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Vixen Creations Outlaw realistic silicone dildo

The Vixen Creations Outlaw is a beast. I think we can all agree on that. Towering at a freakish 8 1/2″ tall, with a girth of 2″ and an insanely detailed shaft, there is no denying the Outlaw’s presence. Mine is in the delicious chocolate color, which is deep and rich — probably my favorite of the three available skin tones.

I’ve had bigger with Vixen’s Randy (2 3/16″), but Outlaw has that combination of length and girth that can make a sex toy truly daunting. It actually obstructs the porn on my monitor when I set it out on my desk.

Made of amazing VixSkin dual-density silicone, Outlaw is realistic to the max. It is extremely squishy, with a firm inner core that allows it to stand upright, straight and proud. The shaft is decorated with a plethora of veins and skin lines, and a cluster of wrinkles under the head where the foreskin is pulled back.

Even for me, the Outlaw can feel like a stretch. But it’s a really good stretch from a cock that seems right out of a sleazy romance novel: thick, veiny, throbbing — okay, not throbbing, but you know what I mean. It feels like an awesome, hefty penis, opening me up and whispering take it.

Outlaw’s 8 1/2″ length is intense, too, and that measurement is what made me hesitate to request it. And sure, as I suspected, I can only insert about seven of those inches before I bump into my cervix, but it is far from bothersome. Without the dildo’s base right against my vulva, I can access my clit more easily anyway.

I don’t ever feel Outlaw’s balls against my skin, but they are a helpful reminder of the dildo’s angle. I never have tilting or slipping issues.

Vixen Creations Outlaw realistic silicone dildo

Due to the cervix-poking, Outlaw is not a dildo I thrust a ton. I simply enjoy its girth, sometimes nudging it a little deeper to see how much length I can take. When I near orgasm, I wiggle Outlaw back and forth, enjoying the G-spot stimulation, then slide it out and, most likely, gush on myself.

Of course, I am a G-spot fiend. And while I do squirt with Outlaw, the G-spot stimulation is not immense. I do believe that this is the Outlaw’s only “flaw” — it is not curved, not in the least. Because the material is soft, Outlaw’s shaft actually droops downward about an inch when I use/hold it. And Outlaw’s head doesn’t provide a great deal of G-spot stimulation. This dildo is more just a girthy monster, not a G-spot god like, say, Maverick.

But that’s really okay with me. The awesome length and girth, coupled with enough G-spot stimulation to make me squirt, are more than enough. It certainly helps that VixSkin is a fucking incredible material, and may quite possibly be my favorite material for internal stimulation. The skin just feels — for lack of a better word — real.

And so it is — I have conquered yet another huge dildo, and I’ve fallen in love with yet another Vixen cock. Things are getting dire over here. I am a VixSkinoholic. I need therapy… in the form of more dildos.

Really though. Outlaw is a rad dildo. Enormous and floppy, but stiff on the inside, Outlaw satisfies my thirst for girth, curiosity for length, and lust for VixSkin. Outlaw may be a beast, but it is a glorious, glorious beast.

Get the Outlaw at one of my fave shops:
Babeland, Good Vibes, SheVibeEarly to Bed,
Smitten Kitten, Pleasure Chest, or Come As You Are (Canada).

Want something a bit smaller and without balls? Check out the Downunder Toys Classic Hot Rod.

Thanks so much, Vixen Creations!

  • I am a VixSkinoholic. I need therapy… in the form of more dildos.

    Me too. I want all of them. Even the gigantor ones like Outlaw.

  • LucyLemonade

    Great review, I understand being a VixSkinoholic. I’m working on a review of the Mustang myself and adore it! I want to try the Leo in iridescent white as well!

  • FD

    I NEED to try this VixSkin.

  • I adore this fella – one of my personal favorites…along with Maverick, oh and Randy…and Bandit…Vixen Rehab anyone?!

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  • sophie2229

    I really hope you review the Lonestar (although you seemed to not like the shape as much) because I have it and I want to know if this is worthwhile too, as I don’t think I’m really “missing” any extra length/girth.

