Oct 292013

I HATE WRITING POSTS LIKE THIS, but you guys deserve to know before it’s too late.

Vixen Creations neon and tie dye dildos

These beauties from Vixen Creations are going away. All neon Mavericks, including the tie dye one, are being discontinued, as is the neon green Mustang. I guess we can’t have nice things. That appears to be the only explanation. (I’m sure Vixen would tell you that these weren’t selling well enough, but I won’t listen to reason.)

Prior to these hitting the scene, most of Vixen’s dual-density VixSkin dildos were made only in skin tones. Raquel was, for a long time, the only exception — and it was pink. So these neon and tie dye additions were an exciting and welcome change. I know people who are adverse to skin tones, and I was thrilled to be able to recommend glorious VixSkin in colors they found appealing.

My beautiful tie dye Maverick.If you’re one of those people, you’d better snatch one of these up before the colors are gone for good. Maverick and Mustang are two of Vixen’s top-selling shapes (and two of my faves), but remember — their specs are quite different. While the Mustang is a modest (yet, even for me, fulfilling) 6.5″ insertable by 1.5″ wide, Maverick is a beastly 7″ insertable by 2″ wide. Choose wisely, peeps.

As a consolation prize, you’ll at least be able to say you own a dildo that is no longer in production. Can’t tell me that’s not cool.

You can get 10% off at Smitten Kitten and Early to Bed with code EPIPHORA.

Green Mustang: Nowhere now.
Tie Dye Maverick: Nowhere now.
Green Maverick: Nowhere now.
Pink Maverick: Nowhere now.

Not being discontinued:

Tie Dye Mustang: SheVibe, She Bop, Smitten Kitten.
Pink Mustang: SheVibeEarly to Bed, She Bop, Smitten Kitten.

  • ArchVixen

    This makes me so sad! The neons are what originally attracted me to Vixen Creations and the awesomeness that is Vixskin. It’s a tragedy that almost all of them are going away 🙁

  • Jillian Boyd

    Oh ffs. Goodbye, pretty neon Vixens. You were all too pretty to be on this world.

  • tacocurious

    Damn… I was hoping to get one of these. I am really not fond of dildos in skin tones. Maybe there will still be some when I can afford one!

  • Heaven

    I am so sad to hear that I was looking to get the tie dye Maverick one. They always have to let the good ones discontinue. Now to be on a search and save some money to get one. Thanks for sharing!

  • Run Amok

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It was the tie-dye option that made me love Vixen! Should I snap up a Maverick while they last, just in case/as an act of protest, even though I would probably get more use out of a Mustang? Argh neither SheVibe nor Smitten Kitten will tell me how much international shipping is likely to cost before I actually place an order, so that’s not going to happen.

  • gardenlobster

    I think I may just pick up one of each style just because you told me I can say I have a dildo no longer in production. That’s a hell of a selling point.

  • Nooooo!! I can’t even “Boo” it, since it’s so devastating. I have/love my tie-bright Maverick, but I have yet to obtain a Neon Mustang. I love non-humanoid color options. I love being able to refer people to the colors they have. I guess this is the universe telling me it’s time to save up for the Mustang, before the colors are just a distant memory. Okay, I can do it now. BOOOOO.

  • Asia Riley

    Say it ain’t so! Skin tone dildos kind of freak me out. I had these odd colored, highly recommended dildos on holiday wish list this year.

    I’m sad about this 🙁

  • Brandy Varner Walker

    Oh no! I might need to look into getting one. I just finally bought my first even VixSkin Buck. I seriously need more but in other colors so its easier to know which one I’m grabbing.

  • Fodra Sun

    I have the green mustang on every wishlist I have. Why must all the pretty green toys die? Particularly when I don’t have the cash for it?

  • Lin

    I tried it and had a look at the carts without actually ordering. (For reference, I’m in Australia.) I WANT A TIE-DYE MAVERICK SO MUCH.


    Smitten Kitten wants you to call them (?) before you place an international order (?) (I’m deaf, that’s not an option for me, and I don’t really get why I would have to contact them to begin with?)

    SheVibe’s International Checkout costs, at minimum, around $50 USD for shipping alone, and you can’t use any promo codes or discounts for the items in question anyway. So you’re spending half again as much for shipping on a single (tie-dye) Maverick, and in fact that’s the minimum cost of shipping internationally at all, I think — so if you buy something that’s less than $50 and you’re in Australia like me, you’re going to be paying $50 shipping regardless.

    I’ve ranted about shipping costs in the past, so I’ll try not to take up too much space with it, but for future reference you generally can put something in a cart and take it through to calculating shipping costs without actually placing an order (or entering any billing info).

  • Total bummer. Time so stock up!

  • Noëlle Steegs

    I really want to get a pink Maverick, but live in South Africa. SheVibe charges $55.00 for normal shipping and SheBob doesn’t seem to ship to South Africa at all. Boo. I want to get my hands on this so badly!

