Review: Jellyfish

The Jellyfish is a magical sea creature. Yes, I just wrote that sentence. And I’m keeping it. Because despite the fact that this dildo is basically a conglomeration of veins topped with a jellyfish-shaped head… I fucking love it.

Usually I have to choose between G-spotting and texture. Texture can be so overwhelming that G-spot stimulation gets drowned out, and vice versa. Not so with the Jellyfish. The Jellyfish has both — and both are overwhelming. In a good way… usually.

Many will find this texture far too abrasive. Like, probably 90% of people with vaginas. I find it abrasive most of the time. But once I get really turned on, when my vagina opens up and I drizzle the lube everywhere, the Jellyfish is amazing. I clench around it and the G-spot stimulation from that is SO GOOD that I come too fast.

You gotta be willing to sacrifice some lube every time you use the Jellyfish. The usual amount is not going to cut it. If you don’t use enough, it could feel like rug burn in your vagina.

I don’t usually thrust very much with the Jellyfish. The smallest of movements are enough to appreciate the intense texture. The veins are unique on all sides, so spinning it is another option. My secret trick is to use a bigger, smoother toy first, then switch to the Jellyfish — then I can handle and appreciate the insanity.

I own a couple other Whipspider Rubberworks toys, but this is the first one I’ve truly loved. I always say that I require my dildos to either hit my G-spot or have a fun texture, and the Jellyfish does both swimmingly (har har har). And it’s one of the most intricate and beautiful dildos in my collection — check out that iridescent sheen to the silicone — while still being one of the ugliest and weirdest dildos. That’s a feat!

Do not forget, though: this is an advanced dildo and is not for the faint of vagina. One must be equipped to handle it. I suggest a past history with textured toys and a big ol’ bottle of lube.