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In the market for a new sex toy, porno, sex blog hosting, etc.? Here are the places I recommend! (And here are the places you should avoid like the plague.)

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Looking for an incredible deal? SheVibe is the place for you! I love them in unnatural ways and they carry a ton of good stuff, including more obscure sex toy brands — such as Vamp, L’Amourose, Hole PunchHappy Valley, Leaf, New York Toy Collective, and Luz de la Riva — that can be hard to find in other shops. Visit my landing page for all my favorite toys in one place, and see their latest sales here.

SheVibe also has a really quite awesome manufacturer info page with warranty information for each toy company. PLUS I’m friends with the peeps behind SheVibe and they’re all badasses.

Smitten Kitten

Do you love progressive, indie sex shops? Then you absolutely must support Minneapolis-based Smitten Kitten, whose owner was one of the first to speak out against toxic toys.

The selection at Smitten Kitten is incredible for a small shop, including unique products such as acrylic dildos, dildo grocery bags, pronoun buttons, bondage rope earringsvaginal pain relief products, and small manufacturers such as Hole Punch Toys, Fuze, BS Atelier, Happy Valley, and New York Toy Collective.

Feminist to the core, Smitten Kitten’s fierce commitment to accessibility is evidenced by their gender expression section, range of inexpensive toys, and selection of products for all bodies and abilities. See my toy picks right here.

Shopping in Canada? Look no further than Come As You Are, one of Canada’s best indie sex shops with a fantastic online store for you to take advantage of! They have probably the biggest selection of Happy Valley toys around, along with handmade and unique products such as LoveBumper sex furniture/blankets, Cannalife Botanicals, Sili Saddle, and Canadian-made toys, dilators, and kinky stuff. My favorite things are listed right here, and here’s their sale section.

Lovehoney, the place to get sex toys if you live in the UK, US, or Australia!

Shopping overseas, especially the UK and Australia? I whole-heartedly recommend Lovehoney, which began in the UK but has now expanded into the U.S. and Australia as well. They are fast, discreet, and well-respected, with an unmatched return policy.

Check out their latest deals and get 15% off your order by visiting my landing page (which lists all my favorite products!).

Early to Bed is an adorable indie sex shop in Chicago run by one of the sweetest (and most hilarious) people I’ve met in the industry. They go the extra mile with their webstore, taking their own product photos and writing their own pros/cons for each toy. Here are my favorite things that they carry.

Get 10% off your order at Early to Bed with code EPIPHORA.

Babeland has street cred, and for good reason: they’re an amazing operation, and they’re picky about their toys (like me!). Here are my favorite things they stock. Be sure to visit their sales page while you’re there.

GoodVibes is another well-known, fantastic shop. Check out my favorite toys that they carry. I appreciate their epic selection of porn. Here’s what’s currently on sale.

Peepshow Toys

One of my newer affiliates is Peepshow Toys. I’m really into their excellent sales and curated selection; they stock a lot of my favorite things including my two favorite Hitachi attachments, the L’Amourose Prism V, the LELO Ella, Leaf Life, and the NobEssence Seduction and Romp.

Get 10% off any order at Peepshow Toys with code EPIPHORA.

That tagline is no joke: SexToyFun’s selection is astonishing. This site carries practically everything, from very inexpensive silver bullets to high-end luxury toys. It’s a good place to go if you’re looking for a toy made by one of the big companies: California Exotic, Doc Johnson, Pipedream, Topco, etc.

I’d rather you buy from an indie sex shop, but I know Amazon’s prices are hard to resist, and sometimes you just need a Wahl (why?), Diva Cup (why?), or lube dispenser (why?), so if you must, there’s Amazon’s “Sexual Wellness” section. Just remember, companies may not honor warranties on toys bought from Amazon.

