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Review: Pure Plugs

Flawless, glorious nuggets of shiny stainless steel. Put one in your ass, be astounded, THE END.

njoy Pure Plugs (medium and large) in a jewelry box with a bunch of gaudy bracelets and rings.

I could’ve written a review for the njoy Pure Plugs before ever putting a single one in my ass. Of course, I would never do such a thing. And sometimes, my hunches about toys are way off. But in this instance, I’d like to gloat about the fact that I was totally and completely spot on (à la Gordon Ramsay).

The Pure Plugs seem like flawless, glorious nuggets of shiny stainless steel, and that is exactly what they are. Put one in your ass, be astounded, THE END. They are love at first butt. First insertion? First ass? I’m basically as excited as Samwell about this. That tells you much of what you need to know.

SheVibe graciously sent me both the medium and large Pure Plugs, so I could compare. I didn’t ask for the small one, because my ass is too much of a boss for such folly. Each is slightly longer, wider, and heavier than the one before it, with the large clocking in at 2.75″ long, 1.5″ in diameter, and 11 ounces. The small is quite tiny and lightweight, at 5 ounces.

I can’t avoid sounding like a fangirl, here. These plugs are amazing. They are shaped perfectly. They go into my ass easily and they stay there without issue. They are heavy, but not too heavy. And the bases! They stay between my cheeks and are so inconspicuous! Even during sex! Even when sitting down!1

I don’t know what it is, because usually I put in a butt plug and just go about my day — but these ones seem to turn me on more than usual. I don’t know if it’s because they are made with magical horndog dust or if I’m just still feeling deprived after 2 weeks of my insides feeling numb, but I just want to rub my vulva on things whenever I use them.

Additional weird shit I’ve done with my Pure Plugs: used them as vaginal plugs, used them as dildos. In both cases, they jammed into my vulva a little too much. I did have an orgasm with the large one in my vag once, but I probably won’t do it again. That’s okay; they are butt plugs, and in the butt, they are perfect specimens.

This is a butt plug that will be with you for life, likely placed delicately in your niche along with your ashes, where your relatives will visit you and murmur softly, “yes, that was her favorite butt plug.”

Plus, there are a few aspects to stainless steel as a material that, in a butt plug, are even more awesome. Like you can use silicone lube with them, and they are really resistant to picking up butt smells — I don’t even have to spray them with 10% bleach solution to make it go away. Also, the Pure Plugs make for some swanky-ass butt jewelry. I just loving seeing the sliver of stainless steel between butt cheeks.

I revisited my njoy Pfun plug to make sure that the Pure Plugs are superior. They are. The Pfun is just too long. Despite having the exact same weight as the large Pure Plug, it doesn’t feel as effortless. It could be good for stimulating the prostate, but my dude amigo doubts it. “It looks more like a Pmeh,” he said, nailing it.

I was going to say that I don’t see the point of the small Pure Plug at all, but then my friend proved me wrong by telling me a story about one of her friends who, after boasting about his anal bravery, tried her medium Pure Plug and proceeded to complain about how big and terrible it was. Now, his name was Brad so who can really trust that guy, but unless you have never put anything in your ass ever, I don’t think you need the small. Even if you are a Brad and the medium turns you into a whiner, you can just warm up with something else. My butt will already accept the medium in .2 seconds — so the small is moot. If I had to keep just one, I’d pick the large. It doesn’t seem that big to me, so hey, why not?

The Pure Plugs are easily the second best thing njoy has ever done, right under the Pure Wand. That’s about the highest honor possible, since the Pure Wand can never be usurped. They are also some of the best butt plugs I’ve tried, up there with the RompBootie, and Ryder. Bonus: they very nearly make me forget how disappointing the Eleven was!

A fancy urn on a wooden table, with the Pure Plug and a rose next to it.
Update: Lorax of Sex was inspired by my words and took this photo. Morbid fucking realness, people.

The difference in price between the sizes isn’t astronomical, so don’t let price decide which one you get. Let your ass decide. If you’re an intermediate anal player, the medium or large. If you’re advanced, definitely the large. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed no matter what. This is a butt plug that will be with you for life, likely placed delicately in your niche along with your ashes, where your relatives will visit you and murmur softly, “yes, that was her favorite butt plug.”

I am a bit sorrowful, though, because unless my ass starts craving something huge, or unless njoy comes out with something new (SERIOUSLY THOUGH, WHEN?!), the Pure Plugs are the end of my njoy testing. Excuse me while I go weep into my dildos.

Get the Pure Plug at njoy, SheVibe, Spectrum Boutique, Lovehoney (international), Come As You Are (Canada), Peepshow ToysEarly to BedGood Vibes, or Smitten Kitten.

  1. Patent pending on hard chairs. Everything in my apartment is cushy.

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  1. I LOVE the pure plugs vaginally. I’m a fan of front vaginal wall stimulation (but not direct g-spot), and the pure plugs are ideal for this. I probably use my pure plugs in my vag more than in my butt, and also more than any dildo I own.

