Jan 122011

All hail the Vibratex Mystic Wand!

The Vibratex Mystic Wand is a damn good sex toy. No caveats, no horror stories. It just gets things right. Replace the entire text of this review with “IT RULES,” and that would sum up my feelings about the Mystic Wand.

Where so many other toys fail, the Mystic Wand succeeds. Batteries are a breeze to insert into this toy. The cap is easy to screw on. Buttons are fun to push. Settings are very perceptible, thanks to enjoyable color-coded lights. I don’t have any trouble grasping the shaft. It’s not too heavy. The head isn’t too big. The vibrations are strong, and they don’t transfer to the shaft, so there’s no hand-numbing. Also, the Mystic Wand is made of good materials: its flexible head is made of 100% silicone (I did a flame test to prove it) and its shaft is made of silky plastic.

The more I think about it, the more badass the Mystic Wand is. At its essence, it’s a smaller clone of the popular Hitachi. These days, it’s become easy (and sort-of rampant) to make smallwand-style toys. But it takes actual thought to invent something that is a serious improvement.

The Mystic Wand takes batteries rather than plugging into the wall. 4 AAs, amigos. As much as I adore some of my powerful, corded toys like the Eroscillator and Wahl, it is refreshing not to be attached to a wall with the Mystic Wand. No plugging in. No cord awkwardly snaking around my body. Best of all, no cord that I must find a way to store. Also, as much as I love rechargeable toys like the rechargeable Hitachi, there’s something to be said about not having to worry about whether my toy is charged before I use it.

But, of course, the Mystic Wand’s main attraction is its vibration strength. And let me just say… vibration setting #1 is fuckin’ awesome. It’s rumbly and deep; neither weak nor strong, but a nice strength for easing myself into stronger vibrations later. Truth be told, I use this setting quite a bit because it feels far more rumbly than the other settings. I can get off on it, but I usually switch to one of the two higher speeds (both are very buzzy) when I’m about to come.

The head of the Mystic Wand is 1 5/8″ in diameter. I was afraid it might feel too big and/or numb my vulva, but that is rarely the case. It’s a nice size.

After the Mystic Wand’s three levels of awesome vibration, there are three vibration patterns. Yes, vibration patterns in a wand! Crazy, I know!

  • Pretty fast pulsation. This one is my love because there are almost no instances where the vibrations cease.
  • Short-short-long pulsation. There is a space at the end of this pattern, so it’s not quite as fun as the first one.
  • Escalation. It gets stronger and stronger, then repeats itself. Too much of a tease for me.

Usually I don’t give a shit about vibration patterns, but this is an exception. When the patterns are uber-strong, my mind changes. Especially when the pattern doesn’t leave much space between blips. So the fast pulsation setting is pretty amazing. If I want to get off on a vibration pattern, that is the kind of stuff I want. Thanks again, Mystic Wand, for getting it right.

Now, I’d be lying if I said the Mystic Wand’s power was anything like the Hitachi’s. It’s not. The Hitachi is an unparalleled beast that plugs into the wall (well, sometimes); the Mystic Wand is simply a powerful battery-operated vibe. But it’s definitely enough vibration strength for me, and I’d venture to guess that most people would be happy with it. It does not feel anything like the Hitachi, though (the Mystic Wand buzzes, whereas the Hitachi sorta gyrates), and anyone who says it does is vastly exaggerating.

It’s also unfair to compare the Mystic Wand and the Hitachi in terms of noise level. The Mystic Wand has a low-pitched buzz to it, while the Hitachi has a distinctive high-pitched whirr. Both are loud, but one will likely annoy you faster than the other (cough — Hitachi — cough).

A couple more things you might want to know: the Mystic Wand comes in a transparent plastic box. It comes with a velvety black storage bag, but the bag sheds gross velvet babies all over the toy. Both the wand and the bag come individually sealed in plastic. Out of the box, the Mystic Wand smells of plastic, like bouncy balls from quarter machines, but the smell mostly goes away with a wash.

Also, the Mystic Wand is splashproof. The manufacturer does not recommend using it in the shower or tub, although I know someone who has. In any case, the Mystic Wand features a solid O-ring, and I’ve been cleaning it by dousing it with running water.

To my great relief, the Mystic Wand is priced at a fairly reasonable $69 (and even cheaper on SheVibe!). Finally, I can recommend something without feeling like I’m asking someone to empty their savings account! If you love wand-style toys, you should spare the $69 for the Mystic Wand. If you’re dissatisfied with your current wand, you should definitely spare the $69 for the Mystic Wand.

The Mystic Wand is truly awesome: powerful, easy to use, hygienic, and with badass vibration patterns. It’s one of those toys that restores my faith in sex toy manufacturers. Applause for you, Vibratex.

