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Eroscillator 2 Plus vs. Top Deluxe: is 35% more power worth $55 more?

The depth of its ugliness is matched only by the depth of the pleasure it brings.

Eroscillator Top Deluxe and Eroscillator 2 Plus next to each other on the floor.
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For years, literally, ever since I dubbed the Eroscillator “the best sex toy I’ve ever tried,” people have been asking me whether it’s worth the extra cash to get the Top Deluxe version of the toy. I’ve always had to say “I don’t know; mine is the more powerful one and I’ve never tried the regular version,” which pained me because I hate not having an answer to anything sex toy-related. I’m cool with feeling like a failure in some respects (I can’t do a crossword to save my life), but not that one.

So finally, my online amiga of many years, Britni, agreed to loan me her Eroscillator 2 Plus for comparison purposes. This is a true friend. And now I have all the T, and not much of the shade. Because the Eroscillator 2 Plus is surprisingly great, and not at all a sad shadow of its mightier counterpart. Good news for wallets everywhere.

A little background, if you’re unaware: the Eroscillator is something of a cult classic sex toy, much like the Pure Wand, only it’s not blessed with good looks and is often overlooked and berated. It changed my masturbating life with its deep, penetrating oscillations. It helped me achieve dual orgasms. It has figured prominently in many of my Jack-Off Journals, and it has its own tag on this here blog. For a good solid year after I reviewed it, I uncontrollably compared all clitoral vibrators to it. I’ve now accepted that no vibrator will feel like the Eroscillator, and I still use it just about as much as I did when I got it in 2009.

So, the Eroscillator and I, we’ve been places. In fact, Britni’s Eroscillator is pristine and the base of mine is broken from a highly unfortunate fall off my desk when a cat decided to brush against it. I “repaired” it with duct tape, and I try to tell myself that it has character now, but my soul will never fully recover.1

Both Eroscillators have three power levels, but the Top Deluxe is said to have a stronger motor and therefore 35% more power. Expectedly, the 2 Plus is quieter; Top Deluxe has a lower, more ominous timbre to it. And the 2 Plus definitely starts out at a lower level — its first setting is pretty light, and if you’re not sensitive, could be a waste of your time. But its second setting is stronger than the Top Deluxe’s first, and its third setting continues this trend. Here, let me mansplain it to you with a drawing:

Eroscillator 2 Plus and Top Deluxe power level comparison drawing.

Any discrepancy in spacing between the levels is a result of my terrible drawing skills, not the knowledge of my clitoris. My clit is a perceptive little thing, yes, but not that perceptive. I was surprised by how subtle the differences really were. It is not a stark contrast that would cause one to bolt up in bed and scoff at the nearest cat.

Instead, I have determined that if my Eroscillator ever dies, I will probably replace it with the cheaper 2 Plus. Because the answer to the ultimate question is no, I don’t believe the Top Deluxe is worth $55 more — not for me, and not for most people. That last setting on the Top Deluxe is nice, but not necessary to life.

UNLESS: you’re coming from the land of Hitachi or Wahl; you like a lot of clitoral pressure; you have a feeling in the pit of your stomach that you’re gonna need the most power you can get; you use a lot of vibrators internally (and therefore require more clitoral oomph); you can’t stand not having the tip-top model of things; and/or you absolutely must experience the marshmallow Ultra Soft Finger Tip attachment in all its glory.

Yeah: the marshmallow dulls the oscillation the most, so it does its best work perched on the Top Deluxe. Which sucks, because it’s my favorite attachment these days. The three attachments that come with the 2 Plus are acceptable — they’re just not squishy.

The point remains that everyone with a clitoris should own the Eroscillator. But now, I can definitively say that the least expensive package also brings the oscillating goodness. $145 is still a lot of money, but the Eroscillator is a sex toy that repays you not just in orgasms, but in good orgasms. Deep ones. Ones the resonate through the legs of the clitoris. Ones that make you forget that you’re using a sex toy that looks like it was designed in 1998 (because it was).

The depth of its ugliness is matched only by the depth of the pleasure it brings. Get one, get one soon.

Your options are many:

  1. Also, I was super paranoid about breaking the base of Britni’s Eroscillator. That would’ve been NO BUENO.

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  1. I have heard almost all positive things about the eroscillator, and have fought myself on whether or not I’ll actually get it. I’m drooling over the idea of something that feels different! Of course I’ve read in reviews that the key to it is to not use pressure. Well hell I grind my vibrators into my clit like it’s going to run away if I don’t!

  2. I am one of those “unless” cases, apparently. I use my Wahl only at the top setting and nothing else is enough power.

    I’m glad you put my Eroscillator to good use. It’s been sitting, unused, for like 2 years!