  • Nora

    NOOOOOOOOO! Why oh why must the most awesome dildos ever be discontinued? I love love love my green Mustang and was actually hoping they’d make a neon (orange, maybe?) Buck soon. That suddenly seems unlikely. Now I’m wondering whether I should get a tie-dye Maverick, just because I still can. I am guessing my cervix won’t like it but… it is so pretty.
    I’m going to cuddle my Mustang and weep now.

  • xtina

    Maaaannnn, this sucks! Skin tones squick me so much on dildos, I guess I’ll have to jump on my wish-listed neon green maverick asap. This is the second time you’ve warned me of good things going away, and even though I’m strapped for real money just like last time, I’ve never regretted it – so thank you for continuing to warn us. ^_^

  • Oddkin

    Oh boo! I still wanted a tie-dye Mustang. Looks like I will have to make it snappy (ie next 6 months) if I still want one.

  • The tie-dye Mustang is staying… for now.

  • I talked to Smitten Kitten and they are able to receive TTY calls, if you are equipped to make them (if not, I’d email them and tell them so). I’ve also talked to SheVibe in the past about shipping cost, and unfortunately their hands are tied with the current options out there.

    I’ve tried to find international shops that stock these toys, but so far to no avail. I’m sorry about all of this.

  • I just ran into my first discontinued toy. It was sad to me – this glorious g-spot toy I’d found early on, never to be unwrapped by another pair of eager hands.

  • I’m not surprised. Judging by reviews and personal experience with my local munch, many people buy Vixen dildos for the realism. Not just for the awesome VikSkin material, but for the realistic look and details as well. I can’t imagine the bright neon dildos going over well with that crowd.

    My only complaint with Vixen is that they offer only one non-anatomically correct dildo with VikSkin material (Raquel). But I guess they don’t offer variety in that department for the same reason they no longer offer neon colors: Customers want realism and catering to that niche brings in the money. Ah well. At least they do realism very well.

  • razor_poet

    I get the news that one of my most lusted after toys is being discontinued, a week before my birthday. I swear, it must be fate.

  • DynamicKitty

    What a shame that these are being discontinued! 🙁

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  • Hello! You can place your items in your cart and determine shipping cost before the order is placed – if you would like to email us – customersupport@shevibe.com – we can give you the step by step, it’s actually simple but going to the International Checkout portal sometimes throws people off. We’re here to help if you have questions!

  • You’re absolutely right – you can determine your shipping cost before placing your order. We would never ask that you place an order without knowing the cost involved. Thanks for your input and advice to our international friends!

  • Squire

    That’s sad as the great colors were some of the most recent additions to their lineup. Any idea when Vixen might be adding new models of not colors?

  • Pantophile Panic

    Now there are no green Mustangs anymore… I am glad I got one just in time… but my heart is still broken. I wanted six of them. How can I convince my friends who don’t like flesh tones to buy these now?

  • Ekidnagrrl17
  • Tmcaurinus

    Whew – I think I’d mistaken this to mean Tie-Bright Mustang was going away. I got one from SheVibe, thought it was too big, traded it for a Tex (I know – what??), and I managed to conquer the Tex last night so now I want the Mustang again! Haha! Though I really wish I could’ve gotten that green. And I really wish the Raquel came in some other colors — really any other color. And I’m so glad I managed to find an acquaintance who had the Orbit, whom I was able to talk into trading for it!

  • Tzipora

    I’m so glad the tiedye Mustang still exist (now I desperately want them to make a tiedye Mustang royale because my fondest for being on both the giving and receiving end of a good harness fuck makes me sooo curious to try that new saddle base, are you reviewing it? And gah, I’m super averse to skin tones or anything too realistic.)

    This is my one heartbreak with Vixen. I’m sure I’d love their dildos and eh I have a Tantus 02 but still firmer than I want but yay at least my Cush is that badass blue and nonrealistic. But due to this, my Vixen options are sooo limited. Literally breaks my heart. I think it was Lorax who has the nifty list comparing firmness and it doesn’t really get any more squishy awesome than Vixskin. I seriously wrote an erotic story around my invented version of a tiedye Mustang Royale. Women in my story called it their happy dildo because the tiedye is so flipping fun and so (I’m just guessing, my vagina wants one bad! Maybe black Friday but sooo want the stupid royale version in tiedye but perhaps it never happens) glorious to be fucked with. Haha. I detail and name the toys (was a red Sasha harness in my story too though bah color clash with the tiedye lol) in my erotica writing. And I kinda invented the tiedye royale.

    But dang it Vixen, pleeeease more non skin tones. I don’t need it to be tiedye or neon just give me a blue or green and sweet Jesus I would be over the moon for a nonrealistic super soft squishy dual density orange dildo. Omg, do you know of anyone who makes an orange dual density dildo?! It would be the most “me” damn toy they should name it the Tzipora. (Once gave a speech in college where we had to basically discuss an object that represents ourselves for a speech class and mine was about an orange colored pencil lol). Still lusting over Vixskin but eh… Any other dual density dildos you recommend? Softer than Tantus’ O2?

