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Crystal Delights Ash Girl glass dildoI have a lot of glass dildos, but I find it disturbingly easy to eschew most of them. When I moved, I re-arranged my life so that my desk only contains the most pertinent of sex toys. One drawer is reserved for glass toys, and guess what’s inside? Three Crystal Delights dildos. Nothing else.

Crystal Delights is best known for their bejeweled and tail-adorned butt plugs, but to me, they are makers of the greatest most high-quality glass dildos known to man. The Star Delight is a staple in my toybox (used often as a reprieve, or finisher, when other toys fail), and the Crystal Twist is a fabulously weird G-spotting dildo that ranks up there with the best of them.

Therefore, I was not surprised when I loved the Ash Girl.

It’s a modest size, at 6.7″ long, 5.8″ insertable, and 1.4″ in diameter at its widest. It’s delightfully textured, with a slight G-spotting curve and pronounced head. The cherry on top is a unique Light Vitrail Swarovski crystal (a gorgeous conglomeration of pink and yellow) in the base, which serves as an excellent handle.

The Ash Girl comes with a fancy storage bag embroidered with Asian-style dragons and phoenixes, rather than Crystal Delights’ usual black. Just don’t leave the storage bag out on your desk; any nearby cat will find it to be a highly acceptable bed.

The texture on the Ash Girl consists of peculiar-looking raised swirls and curly-Qs, like you might doodle in your notebook in 7th grade. I wasn’t sure how this would feel, and I’m not sure how to describe it. The site’s description calls this dildo “delicately textured,” but I don’t agree. It’s definitely intense — on the verge of abrasive. But I’m weird, and I like that shit.

The Ash Girl is like a glass version of the silicone Jellyfish, about which you may recall me writing:

Usually I have to choose between G-spotting and texture. Texture can be so overwhelming that G-spot stimulation gets drowned out, and vice versa. Not so with the Jellyfish. The Jellyfish has both — and both are overwhelming. In a good way… usually.

Many will find this texture far too abrasive. Like, probably 90% of people with vaginas. I find it abrasive most of the time. But once I get really turned on, when my vagina opens up and I drizzle the lube everywhere, the Jellyfish is amazing. I clench around it and the G-spot stimulation from that is SO GOOD that I come too fast.

The good thing about the Ash Girl is that it isn’t very big. So while the texture is crazy, I don’t have to prepare my vagina in advance for the dildo’s arrival. I can get all of the delicious texture without added girth. And most importantly, there’s a bulbous G-spotting head in the deal, too. SCORE.

The bumpy Star Delight feels gentle in comparison to the Ash Girl. Its rounded bumps are less jarring, and the lack of a curve cuts back somewhat on the G-spot stimulation. The Star Delight, with its straight shaft, is better for spinning. The Ash Girl is better for thrusting, or nudging the head up against my G-spot while I clench around the shaft and relish in the raised swirls.

Crystal Delights Ash Girl glass dildoThe Ash Girl is touted as being “harnessable,” but I’m not about to try it. I’m enough of an oaf without having to worry about jabbing my partner with unyielding glass, and I wouldn’t want another person to be in charge of how much this toy moves inside of me. I asked my girlfriend about the “harnessable” claim. The response? “I feel concerned.”

Also, this is one of the most difficult toys to clean that I’ve ever owned. Just when I think I’ve toothbrushed off every bit of dried-up vag gunk, the toy dries and more gunk magically appears. What I’m saying is, I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing this dildo with anyone I wasn’t fluid-bonded with.

The Ash Girl will never be the most widely enjoyed toy in Crystal Delight’s catalog based solely on how intense its texture is. It’s a very particular toy. At $145, it’s also more spendy than most dildos from Crystal Delights. Before purchasing, ask yourself if you like your vaginal walls to feel vaguely like they’re being scraped. I do, hence why I love it.

The Ash Girl is not currently available on Crystal Delights’ site, but you can email to special order it. Otherwise, it can be found at She Bop.

  • This dildo has the acclaim of being the fastest turnaround from showing up on my doorstep to being inside me to an orgasm that took me by surprise. And I typically am wary of texture. I don’t know why but I love this fuckre.

  • Stephanie R.

    You’re girlfriends now? AHHH <3

  • christina

    what would be the best glass dildo for someone who has never used one?

  • RM

    Semi-related, was the Star Delight discontinued?! I never got my hands/vagina on one and if it’s gone forever I might cry.

  • Stabbin Robots

    That awkward moment when you want to buy something that literally has your name on it, but you don’t want to gash your gash.

    My vagina is a pussy.

  • 🙂

  • Definitely not discontinued! It’s on their site as we speak.

  • Michael Hansen

    Thank you a lot for your post I had understood little about glass dildos. Extremely valuable information. True blessings to you!

  • Jillian Boyd

    That is one gorgeous dildo. I really love how it looks, but unfortunately my vagina isn’t much a fan of texture. Now debating with myself to get it anyway and put it up as an art piece when we move…

    Also, aww, you and Aerie! <3333

  • Dane

    I would say get something relatively inexpensive in a shape you know you like already, like a pipedreams icicle, and see if you like the sensation of glass. Icicle #5 was my very first sex toy and I still use it today as a warm up, it’s moderately sized with light texture and it’s about $30. I also acquired #59 when my roommate got it as a dumb gag Christmas gift, and even though it’s shaped like a candy cane and looks totally silly sticking out of an orifice, it’s pretty good for a free dildo.

  • Kels

    I recommend the Crystal Twist dildo – it’s stunning, absolutely the prettiest toy I own. I tend to find firm textures abrasive in a way I don’t always love, yet I do really enjoy vaginal wall stimulation. The Crystal Twist has the gorgeous crystal base and is very stimulating, but it is smooth like butter at the same time. You can twist it in, which will go naturally and easily in the right direction, and then you just guide it in and out, allowing it to twist backward and forward as it naturally wants to, and it is jaw droppingly good. You can also just twist it back and forth inside gently for subtler sensations – this is what I initially did with the toy when I first got it, and it is wonderful and addictive but discovering the other, more intense way makes me reach for the Crystal Twist even more. I felt like I’d found a secret level in a video game, it was great fun!

  • Probably something that doesn’t have a ton of texture like the Ash Girl does. Maybe something with light texture, like the Icicles #5 or Icicles #51. The Icicles line is inexpensive and there are a lot of different shapes in it, so it’s pretty easy to find something appealing and try glass without spending a ton of money.

  • Lux

    I’m still sad that these were discontinued before I could get my hands on one. That texture sounds amazing – albeit after a solid warm-up!

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  • AceDenise

    If you still want this dildo, I just bought one at Dallas Novelty- it’s the only place online I could find that still has it in stock! Be quick if you want it, I have no idea how many they have left. It is still listed “in stock” as of today, at $144. I waited until mine had a tracking number before I posted this, to make sure it was really still there. I didn’t discover Crystal Delights until after the Ash Girl disappeared, I also have a green Crystal Twist and an amber Star Delight and I love them, so I was really disappointed when I thought I missed out on the Ash Girl. I can’t wait until mine gets here! Epiphora has a link to Dallas Novelty under her “site sponsors” section.

  • I think the contract with Ash Hollywood ended and so they’re not publicly available on the Crystal Delights site, but they are stocked at She Bop. Or Shellie can still make you one I believe! Email her at and let her know that Epiphora sent you.

  • Ms.Kitty

    Is it possible to still order this in the space year 2016?

  • Aurora Glory

    Was going to ask the same thing! Beat me to it.

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