    Really? The end of your njoy testing? Have you done the Pure Plug 2.0? Because that’s even another step above the Pure Plug Large, and we know how you like a challenge…

  2. Oh, yes. These things are awesome.

    They have stayed in place throughout activities that would have sent other plugs flying. They are super-slick. The bases look and feel GREAT when they’re in (this is a big plus for me; I just find round bases on plugs unattractive and uncomfortable), they are wearable for long periods, they are really easy to clean, and they are satisfyingly heavy.

    The only caveat I have whatsoever is that the necks of these are very slender, which is fucking great for extended wear and really good staying in place, but not so great if you are wanting that satisfying width right where it’s getting all up in your business, or if you’re wanting to use it for stretching.

    Your final shot, with the funeral home and the niche and all, in addition to cracking me the hell up, is spot on. I call mine my “heirloom butt plug” and, as I do not have children, enjoy imagining the reaction of whoever clears out my stuff once I’ve shuffled off this mortal coil. I feel kind of bad that it would most likely be discarded, because people are (understandably) a bit weirded out by the idea of using someone else’s butt toys. I feel like I should will it to someone.

    And as with all of njoy’s toys, it is so damn attractive I just want to display the little fucker right out for everyone to see. My ass has class, thank you very much.

  3. For dildos and vibrators, so far you’ve been tack on for me, but when it comes to butt toys, I get a little scared. I got the Tantus Ryder. Even though I checked it for scale before I bought it, I was shocked when I opened the box and it looked like a giant effing Easter egg. Nevertheless, I closed my eyes and opened my butt cheeks, as it’s not like I’ve never had any visitors through the rear entry. Maybe its not pointy enough, as I’ve tried and tried, but my butt, like Nancy Reagan, just says “no.” I don’t wan’t sound like a scaredy butt named Brad–but how medium is medium? How do the medium and large compare in size to the Ryder? And what would you recommend as a warmer upper?

    Are you able to sit in chair while wearing one of these plugs? The ring on the end looks like it may cause issues.

    Congrats and condolences on conquering the entire njoy line. If they were to make something new, I hope for something with the girth of the eleven but with the ergonomics of the pure wand.

  4. I really hope I did not make the Tantus Ryder sound like a beginner’s plug, because it is not. It is wide, long, and has no taper for ease of insertion. It is, however, an amazing plug once you are used to butt plugs. I always suggest the Fun Factory Bootie as a good beginner’s plug.

    Both the medium and large Pure Plug are shorter than the Ryder, and the medium is much less girthy. The large Pure Plug is about .1″ less girthy than the Ryder, but the shape of the plug itself would play a role as well. With their short heads, the Pure Plugs are easier to insert than the Ryder. I stand by my statement that the medium would be fine for a beginner.

    I took a picture for you to demonstrate the size difference between the Ryder and Pure Plugs.

    I can definitely sit in chairs, although I haven’t tried sitting in any hard ones. Should’ve included that in the review, will add it now!

  5. The only round bases I find comfortable are Crystal Delights’ bases. Then again, I have yet to find a plug that I can wear during sex and have the base be both comfortable and not interfere with vaginal access, so…

  6. Thanks– the photos are *very* helpful and I am soo jealous of your orange Ryder, even though I can’t (YET) get my boring purple in. I’ve had some of the toys in your blog header image up my ass, so I’d hardly consider myself a “beginner”–it may just be the shape of the Ryder. Now I have at least 3 things on my must own list- one of these plugs, a Nobessence Seduction and a TyeBright Vixen Mustang.

  7. I was thrilled to see this review! I was sad when the Pfun didn’t bring its A-game. I’m madly in love with my Pure Wand and I need a matching plug. So the medium is on its way! I feel like the small would make a great keychain, maybe?

  8. Well, I read the review from start to finish, which is something I don’t normally do. Very interesting. My wife and I would like to try something new. This could be it.

  9. Question for you- which direction do you tend to prefer the curve of the plug to face? For the sake of clarity, let’s say that you’re laying on your back. Bulb curving up towards the ceiling, or down towards the floor?

  10. Being conservative, I ordered a medium. IMHO, it’s noticeable and enjoyable but a bit small (about the size of a walnut), and I don’t shove things up my ass regularly. I’m going to order a large and see how I feel about it. Goes in very easily though, stays put and feels pretty fuckin awesome. I had it in for about 3 hours, and it was definitely titillating. I am a big fan of the feel of stainless (I also have a pure wand, and am very curious about the eleven)–not sure what it is–the metal has almost an electric feel to it.

  11. Just bought a 2.0 today at good vibes brookline. Couldn’t wait and put it in (with some sliquid) in a restroom at a bar around the corner. It is, indeed, heavenly! Now tied for fav toy with my outlaw. Thank you Epiphora, you’ve yet to steer me wrong.

  12. The same thing. I thought that the medium would be more of a challenge, as I do buttplay rarely. Nuh-uh. It went straight in and I was surprised how small it was. Still very pleasurable though! Now I’m a bit bummed out as I don’t have the cash to buy the large one for a while. 🙁

  13. I have the Pfun and the 2.0. I love the concept of the shape and size, but the handle base is a deal breaker for me in the long run. The longest I can go is about 4 hrs. The base tends to just not sit right with me. Oh, I am a 24/7 wearer of plugs too. The Njoy plugs are just not that comfy in the long run. Now if they would put a base similar to the Bootie

  14. From the bottom of my (post-Pure Plug used) butt: THANK YOU FOR THIS REVIEW. It encouraged me to buy the medium plug, after a couple of non-satisfactory experiences with other ones (too squishy, too small, too huge where it shouldn’t be…), and it’s AWESOME. Thank you, Epiphora. In Ephiphora we trust.

