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Jimmyjane Form 6I’ve been dreading writing this review. I’ve been putting it off. I’ve been typing and deleting, trying to form sentences that adequately explain my feelings without sounding like a total grump.

But I’m going to sound like a grump no matter what, because I really don’t like the Jimmyjane Form 6. Sometimes, I come quite close to loathing it. A few people like this toy, and I objectively see why: it’s rechargeable, waterproof, has dual motors, is double-ended, and feels unique both externally and internally. That is all true, but for me, using the Form 6 puts me in a bad mood.

The Form 6 is an expensive ($175) silicone vibrator. Due to the motors inside, the whole toy is hard as a rock. It’s covered in matte silicone, but the stiffness makes it feel almost like coated plastic. The smaller end is 1 1/4″ in diameter, while the larger end is 1 3/4″. The entire toy is 7″ long. There’s a seam all around the body of the Form 6, because that’s how Jimmyjane rollsEnjoy.

One cool thing: the Form 6 charges magnetically when placed on its black charging dock. The dock also has a top part that can close over the toy and tuck it away, which is a great touch. (The newer G3 version doesn’t have this, just a small charging base.) The Form 6 is fully charged after four hours. When the toy is removed from the charging dock, its lights blink to indicate how charged it is. Again, a great touch. The Form 6 also comes with a 3-year warranty.

The Form 6’s functions are like a reviewer’s nightmare, so I’m not going to break my brain trying to describe them. Basically, each end can vibrate independently, with five constant vibration levels. Then the whole thing has six vibration patterns that span the entire toy. I found an image that describes all the functions perfectly; for some reason, this information is missing from my manual.

All of this is controlled via three buttons located on the larger end. I call them buttons, but they’re more like barely-raised symbols that have to be FORCED DOWN rather than pushed. I am perturbed by how much effort it takes to press this toy’s buttons.

Plus, to turn the vibe on or off, you have to hold any button down for 2 seconds. This is meant to help with travel, but it’s really obnoxious the rest of the time. While I’m jacking off, I often turn off my clit vibe and set it on the desk so I can do something else — switch dildos, skip forward in the porn, etc. The Form 6 makes this process tedious, and it gets lube on my fingers in the process. Not cool, man. Not cool at all.

Since the Form 6 is dual-ended, the buttons are even more difficult to push when they’re IN MY VAGINA. Um, please explain this. This could’ve been solved (sort of) by adding a setting that cycles through the different vibration patterns, but there is nothing of the sort.

So choose wisely before inserting the Form 6’s large end into your orifice. You will be stuck with one vibration setting, unless you decide to pull the toy out, haphazardly stab one of the buttons, find a place to wipe the lube off your fingers, and insert the toy again. Oh joy.

My dislike of the Form 6 isn’t just about the buttons, though — it’s also about the lack of good sensations when I use the toy. Internally, the vibrations feel decent, but neither end feels very pleasurable. I’m always acutely aware of just how stiff the toy is, and how it feels disturbingly like a plastic vibrator. And for some inexplicable reason, neither end hits my G-spot. I don’t understand this, as practically everything hits my G-spot nowadays.

Externally, the Form 6 is not quite strong enough for my tastes. The small end nestles between my labia nicely, but the vibrations are not surface level enough. The large end is just too broad. And whenever I have an orgasm from the Form 6 on my clit, it is weak. Coincidence? Maybe, but I don’t think so.

The dual motors and vibration patterns certainly feel interesting and unique. The problem is that they’re housed in such a stiff, unpleasurable body, with buttons that make me want to die. For $175, the Form 6 should blow my brains all over the carpet from the pleasure. But it doesn’t. It just doesn’t.

Get the Form 6 at of my fave shops:
Babeland, SheVibe, Pleasure Chest, or Come As You Are (Canada).

  • I’ve long wondered how that whole button situation would work out. Sad to hear that it’s got all the problems I thought it would.

  • Was the review negative? no. Blunt? yes. Honest? yes. Reliable? yes. Straight forward? yes. I think you get my drift.

    On that note, as a reviewer isn’t that what your supposed to do…provide honest, unbiased, informative reviews that speak about your experience with a toy, good or bad?. yes.

    Keep doing what you do. You are fantastic at it!!

  • sophie2229

    As a plus, I think the pink looks pretty cool next to the charcoal color of the Form 2.

  • Marie

    My experience with the Form 6 was pretty similar. I DO like all the vibrations and pulsations though but I found the buttons too difficult to push. It hurts my fingers to try and push them down. Plus when the toy is lubed up it is practically impossible to push the buttons. I got so frustrated the first time I used it and I could NOT turn it off that I threw it across the room onto the floor where it sat and vibrated till I was done having sex. At a latter attempt I was pretty satisfied to just leave it on one setting and just use it but I was horrified to find that where the little metal band is crimped for the charging, there is a raised ridge that SCRATCHED my poor little G-Spot. Ow! Ow! Ow! I thought for sure this was a defect and went back to the store to get a replacement. They were very nice about it, but after opening a few of them and looking at the floor model we realized they were all like this. I did not want a new one so I just gave it to a friend who seems to love it.

  • “You will be stuck with one vibration setting, unless you decide to pull the toy out, haphazardly stab one of the buttons, find a place to wipe the lube off your fingers, and insert the toy again.”

