility of squirting, which had never really occurred to me before as being feasible. I read your entries on squirting with a mixture of envy and awe, purchased my own Pure Wand, fell in love with it, didn’t squirt with it, tried again… and again… and again…

I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. I would feel the need-to-pee sensation, always with either the Mustang or the Pure Wand, and would be so sure I was going to squirt… only to have a great orgasm (ha, “only”) with no squirting. I’m not sure if I was psyching myself out at the last minute or what, but every single time: nada. I tried towels to relax, I tried flexing my PC muscles, but still nothing.

So, last night I decided to jack off and grabbed my Mustang and my Leaf Vitality and settled in. It was one of those sessions that go from “just a half an hour” to “an hour… or two… or three…”

I got myself off twice and thought “eh, fuck it, one more.” This time the orgasm built up slowly — surprisingly slowly, considering I’d already had two very strong ones in the last hour — but I was patient. I’d thrust crazily with the Mustang and then ease off, teasing myself, all while I had one of the Vitality’s leaves on my clit.

Finally, when I was close, I started thrusting insanely fast, not because I was trying to squirt, but because I HAD to or I’d go insane. Suddenly, the need-to-pee sensation was there, only far more intense than I’d ever felt it and I had a split second of “oh SHIT” before it happened.

I’m not sure what I was expecting. Maybe that it would be like a flow or a gush, but it wasn’t like that. I came, hard, and, as I did, there was an actual thin jet, like water out of a plastic squirt gun. It startled me so much I may have actually said “whoa!” I don’t really remember, because the second after it happened, this overwhelming sensation of bonelessness washed over me and I just laid there in a complete daze.

I mean, I’ve enjoyed a lot of great orgasms in my short lifetime, but never one that has left me feeling that euphoric and spent, like I’d been hooked up to a morphine drip. I felt weightless, I felt well-fucked, I felt hungry… just really, really starving… and so exhausted, but then too excited to sleep because OH MY GOD, DID I JUST… YES, EVERYTHING IS WETNESS AND GLORY.

Because I am insane and was feeling entirely too much like a superhero, I measured the spot (once I’d regained full functioning of my limbs): 10″ long and 3″ across at the widest point. Probably not enough to soak a Liberator Throw, but certainly enough to soak through the sheets into the mattress. That itself is pretty dumbfounding — how small the spot seems until you start peeling back the layers of your sheets and it has soaked all.the.way.through.what.the.HELL?

I think the reason it ended up being the Mustang instead of the Pure Wand is that I haven’t quite gotten the hang of hefting that delicious steel beast quite yet or, at least, hefting it quickly enough to make myself squirt (apparently I too need to furiously thrust like a mofo to make it happen).

I think this is a great point, and I am in solidarity with you! The first toy I squirted with was a lightweight silicone dildo. For some first time squirters, maybe the stainless steel of the Pure Wand is too advanced, and a softer, more flexible silicone is better.

Also, a 10 x 3″ squirting spot is impressive as fuck, and can we take a moment to coo at that second photo? That Virgin wrote, “they look like an adorably awkward pair of friends on vacation.”

I got this email long before I set up my most recent giveaway (which is still going on, through Friday), but maybe subconsciously my brain put together the combo of a Mustang and a Leaf vibe because it worked out so well for That Virgin Who Can’t Drive? In any case, the Mustang is wonderous.

Get the Mustang at SheVibe.
Wanna save some $? Woody is the single-density version of the Mustang.