  15. Hello Epiphora
    I’m interested in buying this little precious but I don’t know what size to order… I love anal sex but I’ve never used a plug. I’ve had some experience with things up my ass:p I was thinking about buying the large but I don’t want to get ahead of myself… What’s your opinion?

  16. I think you should get the large. I haven’t even had anal sex and I prefer the large. The only exception would be if you have to do a ton of warm-up before you have anal sex, in which case you might want the medium.

  17. Reading this after reading the pfun review and I gotta say, I would recommend to people looking at measurements before you choose size, which I’ve found a lot of people don’t do. Use a measuring tape and shape it out if you don’t have a comparison. Compare to a thing you already use and like if you can. (I’ve found the tantus acute is really good for beginners to anal) and go from there. Remember that a hard thing is going to be more difficult to take than a soft thing.

  18. I, for one, endorse the small Pure Plug VERY highly. Perhaps my ass is a pansy, but for me it’s perfect, because it doesn’t stretch me out too much, but the weight of it (along with some clench-n-release exercises) prepares me for taking bigger things down the road. It’s my favorite ass warmup.

  19. Hi hi hi! Epiphora, o mighty sex toy reviewer, I come to you with a question and a confession! My confession is, as turned on by ass play as I am, I’ve never actually used a butt plug (or anything that wasn’t a finger or a man-part). Scouring the internet has taught me that the njoy pure plugs are the ultimate, and so naturally, I think it makes sense to just suck it up (eheheheh) and invest. But my question to you is this: what makes the njoy pure plugs a gazillion times better than all the cheapy stainless steel plugs out there? Is it the shape? Are they just heavier? Figured that rather than driving my little brain crazy, I should just hear it first-hand from a sexpert. MUCHOS THANKS!!! x

  20. The old adage applies to sex toys: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Cheap “stainless steel” isn’t actually stainless steel. It’s usually brass, nickel, aluminum, chrome etc. that has been electroplated or coated. Coatings can wear down, scratch, and rust, becoming dangerous for bodily use. What you want is surgical grade stainless steel, like they use in body jewelry.

    Offenders include Pipedream’s Metal Worx line (evidence) and Extreme Restraints (who really just steal designs from njoy and others). Genuine stainless steel sex toys include everything from njoy, the Haka Pretty Plugs, Aneros Tempo, Little Bud, Julian Snelling’s original jeweled Rosebud, Lion, and Rosebud, and LELO’s super expensive stuff.

    I will add, though, that yes, the shape of the Pure Plug is part of what makes it great — a bulbous head with a narrow and secure neck, plus that awesome retrieval loop.

  21. Question! I’m currently in the market for a plug and this one speaks to me. I’ve only used a 1.25 wide 4 long plug before and only used it about 10 times now. I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with it at this point though I still take it slow initially and do feel the slightest bit of pain right before it goes in and I get the payoff. I’ve been thinking about working up to something a little bigger now.

    That said, I just can’t decide between the medium and large. I’m still very new to anal play overall but I don’t want to get the medium and be wishing I went with the large a week later.

    How doable is the large for someone kinda new? Would warming up with my current one make it possible for me to go for the large?

    Any advice would be appreciated! I Just discovered this site and I love it

  22. I’m always the bad influence, so I’m gonna say I think you should get the large! The medium is the same diameter as the plug you currently have, plus it’s shorter. Although the Pure Plug probably weighs more than what you currently have, I think the large is absolutely doable based on what you’re saying.

  23. Thanks for the quick reply! I was leaning toward the large but was looking for some confirmation. I’d rather have something that I slightly need to work towards rather than something the size I already have in this case!

  24. Just got it in!… Well delivered, not “in” yet. Gave it a shot soon after getting home and I got pretty close to getting it in. I decided to give myself a break and I’ll try again later tonight. I know I could have pushed it in but I’d rather take it slow and let myself adjust to it.

    I’m VERY happy I went with the large. The step up makes for a fun challenge and is exciting in itself. You weren’t kidding about it being heavy. I’m really curious to see how that feels.

  25. Seconding the “when in doubt, get the bigger one” advice. The tapered tip and frictionless material makes these a lot easier to insert than a comparably sized piece of firm silicone.

  26. Question! I’ve been contemplating the Pure Plug situation for a while. I’m curious about it’s use in my butt and also in my partner’s butt while doing other sex things. We’ve done some ass play, but all in all we’re fairly new to the world of sticking things in butts. I know you didn’t try the small one, but I’m worried about the medium being too large and in charge for novices such as us. Do you have any advice?

  27. Honestly, if you’ve put stuff in your butt before, and you plan to continue doing so, I’d opt for the medium. It’s only 1.25″ in diameter.

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