Review: Isis

The Luxotiq Isis is a bit of a goody-goody. It’s sugary pink in color, with smooth, clean, harmless lines. It comes snuggled in white satin, in an elegant white box that closes with a ribbon (okay, okay, all Luxotiq toys come that way, but shhh). And in use, it never tries anything too crazy. It doesn’t go cervix-poking; it simply finds the G-spot and massages it. Depending on your body, this is either awesome or disappointing. I’m somewhere between.

Made of solid 100% silicone, the Isis is an S-shaped (if the person writing the S happened to be drunk or falling asleep) and double-ended (but not in the gross way) dildo. It’s modest in size, neither too big nor too small, with one end 1″ in diameter, and the other 1 1/2″. The texture of Isis’s silicone is actually similar to the texture of plastic, and it’s not very pliable at all. It does not squish when squeezed. There is a very light seam that runs around it, but it cannot be felt in use.

The Isis does what it sets out to do — it stimulates my G-spot gracefully and smoothly. Unlike some other G-spot dildos (cough — the Fun Factory Curve — cough), the Isis is not floppy and does not cause frustration when thrusting. It is easy to use and almost impossible to misuse.

The small end of the Isis hits my G-spot, but with less surface area than I prefer. This end would work well for someone who prefers smaller-diameter dildos. I do like the pressure that the rest of the dildo puts on my vaginal opening and vulva when I use this end, but it’s otherwise a bit unsatisfying. I could probably squirt with this end if I thrusted really, really fast.

The large end is more suited to my taste, of course, and it provides some nice G-spot pressure. I especially enjoy clenching around it and feeling my G-spot respond.

But the downfall of the Isis, for me at least, is that it doesn’t try to pull any crazy stunts, like instantaneous squirting. I’m used to (and adore) dildos that go absolutely nuts on my G-spot, like the Pure Wand, Comet G Wand, and NobEssence Seduction. In comparison to those, the Isis pales, because the Isis’s curves are just not pronounced enough. They are subtle. If they curved upward more, I think the Isis would be up there with the other champs I just mentioned. But alas.

Another issue (which stems from the unpronounced curves and the general shape of the Isis) is that, to get the most G-spot stimulation possible, the non-inserted end must be pushed downward. It’s really awkward to try to push downward whilst thrusting. I don’t have this problem with the similarly-shaped Comet G Wand and Seduction because those dildos already hit my G-spot with a crazy intensity; they don’t need extra wheedling like the Isis does.

So that’s the thing. The Isis is a beautiful, well-designed dildo that provides adequate, enjoyable G-spot stimulation. It’s easy to use and exceedingly easy to clean. It just doesn’t go as far as it could, and as far as other dildos have, toward G-spot domination. If you have previously been burned by G-spot dildos that poke or are too intense, though, the Isis might be the perfect antidote. For me and my high standards, it falls short of amazing.