Review: Allure

Everything I like in one package: delicious warm-up stimulation and G-spot glory.

NobEssence Allure wooden dildo

My first wooden dildo was the NobEssence Linger, a meager yet bulbous1 little thing with a finger hole. The NobEssence Allure is like a second edition of the Linger, expanded and deluxe. The finger hole has been replaced with a G-spotting bulb, and the bloops on the shaft have been enlarged, elongated, and straightened out.

The G-spotting bulb: good call. I never use finger holes anyway. Best replace them with something mind-blowing!

My Allure is made of Black Palm, which I’ll sadly concede is not as beautiful as I thought it would be. I had unrealistic expectations, as I’d seen a photo of a Black Palm dildo… with flash. As we all know, flash changes everything, and it made the dark brown look like a bright, vibrant caramel. In life, Black Palm is a dark wood with a mixture of black and dark brown spots. It’s no Cocobolo, but it’ll do.2

The Allure is a full 10″ long. The shaft is 1.25″ in diameter, and the G-spotting bulb is 1.75″ in diameter (although, to me, it doesn’t feel that large when inserted).

I was wary of the four-bulbed shaft. I’ve tried a NobEssence dildo that poked my cervix, and I feared this one would do the same. But because I can take the bulbs one at a time, it does not force cervix-poking upon me. In fact — and I am cringing as I write this — I can only insert three of the bulbs. This frustrates the perfectionist in me. A lot.

Thrusting with this end isn’t the easiest, and the lack of curve in the shaft makes me nervous that I’ll bump it the wrong way and hurt myself, but that hasn’t happened. The third bulb feels wonderful at the entrance of my vagina, and the series of bulbs is nice, though not extraordinary.

The G-spotting bulb, well. I take for granted how well a wooden toy can hit my G-spot. It’s near impossible to miss the G-spot with this thing, because it naturally doesn’t insert any further. It nestles up there and hooks into place, and it has to be jiggled rather than thrusted. Sometimes the bulb likes to twist itself around when inserted, which is mildly annoying.

Unlike my love, the Seduction, the Allure does not have a curved handle, so it is not as easy to maneuver. The Allure’s G-spot stimulation is different, too, and comes more from a general fullness in just the right spot. The Seduction kind-of jabs up into the G-spot, so it’s very intense and specific.

I’m not sure how fair it is to suggest that the Allure be curved, especially since NobEssence already makes the Tryst. But curved dildos — you know, like the legendary Pure Wand — are known for being easier to manipulate. So, I hope you won’t blame me when I say that the Allure kinda just makes me thirst for the Tryst.

Still, the Allure is great because it has everything I like in one package. It has the delicious warm-up stimulation, and it has the G-spot glory that I crave when I orgasm.

The Allure has a total of three pitfalls. One, it’s not very ergonomic, and the lack of curve can be awkward at times. Two, it’s damn expensive at $180, even if it feels really good. Three, I can’t get that final fourth bulb into my vagina for the life of me. I pride myself on being able to conquer things, so I am ashamed to say that a relatively small-girth wooden dildo brought me to my knees.

Besides wounding my fragile ego, the Allure is my second favorite NobEssence dildo to date (the Seduction is #1), and my third favorite NobEssence toy (the Romp butt plug is #2). Is it something you should save your pennies for right now? No, not unless you really love the stimulation that comes from a sequence of bulbs and want to have that in a neat little package along with fantastic G-spotting.

For pure, unadulterated G-spotting, though? THE SEDUCTION. GET IT.

(Can you tell I feel very strongly about that dildo?)

Get the Allure at SheVibe.

  1. I just looked at my Linger review and I wrote almost this exact phrase in it. Wow, I suck.
  2. Look at me being a snob about the type of wood my gorgeous wooden dildo is made out of, jeez.