I also support the following sex shops:

Pleasure Chest  She Bop — a female friendly sex toy boutique  JT's Stockroom


Straight from the manufacturer:


Tantus, makers of lovely 100% silicone dildos and plugs, has an AMAZING closeout section. Also check the Grab Bag, where you can get highly-discounted toys in surprise (and unique!) colors. My favorite Tantus toys are the Cush O2 (my review), Splash (my review), Echo (my review), and Ryder (my review). See more here! They even stock the Magic Wand Rechargeable and Doxy.

Luxury sex toy brand LELO makes some fantastic toys. My favorites: Mona 2 (my gushing review), Mia 2 (my review), Ella (my review), Siri 2 (my review), and the best kegel balls, the Luna Beads (my review). All my faves are compiled here!


We-Vibe is a smart company that makes effective vibrators such as the ergonomic rabbit Nova (my thoughts), versatile G-spottin’ Rave (my review), tiny but mighty Tango (my review), all-around great Touch (my review), and hands-free orgasm-inducing Pleasure Mates (my review).

Get 5% off your order on their website anytime with code EPIPHORA.

Fun Factory

Playful German company Fun Factory has been making high-quality silicone vibrators, dildos, anal toys, kegel balls, and more since 1996 — their most recent innovation being their pulsators, which thrust rather than vibrate (I loooove the Eins, as evidenced in my review). Their Bootie is my all-time favorite silicone anal plug, I enjoy the odd sensations of the Bouncer and B Ball Uno, and the Tiger G5 and Big Boss G5 are an impressively powerful vibrators for your money.

Crystal Delights makes gorgeous glass toys with Swarovski crystals in their bases. My favorite toys of theirs are the Crystal TwistStar Delight, and Ash Girl, but they also make beautiful butt plugs, some with fluffy animal tails, others with fantastically-colored tails. Their toys can also be found at She Bop.

Bonus: the beautimous Epiphora’s Exclusive Star Delight with glacier blue aqua Swarovski crystal (a color not currently used in any Crystal Delights toys) is only $89.95 with code EESD16. Get free U.S. shipping (or $9.95 off international shipping) at Crystal Delights with code EPIPHORA.

Get free U.S. shipping at Hole Punch Toys with code EPIPHORA

This little operation in Saint Paul, Minnesota, makes hand-poured silicone sex toys in fantastical shapes, such as carrot and radish butt plugs, popsicle dildosice cream anal toysrocket ship strap-ons, and even a dildo shaped like a wine bottle. I reviewed their stuff here, crowning the Ass Cram Cone my favorite (for vag cramming).

Get free U.S. shipping at Hole Punch Toys with code EPIPHORA.

New York Toy Collective, makers of bendable silicone dildos and packers

New York Toy Collective are the premiere makers of bendable silicone dildos and packers! They are known for the pack-and-play Shilo (although I’m drooling over the larger one, Carter), and high-quality packers like Archer and the uncut (!) Pierre. Their site includes the widest selection of color choices, and they even sell my favorite harness.

Twisted Monk, the most trusted name in bondage rope!

Twisted Monk is the most trusted name in bondage rope. They make classic hemp rope, as well as exotic ropes such as bamboo, silk, cotton, SPARKLE, and electro-conductive. Their site is a wonderland of rope kits, accessories, and educational materials. I love their Curiosity Candles for wax play, too. Get free U.S. shipping with code HEYEPIPHORA, and be sure to check out their ever-changing limited edition Color of the Month rope!

Free lube with purchase at Minna with code EPIPHORA

Minna makes Ola and Limon, squeezable vibrators that record the pattern you squeeze. You can get free organic lube with your purchase at Minna with code EPIPHORA.

Free shipping and 10% off at Downunder Toys with code EPIPHORA

Downunder Toys is an awesome indie silicone sex toy manufacturer in Australia whose products I reviewed here. They make whimsical designs like the Koala Kiss and Pretty Kitty, as well as colorful Hitachi replacement heads and their own dual-density dildos. Get free shipping and 10% off at Downunder Toys with code EPIPHORA.

SelfDelve fruit- and vegetable-shaped sex toys and more!