  • Tzipora

    We should beg and plead and get a darn petition to at the very flipping least get us Raquel in any other color. Sooo with you there.

  • Lilith

    I actually just received a tie-bright Maverick from Vixen because I emailed them about if it would be released again and they told me they still have some tie-bright Mavericks in the warehouse and let me order one (Krysta is a total sweetheart). They also said that if demand rises they may release more, so if you want neon or tie-bright dildos to return, please email sales@vixencreations.com! It’s the best way to make yourself heard to them AND your best chance of getting tie-bright or neon VixSkin in your life.

  • All the other dual-density dildos I’m aware of are made by the bigger sex toy manufacturers, like Blush (Real Nude) and Doc Johnson (TruSkyn). I haven’t tried them.

  • Tzipora

    Pretty sure I’ll survive after all. I bought the TieBright Mustang finally and my vagina is OBSESSED. Like there’s a greedy part of me that wants to try a girthier Vixskin but all in all I am seriously insanely effing in love! And it’s soooo pretty!

    Every time I look at it, it sings to me, it croons- “Hello, is it Ms you’re looking for?” And my vagina squeals and screams and shouts “Yes! Yes! YAAAAS!”

  • Tzipora

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this! I so can’t afford a Maverick right now but I did just buy the TieBright Mustang and I am so absolutely obsessed with it. It is fantastic. Though somewhere into thrusting it like crazy it occurred to me “this feels really effing great but how much more awesome would a girthier version of this be?”. So now there is hope for me! So, so happy to hear this.

    I love the Vixen display tubes too. (And I mean how GORGEOUS is the TieBright?!) So between uses I’m envisioning using the TieBright Mustang and Maverick as the most fabulously awesome bookends on earth. Haha.

  • Pryderi

    Okay, so I know this post is ancient, but I am new, so I’m boldly going to write a comment even though nobody probably notices a 4 year old post… unless they’re going through y’know, ages of posts looking for clues for a giveaway or something crazy like that….

    Anyway! I have a theory as to why they might discontinue neon colors, keeping only one or two colors and models that sell probably exceptionally well. You see, we’re working on starting a small, handmade silicone toy business, and that’s how I ended up falling into this blog in the first place (I think?) I’m pretty sure I was searching for SOMETHING about silicone at the time… And we hadn’t really considered doing neon colors before running across the apparent love of them here. So I went off and did a little research, since I hadn’t remembered seeing neon pigment for silicone.

    Turns out (obviously) that it does exist, but there’s a very very good reason that we will probably not (sadly… seriously, we would’ve made a neon green just because it’s so very missed) be working with the neon colors anytime soon.. MAYBE after we’ve made a bunch of toys and are really confident… but not anytime soon. I poked around a bit on the Smooth-On website – they’re pretty much THE manufacturer for silicone for casting/molding/etc – and I did find that their “Ignite” line of flourescent pigments will color their silicones. HOWEVER, in a quote from their website about it:

    “There are no issues when using this product with urethane rubbers, plastics and foams or tin-catalyzed silicones. However…Ignite® pigments will drastically thicken platinum silicone rubber.
    Adding Ignite® colorants to a Smooth-On platinum cure silicone such as
    Dragon Skin® will make the silicone notably thicker, thereby affecting
    its ability to be vacuum degassed.”

    Why is this important?

    Well, vacuum degassing is what you need to do if you want a nice, bubble-free casting. Do bubbles matter? Well yes, if your silicone is bubbly, you risk a pitted surface (if you’re lucky, only on the bottom.. if you’re not so lucky, bubbles could become pits in the surface of any part of it), and they reduce the strength and structural integrity of the finished item.

    Many silicones already have a short “pot life” (that is, the time you have to work with it before it sets up too much), and a thicker substance needs to sit in vacuum longer to degas. I suspect that, while I do not know precisely what Vixen’s process is (I do know, in theory, how to do a dual-density cast, but I have not tried it, and I do know two methods, and do not know which they use, and would not ask, it’s their trade secret), it is likely that it was less that certain colors and styles were not selling at ALL, and more that they probably had more ‘reject’ toys (too bubbly/pockmarked to sell) of the neons, and discontinued the ones that did not make enough sales to make the waste worth it… even if compared to other colors, they might have seemed to be selling well.

    Pure speculation! I have no idea how much of an issue it was/is for them. The tie-dye, I imagine, might be an easier cast (oddly, you’d think) because they’d be mixing smaller batches of each color at once… less material will degas faster. Anyway, make of it what you will – I have not spoken with anyone at Vixen about it, and I am really a total newb at making things in silicone, I’ve just done piles of research, and happened across this little tidbit. If nothing else, hopefully this journey into the silicone process was slightly interesting for somebody.

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