Get the Vibratex Mystic Wand at one of my fave shops:
SheVibeBabeland, Good Vibes, Early to BedPleasure Chest,
Lovehoney (international), or Come as You Are (Canada).

  • WildOrchid

    How do you do a “flame test”? I’m asking ’cause I bought a wand-style vibe with detachable head covers and I might want to test one of them (the seller said it was silicone). My wand is called Secret Love (I’ve only found 2 sites that supply it) and I’ve won this on auction for about $11 shipping included. It has 12 patterns but no speeds – the speed is too strong for me and loud as hell, I can get off only on pattern no 9 – slow increase and decrease. Tried putting a washcloth. Do you have any tips/suggestions?

  • @WildOrchid: Light a match and hold it to the “silicone” part of the toy. If it’s real silicone, it will create a streak of soot that can be wiped away. If it’s not real silicone, it will melt and/or light on fire. Unfortunately, since your toy is obscure and cheap, I doubt it is real silicone. I would suggest putting a condom over the head of it when you use it — or buying the Mystic Wand! As for dampening the vibrations, there isn’t much else you can do.

  • Kaley

    Hands down my favorite vibrator. Seriously. I’m not even going to put a link to my (online retailer based) blog because I just wanted to say that I agree that the Mystic Wand “rules”. I even have a few other vibrators in line to get reviewed and I have yet to take them out of the packaging because I love this thing. The vibrations (especially on the first setting) are amazing and it is so easy to handle! I was super excited when I saw that you reviewed it and I’m glad you love it.

    That is all.

  • Oh, you made this one sound good.
    I haven’t had much luck with this style of toy mostly because the few I have tried either have sucked or been corded. I can’t stand being plugged into a wall.

  • Ooh, I’ve got to try this one out. I love my Hitachi, but sometimes it is just too much – strength, weight, size. Love that this takes AA’s!

  • I freakin’ adore my Mystic Wand. They finally made a strong wand-style toy that can get wet without dying. That bag really is a bitch, though. I replaced it with a satin bag from another toy.

  • UnderTheDark

    How does this one compare to the Fairy Mini wands that you’ve tried? I had that one at the top of my tax-refund list, but now I’m not sure…

  • @UnderTheDark: The Fairy Mini Mini is very very buzzy, very surface-level. It’s extremely strong, more powerful than the Mystic Wand, but the Mystic Wand’s vibrations have a deeper sensation to them. I would choose the Mystic Wand unless I needed something insanely strong (but usually when I need something insanely strong these days, I grab my Wahl).

  • UnderTheDark

    EXACTLY what I needed to know! Thanks 😀

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  • Emily

    I LOVE THIS VIBRATOR. I have a couple vibes and dildos, but everytime, I reach for my mystic wand. It gave me my first orgasm and continues to give me more. It cost a pretty penny, but every cent was worth it. HIGHLY recommend if you like a stong vibe, but this still has the convenience of a wireless. My only complaint is the black bag that it comes with, kinda crappy.

    ps. get the rechargeable one!

  • Prototypical

    I got one of these without seeing your review, but I completely agree with it. A Hitachi would be too heavy for my right arm (I have lingering muscle/nerve damage from a repetitive motion injury) and the Mystic Wand is just the right weight. I can even use it in my left arm without problem! I love having this in my collection.

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  • Mediocre while it lasted

    It was okay but still a big effort to get off in comparison to the Hitachi. Good for those who don’t need much power, but I use it only when there is no electricity available. It also broke after probably 20 uses…I have to smack the head a couple times to get it to start up, and it may even have a less powerful vibration now? In any case it stops randomly often at the least opportune moments, so I’m not sure if it’s that or possibly a less powerful vibration that prevents me from getting off with it.

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  • shels

    Any opinion on the Mini Magic Wand Vibrator by Vibratex? I see that you really didn’t like the LoveHoney one of the samename, but since this is made by the Vibratex who also makes the Mystic Wand, it might at least theoretically be cool. Except why they didn’t name it the Mini Mystic is another mystery of the universe. I see that SheVibe carries both.

  • I’m not much of a fan. It’s too small, or maybe it’s the shape of the head combined with the size that I don’t like. It’s also really buzzy.

  • shels

    Buzzy is *not* my friend. Thanks for the info!

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  • poppy

    Does anyone else ever have the issue of bending the wands and causing shorts in the wires? Probably caused from too forcefully pushing the wand against one’s clit… guilty…
    I guess I am asking how durable this particular wand is for the price tag where there are cheaper waterproof options available (but must be more frequently replaced).

  • Dashjacks

    On your recommendation I finally bought this and it has literally changed my life. Antidepressants made orgasms a several-hour-long chore but the mystic wand makes me feel like my body is back to normal. What a gift it is.

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