Might I interest you in a fruit- or vegetable-shaped sex toy? That’s the domain of German company SelfDelve. They make 100% silicone dildos shaped like corn, bananas, picklescarrots, cucumberseggplants, and asparagus, and more. Some of their toys even use thermochromic pigments, so they change color with temperature. See this in action on a banana dildo here.

Use code EPIPHORA for 5% off your order at SelfDelve.

My boyfriend is IN LOVE with his Fleshlight. Build the exact one you want on Fleshlight’s site!


Get 10% off Sliquid lube with code EPIPHORA

Sliquid is my favorite lube BY FAR. Get 10% off your order in their shop with code EPIPHORA.


Sex blog web hosting + resources

If you’re looking to start up a sex blog (or any type of blog or website), I highly recommend HostGator (they’re my host) for your hosting needs. They have great prices, are very reliable and quick to respond — even at 2 in the morning! — and most importantly, they allow adult content. You can even get 25% off anytime with code HEYEPIPHORADreamHost is also a great option for adult bloggers.

Need help installing WordPress or navigating your new site? Contact me, I’m happy to help!

Full disclosure: I get a little kickback if you purchase hosting from my links.

25% off HostGator hosting with coupon code HEYEPIPHORA

GoDaddy is another choice for sex bloggers:

DreamHost also allows adult content, and they implement privacy protection by default!

Once your site is up, I highly recommend purchasing CodeGuard. This service will back up your site automatically, and restore it on demand. Absolutely worth the money for the peace of mind!

CodeGuard website back-up service

And ThemeForest is an awesome source of quality BloggerTumblr, and WordPress themes!


Looking for porn?

This is my primary VOD (video-on-demand/streaming) porn theater from the same place that runs HotMovies4Her. You can find practically anything on it, and best of all, you can watch only the scenes you really want! I keep a running list of my favorites on this page. I also have a store on GameLink if you prefer. features the best queer porn all under one roof! It’s like the Netflix of queer porn. Pay-as-you-go with rentals, or get a membership with PinkLabel PLUS for unlimited access. Browse indie porn from all different studios, such as T-Wood (trans and queer men), Trouble Films (queer everything!), Bonus Hole Boys (trans men with cis guys), Heavenly Spire (masculine beauty), Blue Artichoke Films (cis hetero couples), Handbasket Productions (trans women and queer folks), Buck Angel Entertainment (the “man with a pussy” porn pioneer), and of course Pink & White (queer everything!).

Lust Cinema

Erika Lust’s membership site Lust Cinema has all her legendary films, as well as videos from awesome feminist directors such as Jacky St. James, Maria Beatty, Tristan Taormino, and Jennifer Lyon Bell. Don’t want to get a membership? Check out EroticFilms, which has similar selection but offers rentals of individual scenes/movies instead.


SugarInstant is basically the Netflix of (mainstream-leaning) porn. It rules! Read about my experience with it.

Hot alt girls make Burning Angel one of the few membership networks still worth joining. Membership grants you access to over 900 movies for download (or HD streaming!), and almost 300 girls to interact with.

The groundbreaking queer porn series The Crash Pad was the inspiration for, which delivers steamy new episodes every two weeks, including access to over 200 previous episodes and hundreds of photos.

Since 2002, Indie Porn Revolution (previously NoFauxxx) has been the place for authentic, diverse, and hot queer porn. They’ve recently expanded with the addition of other sites: Real Queer PornQueer Porn TV, Fat Girl Fantasies, and FTM Fucker.

Ciné Sinclaire

I cannot tell you how much I adore Ciné Sinclaire! This is the life’s work of one of my good friends, Kate, who is following her vision for inclusive, respectful, and hot porn.

Bright Desire

Ms. Naughty has been on the forefront of the feminist porn movement for over a decade, and Bright Desire is the online home for all of her erotic films. It features scenes of real life couples and intimate solo scenes, plus access to photos, interviews with performers, erotic fiction, and more.