  3. Let’s say you keep it for now and if I ever decide I want it back, I’ll let you know. It deserves a good home.

  4. Or you can lend it to me and I can try it. Because I actually haven’t yet, and from feeling one in my hands I totally side-eye you on this one. =P Sisterhood of the Traveling Eroscillator?

  5. I never ended up reviewing the Top one, but I’ve owned both. Sadly, I got the Top Super Duper AFTER parting with my “regular”, but the regular was not enough power for me so I parted with it quickly.
    That said, I feel like adding in here that if your clit is exposed easily/your outer labia aren’t very full, then you will like attachments other than the Fingertip. If you’re like me, and your clit is about 1″ deep into your labia? Those other attachments can only give you the full oscillation experience if you part your labia and expose the clitoris. This is why the only tip that I liked was the Fingertip and for these reasons it also felt more powerful than all of the others.

    I could get off easily with the Top Super Duper + Fingertip, otherwise I could not.

  6. Love your tags here. Had an Eroscillator and traded it away, much like I did with my Pure Wand. We have vastly different parts.

  7. I’ve had the 2 Plus for a year now and it’s always worked just fine for me. It sits on my nightstand so I can access it immediately at all times – for masturbation and for use during PIV sex. Best sex toy ever, ever, ever!

  8. I got a more expensive Eroscillator package (thanks to your recommendation, btw) a little bit for the extra power… and a whole lot for the marshmallow tip. Between that tip, and my other favourite (the ‘grapes’) and the three power levels, I get enough variety to match my every mood any time.
    I really wish they’d just let you chose three tips of all of them when you buy one.

  9. OMG–you need to do a review of what it’s like to be double teamed by your eroscillatorS!

  10. I’ve been one to grind on vibrators. I considered getting a YOOO for this reason. For me, the eroscillator changed things. You won’t know until you try it. If you can afford it, think about the value of your sex life and consider whether it’s worth on the order of 100-200 to have it possibly be MUCH more interesting.

  11. “Everyone with a clitoris should own the Eroscillator.” YES!

    I have a Top Deluxe, but I’ve tried the Plus. The only thing I recommend regardless is the Soft Finger Attachment, although I’m also a big fan of the grape & cockscomb (the comb side for me rocks). For me this was the sex toy that got me to see the value of sex toys in general, followed shortly after by the Pure Wand. And I always tell people that if you buy from directly they will take the toy back for a small restocking fee.

  12. Ah the Eroscillator. Of the mountain of sex toys in drawers and bins around the house and under the bed, the eroscillator was the ONLY toy my ex-wife wanted in the divorce. While this particular agreement never made it into the property decree it was, without a doubt, a non-negotiable item. It was also one of the funniest things in a particularly un-funny event in my life. If there was ever a question about the value and the desirability of the Eroscillator I would say that demanding it in a divorce has to settle it. On the plus side; her taking custody of the Eroscillator allowed me to go buy a new one this time with the soft finger attachment. Speaking for those of us who come equipped with penises, the soft finger is a fantastic addition to the Eroscillator army of attachments.

  13. I LOVE your blog for its honest opinions. I can really tell that you are not trying to just sell the product, but educate the reader about it with your real opinion. So thank you!

  14. I just got the Two Plus today, and in my experience it is plenty strong, even with the Marshmallow. I think the lack of the desensitizing buzz factor to the oscillations increases the subjective power.

  15. I would say that if you’re sensitive, spring for the Marshmallow even if you’re getting the 2 Plus. In my experience, at higher speeds the firmer attachments can feel kind of like they’re pummeling your clit if you’re not already really turned on.

  16. Okay, so serious question now that Black Friday is around the corner… how does the Eroscillator compare to the Mona 2? For those of us that are fortunate enough to own the glorious Mona 2, is it still worth it to purchase the Eroscillator as well? I’d hate to drop this amount of money on a product and have it end up at the bottom of my toy bin collecting dust!

  17. I think, yes, the Eroscillator is a worthy addition. It’s probably my favorite vibrator behind the Mona, maybe behind the Magic Wand Rechargeable. I love it because it’s so different. The stimulation is not the same as you’d get with a traditional vibrator. For that, it is worth the money!

  18. Yes, the top deluxe package is worth it because, besides more power, it comes with two additional attachments (which cost $60 were you to buy them individually). So, you’re getting more power AND two additional attachments. I bought the 2 plus, and while I concede I’m definitely not needing more power, I’m going to spend the $60 on those attachments anyway.

  19. Yes, the top deluxe package is worth it because, besides more power, it comes with two additional attachments (which cost $60 were you to buy them individually). So, you’re getting more power AND two additional attachments. I bought the 2 plus, and while I concede I’m definitely not needing more power, I’m going to spend the $60 on those attachments anyway.

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