  • Selective Sensualist

    I just have the VixSkin Johnny and the Raquel so far (and I LOVE them both!). If the Randy turned out to be too much for me, yet I can take the Johnny fairly comfortably, do you recommend the Outlaw? (I.e., how much harder is Outlaw to take than Johnny — in girth, that is?)

  • ScottA

    Hmm – how does the Outlaw compare with the Maverick? Outlaw’s bigger and has balls, but I think the bend in Maverick might give you more G-spot stim. Correct?

  • @Selective Sensualist: I’d say the Outlaw is only a small step down from Randy. Outlaw is not for the faint of vagina at all. If you are determined, I’m sure you could do it, but it’s definitely not as easy to take as Johnny.

    @ScottA: Yep. Maverick’s head is more pronounced, too, so the G-spot stimulation comes from that as well as the curve. Outlaw still hits my G-spot, but in a more subtle way.

  • Great review! Have had trouble with some other materials – can’t wait to give vixskin a try!

  • This makes me drool. I loved the Goodfella I had. I can’t believe I gave it away. 🙁

  • Bri

    I haven’t tried any Vixskin dildos yet, but they look awesome. As appealing as this looks, I think it would just be too much for me. I think I like the chocolate color best as well.

  • namelesschaos

    I haven’t tried an Vixskin toys yet, although I’m dieing to. I’ve taking toys with a two inch diameter before so maybe taming the outlaw will be my first.

  • Liz

    It feels like an awesome, hefty penis, opening me up and whispering take it.

    Laughing so hard right now, oh my god.

    That chocolate color is gorgeous; it’s got me staring at the glass case of cupcakes in the kitchen, mmmm.

  • MF

    Do you ever name your dildos? This one needs a seriously epic name.

  • Crystalline

    I agree it could use more curve! But firm inside, squishy out? Yes, please!

  • @MF: I kinda think “Outlaw” is a pretty badass name to begin with. But, I really have too many sex toys to give all of them names!

  • namelesschaos

    @Epiphora: This comment made me laugh just because of the size of your collection you’d need to get one of those baby name books and it’s hilarious to imagine a book in one hand, a dildo in the other, “I shall name you…”

  • @namelesschaos: I’d have to add the names to my sex toy collection spreadsheet. And that… is terrifying.

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  • john

    Vixskin is so good. I just got done with an epic session with this bad boy! I rock the chocolate too. Reminds me of my dude but he is not quite as big 🙂 does anyone know if they are going to make a bigger vixskin? Johnny

  • nuala macmoragh

    I just got one of these as a prize for volunteering to go up on stage to tell a story at Bawdy Storytelling in LA. Unfortunately I didn’t get called up on stage, but, I still got the dildo. I’m so happy, and I haven’t even used it yet.

  • Kitsune

    Aside from not liking the chocolate one much…I have found my new brand of sex toy, I loooooooove you Vixen your Outlaw is …well a beast…. He feels absolutly amazing. the only thing i could find close to this was toys made of cyber skin and that’s super high maitnence (not that all toys are not if you like to actually keep good care of them) my only greevous with this toy is the balls are beautiful….but so thin? Mr.Right has bigger balls! the few times I can make it down there I can feel how soft they feel and it’s great, I just wish they were a good inch or so thicker so you could have a nice fleshy landing<3 other then that love my new main toy<3 (Any one else into realism check out mr.right it's fun to have a soft and hard version available to match in any color you pick)

  • jadzydax

    I have the Outlaw and he is a beast. I actually just ordered Johnny because I wanted something I could bottom out on; having to restrain myself on the Outlaw is kind of annoying but I WISH I would have read that the Johnny is only 1.75″ wide because I’m really into Outlaw’s 2″ wide girth. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to buy myself another toy soon… 😀

  • Oddkin

    As I’ve gotten to taking 7″ didldo’s comfortably, I kind of really want this one. Just to test my boundaries further, and also because there are no 7″ VixSkin dildo’s of Randy’s girth. That (or even fatter why not) would be perfect.

    Like, Bad Dragon type girth in VixSkin, that would be the mother of all dildo’s to me.

  • Bsb

    I’ve been riding lonestar for a while now and after reading your review, finally got the outlaw. Can’t wait to start riding him as well. I’m a bit of a size queen and addicted to vixskin dildos.

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