    That would drive me INSANE. And yeah, for $185, it should not only be mind-blowingly orgasmic, it should also be super user-friendly.

  • I feel like I should say something nice here about how a lot of people love the Form 6, so — a lot of people love the Form 6.

    Best part of this review.

  • Sarahbear

    Vixen Creations and Fun Factory have spoiled me with the squishy silicones. I also never even thought about how annoying the buttons would be. Negative opinions of expensive toys are necessary. It’s unfair to consumers to be anything but completely honest when it comes to spending nearly $200 on a product.

  • @Sarahbear: Me too. If this thing had more cushion to it, and a softer silicone, it would be VASTLY better.

  • Oh my god, it’s the fabled FORM 6 REVIEW. I thought it was a mere myth, but nay, here it is in its brutally honest glory. PRAISE THE LORD!

    As I said before, fair, honest, not super-positive-happy-rainbows-and-sparkles, but it’s your style and your actual opinion, which I prefer. 🙂 I’ll be interested to see what I think when I get mine.

  • Red

    I loves me my Form 6, so very much so, but it sounds like I just generally use it differently than you. That’s kind of funny. Nicely done review, very clear!

  • Thanks so much for reviewing this one. I’ve been iffy about dropping $150+ on a vibe (or anything else these days). This review pretty much clenched the idea the the Form is too good be true. My money is better spent on something that I won’t want to throw against a wall in exasperation.

  • Bri

    My comment doesn’t really have anything to do with the Form 6…just wanted to say that I stumbled upon your blog tonight while doing a google search for a replacement for my Fairy Mini Mini and got totally sucked in. I have read a bunch of your reviews just tonight and they are so detailed and helpful! Just to make this relatable to where I’m posting it…the button issue sounds like it makes it not worth money and like it makes use messy. Thanks for doing what you do!

  • Great review. Sadly, I feel the same about the Form 6. A lot of money for not a whole lot of pleasure and way too much angst. It’s such a great concept but needs more R&D to make it work better. Actually, by sending these to reviewers they’ve got the R taken care of, now on to the D.

    I actually gave mine away knowing I wouldn’t be using it, it was just so frustrating.

    Now, the Form 2, which I know you hate, I curiously don’t. Yeah, that glitch (and it’s a major one) is annoying, but when I work around it, I kind of love it. Still, it is a pricey toy to have to do a work around. And had I not gotten it for free, I’d be less likely to be so understanding.

    So far, JimmyJane, a company I wanted to blow me away, hasn’t lived up to their promise.

  • lovesickrobot

    This review confirms what I have suspected about this toy based on its appearance. It’s just too… uniformly bulbous I guess. It looks like it would push too hard too near the vaginal opening to hit my G-spot and would instead mimic the feeling of a UTI. But that’s just my personal fear about it.

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  • Selective Sensualist

    Too bad about the seam, the buttons, and the stiffness/plastic-y feel . . . 🙁 I have been curious about the Form 6 for so long. Now I’m not so sure about it. Thanks for your honest evaluation of it!

  • This is why I crush so madly on you: you’re being honest. Once I read a tweet of a somewhat-famous sex toy reviewing married couple that basically said they write positive reviews of all their products because they only review great products.
    This sounds like a great product, but it doesn’t sound like it’s worth the money.
    Thank you thank you thank you

  • Liz

    that is a ridiculous place for buttons, my god. that’s probably something they should have considered in product testing or something. not everybody likes to stay on the same pattern/speed. i’m probably generalizing, but i’d imagine that the closer you get to coming, you want to crank up the speed. so the inability to easily and quickly change the settings is just a really careless design flaw. that’s not worth $175.

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  • Shels

    I just recently found your reviews, and had to comment on this, even though it’s old, old news. I bought a Form 6 a number of years ago, and had such high hopes for it. But yeah, the seam. And those controls, not so much. I do like the sleek charging box, and the weight and heft of the thing. Even it’s stiffness wasn’t a deterrent, though I get how it could be for some. I particularly like vaginal vibration (my clit really prefers my finger, after all these years).

    I bought the Form 6 hoping to replace my favorite sex toy of all time, a purple plastic “ultrasonic” vibrator that Blowfish used to sell. It came in some garish packaging and I’ve long since forgotten the manufacturer. It had a fairly modest girth at the base, but then it ballooned out to a nice size at the top. The reviews from Blowfish described it as “thuddy” and it had a different feel than any toy I have found before or since. And I LOVED it. But it wasn’t especially well made, and I got accustomed to buying 2-3 at a time (at about $20 for six months on average, it wasn’t too big a deal).

    But I guess they had so many returned that they finally stopped carrying it, and I searched in vain for another purple friend for some years. The marketing on the Form 6 sounded like it might be somewhat similar, and it felt pretty okay once I could get the thing turned on and at the strength and vibration I was after (I found the controls more or less useless, especially with lube as others have commented).

    But then the really bad thing. For completely unfathomable reasons the vibe would simply randomly and cruelly STOP vibing. Full stop. Usually at a completely inappropriate time. Screaming frustration. And I could turn it back on after removing it, wiping it and my hands off, and fiddling with the controls again, so it wasn’t out of power. After it happened a few times, I could never trust this toy again. It was well out of warranty by then, and I didn’t bother calling about it. It certainly made me hesitant about Jimmyjane toys,

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