Oct 292013

I HATE WRITING POSTS LIKE THIS, but you guys deserve to know before it’s too late.

Vixen Creations neon and tie dye dildos

These beauties from Vixen Creations are going away. All neon Mavericks, including the tie dye one, are being discontinued, as is the neon green Mustang. I guess we can’t have nice things. That appears to be the only explanation. (I’m sure Vixen would tell you that these weren’t selling well enough, but I won’t listen to reason.)

Prior to these hitting the scene, most of Vixen’s dual-density VixSkin dildos were made only in skin tones. Raquel was, for a long time, the only exception — and it was pink. So these neon and tie dye additions were an exciting and welcome change. I know people who are adverse to skin tones, and I was thrilled to be able to recommend glorious VixSkin in colors they found appealing.

My beautiful tie dye Maverick.If you’re one of those people, you’d better snatch one of these up before the colors are gone for good. Maverick and Mustang are two of Vixen’s top-selling shapes (and two of my faves), but remember — their specs are quite different. While the Mustang is a modest (yet, even for me, fulfilling) 6.5″ insertable by 1.5″ wide, Maverick is a beastly 7″ insertable by 2″ wide. Choose wisely, peeps.

As a consolation prize, you’ll at least be able to say you own a dildo that is no longer in production. Can’t tell me that’s not cool.

Tie Dye Maverick: Nowhere now.
Green Maverick: Nowhere now.
Pink Maverick: Nowhere now.

Not being discontinued:

Tie Dye Mustang: SheVibe, She Bop, Smitten Kitten.
Pink Mustang: SheVibeEarly to Bed, She Bop, Smitten Kitten.

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