BDSM porn behemoth has tons of sites for your every need, such as Sex and Submission, The Upper FloorEverything Butt, Fucking Machines, Public Disgrace, and Bound Gang Bangs, or get access to all of Kink’s currently updating sites with a Kink Unlimited plan.

Digital Playground is the only place you can see certain pornstars. Notably, Stoya.

GoodVibes also has an epic selection of feminist porn on DVD.

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  • Paul

    Great resources, thank you so much!

    I also wanted to note that so many sites focus on women, even if they carry men’s toys, they don’t focus on us, and they really don’t offer relevant, knowledgeable service and information. I recently came across, (I have been ordering underwear from their parent company for years) and they truly focus on men and men’s toys. It is a welcoming, modern site that is truly great to order from. Plus their super discreet packaging is a huge plus!

  • Myra

    Found a good one for your UK folk in need of a Lelo Mona 2: do a price match deal; they’ll beat any other online price of a toy. At the moment they sell the Mona 2 for £88.95. Not great, but wait for it. I found a Mona 2 on another site for £74.99, sent it to them, they’ll now offer the purple version for £74.95. (To do a price match, go on the toy’s page on their site, and click ‘Price Match’ – literally takes ten seconds, just put the URL of the cheaper product in, the price, and your email. Then check your spam folder the next day. The place I found the cheaper one was here: )

    Right, so step two: They have a 20% discount code at the moment using “WELCOME” at the checkout. This takes the Mona 2 down to £59.96. That’s more like it! Did I mention they do free UK postage on all orders over £35 too? (And I’ve used the site before, so no worries on that.)

    tl;dr: Yes I did just buy a Mona 2 for £60 with shipping.

  • Lea

    Hi! I was wondering if the code EPIPHORA could be used several times at Lovehoney? I’m wondering if I should wait to buy everything I want at once, in order to get the 10% off, or if I should be nicer to my wallet 😉 Because I really want to buy the we-vibe touch and njoy pure wand 🙂
    (Also, using you landing page redirects me to, where the prices can be significantly higher than at, for some reason)

  • Yes! You can use it as often as you’d like.

    The link is supposed to take you to whichever Lovehoney operates in your area, but here’s a link to specifically.

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for your blog and your list of stores to buy from. I recently almost made a purchase from somewhere that was cheaper, but I am buying from SheVibe instead. My vagina deserves the best and I don’t want to end up with a cheap knockoff or a returned item from a place that has a satisfaction gaurentee. Yuck! It’s worth the extra money to get the quality product and not have to worry. You have greatly improved the quality and variety of my sex toys.

  • Awesome! I’m so glad!

  • Angie

    Do you know if Chavez Designz has gone under again??? I was looking to purchase a Jollet and their etsy site has disappeared; the only place I could find it was a suspicious-looking site called trystologyonline and I’m a little too leery to purchase there.

  • It kinda seems like maybe they have. I’ve emailed one of the owners but have yet to hear back.

  • Angie

    Sadness! 🙁

  • I just got a reply today from one of the owners! It turns out they are getting a divorce, so the site and Etsy have been shut down for the time being. He hopes to get the business back up and running eventually, though!

  • Angie

    Oh no, how sad for them!

  • lulu

    Yuck. Amazon (some other places too) have sold used toys. I’ll just pay more $$ for a nice new clean toy.

  • KamaSutraGirl

    I’m the original Kama Sutra Closet, and worked with the original owners of Jollies… and still have a number of Jollies products in stock. Please don’t feel uncomfortable with We are legit. I have a new website,, however we don’t have high res images of the Jollies, so they’re only available online and on Let me know if you have questions. You can contact me through the website.

  • Jacquelin Tupper

  • jackattack

    i’m now obsessed with CAYA! Co-ops and funky sex toys for life!!! Thanks so much for being such a steady guide to this first-time vibrator buyer XO

  • You are so welcome! I love CAYA!