Sex toy news: uncut dildos and a rechargeable Hitachi

Jimmyjane Hello Touch X and Form 5

If it seems like it’s been 5,000 years since Jimmyjane released something new, it has. Now, they have graced us with the Hello Touch X (rechargeable now, with an electrostim mode because uh?) and Form 5 (a weird mouth with flappy lips because uh?). [Update: I reviewed both, and they’re terrible.]

Fun Factory Bouncer dildo inside

The Fun Factory Bouncer looks boring as fuck. But it actually has inner balls that roll around, like kegel beads or their B Balls. I am into this idea.

Tantus and SheVibe have teased us with some preliminary photos of uncut dildos they’re collaborating on. Yes!

(Hitachi) Magic Wand RECHARGEABLE!

Hallelu, there will soon be a rechargeable Hitachi Magic Wand! The new wand will have a silicone head, four vibration intensities, and can be used while plugged in. Oooh, ahhh.

Nexus has a few new products, including a rotating prostate massager and a remote controlled butt plug.

If you ever felt like your Fleshlight was too close to corpse temperature for comfort, you can now warm it up with this insert.

Pipedream's iSex line

I am continually laughing at Pipedream’s new iSex line (I’m not linking because Pipedream). Calling something iSex and making it stark white is definitely ~up with the times~. All the toys are USB-powered, so you can stay tethered to your true lover (the computer) at all times.

A reader emailed me about this crowdfunding campaign surprised by “how not stupid” the accompanying video was. I love how low the bar has become.