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Review: Rosa and Rosa Rouge

Rosa has the battery life and vibration timbre, range, and power that so many toys lack.

L'Amourose Rosa and Rosa Rouge vibrators in a windowsill.
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It’s not often that a new sex toy company comes out of the woodwork with a product that immediately garners critical acclaim — but that is exactly what happened with the L’Amourose Rosa. Reports of deep, rumbly vibrations echoed through the blogosphere. My eyes narrowed. My fingers tented. It seemed like maybe, just maybe, a challenger had appeared to rival my all-time fave, the LELO Mona 2.

The Rosa comes in two versions: the original ($180) and the Rosa Rouge (a heated version — $240). First notable thing: these toys are really fucking expensive. $180 for a rechargeable insertable toy is unusual enough,1 and tacking on $60 for the heating element is nearing highway robbery. With no track record of manufacturing quality products or properly addressing support requests, these prices are hard to accept.

But L’Amourose is following the expected fancy sex toy path, almost laughably so: swanky packaging (there’s a ribbon involved), USB charging dock2 with wall adapter, sturdy plastic 18-month warranty card, fully waterproof functionality, quality silicone, packet of branded “intimate moisturizer” (gee, I wonder what they mean by that?), and drawstring storage pouch.

It’s allllllllll there. All the accouterments of luxury.

And I’ve gotta hand it to the internet — the reports are true. The Rosa emits a hefty bit of vibration. It has two motors which chug along in tandem, creating rumbly and impressive vibrations. They’re definitely deeper and stronger than the vibrations of the Mona,3 and the appeal was immediately and abundantly clear, to my clit at least.

It began: my long-standing relationship with my Mona was being tested. Clitorally the Rosa was good, very very good, but I kinda didn’t want to accept it. I didn’t want such strife, such conflict. I felt like if I was going to crown the Rosa a superior toy, it needed to be superior on all levels.

But it’s not, and the blame rests solely on that chunky fucking base. Which, by the way, is plastic and beveled on the bottom like the prized jewel in Fireball Island. I mean that as an insult.

I think my hand has formed into the shape of the Mona’s handle, because when I hold the Rosa, it just feels wrong. With Mona my hand is more relaxed, more natural. With Rosa, I have to wrap my whole palm around the base, like I’m about to pitch a baseball or claw someone’s eyes out.

The buttons are also crap. Positioned, as they are, on one side of the base, they’re in the wrong place anytime the toy is held in my left hand. They’re also indistinguishable to my fingers, so I have to glance down at the toy to change settings.

The base is so obnoxiously large because this toy was designed to be a dual vibe. It is an abysmal failure this way, to be clear. I can’t snuggle that base against my clit without poking my cervix with the inserted shaft. And the base is not what my clit wants, anyway. It’s too big and indistinct, and its motor is buzzy and paltry.

It’s also a mess. Lube inevitably finds its way to my hand.

Yet if I try to enjoy only the shaft of the Rosa — which I’d love to do because its shape is extremely good at hitting my G-spot — the base clit-blocks any additional clitoral stimulation. Not cool, man, not cool. My clit should be wild and free.

So I always return to using the Rosa clitorally, loving it, and forgiving all the times it wronged me. Despite the annoying base, the sensation is incredible, and its sheer power is perfect for when I need that final push, or when I’m using a vibrating insertable that’s competing for my genitals’ attention.

The Rosa Rouge differs in only one way: the heating element. It heats up to 104-108 degrees Fahrenheit, or 5-10 degrees above body temperature, and it only takes a few minutes to get there (you can also use the toy sans heat).

Is the warmth groundbreakingly great? No, but it’s nice. It feels more like interacting with another human being, since I associate warmth with human touch (…and heated seats in my girlfriend’s car). But it’s weird sometimes because I also associate warmth in my genital region to overheating sex toys and that one time in college when I got the worst UTI ever.

That was in 2006, but damn — body memory is no joke.

Honestly, I’ve never thought of silicone as particularly cold, so added heat isn’t something that wows me, especially for $60 extra. It’s interesting for temperature play — using the Rosa Rouge externally while I inserted a glass dildo conjured an unusual, icy hot sensation — but not essential.

If a thief made off with one of my Rosas, whichever one, I wouldn’t be gutted — I’d just go on using the remaining one.

Although there is a pretty legit reason to favor the original Rosa. The Rosa Rouge lasts 1.3 hours on high (1.5 with the heat turned off)… and the regular Rosa lasts 3 hours. Yep, longer than Interstellar, longer than Mona. So, really, the Rosa Rouge is too much extra cash and too much sacrificing of battery life.

I also have this concern: L’Amourose as a company is extremely new. We have no evidence of the hardiness of their toys or their ability to support customers. Sex toy companies come and go, I’m afraid, and blindly ignoring that fact would be foolhardy. I can’t act like I trust L’Amourose the same way I trust LELO to, at the very least, produce toys that work for an extended period of time, and replace the ones that go belly up.

The gosh darn down home honest-to-betsy truth, though, is that if the L’Amourose Rosa had a traditional handle, I’d be telling you to buy it right fucking now. The vibrations are undeniably wonderful. The shaft shape is a G-spotting delight. It has the battery life and vibration timbre, range, and power that so many toys lack. In that sense, the Rosa is in a class all its own.

But its base limits its ease of use and versatility, so you must take that into account. Do not buy the Rosa if your aim is dual stimulation, or G-spot stimulation with any space for clitoral stimulation. Buy it if your clit is a power-hungry rumble-lover… with extravagant taste.

  1. Comparable toys from Fun Factory cost $130-140.
  2. The toy stands upright precariously… don’t try to charge it where a cat can swipe it off.
  3. It has 2-3 settings above the highest level on the Mona.

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  1. So validating to hear you bitch about the base. I didn’t like that part either and would love it if it had a handle. Maybe they’ll take the feedback and make a great new toy?

  2. I have the Rouge and I wouldn’t trade the warming feature for all the world. But I live in the frigid, hateful Midwest where I have to sleep with my sex toys under my down comforter just to get them warm enough to use in the deep of winter.
    (I’m a wuss. And too cheap to turn the heat up)

    I also won it in a giveaway though, so I didn’t have to pony up the cash for it.

  3. Dammit. I don’t understand the fascination companies have with dual-action toys if they can’t deliver (and due to anatomy, most can’t)! With toys like this, the rigidity is always gonna make contact with the clit hard during penetration. I’m glad it was at least a fun/good product, but did a human vagina ever test this? I for one have an incredibly short canal so I wouldn’t even attempt the dual-action, which is a damn shame because this thing has potential.

    As always, thanks for being upfront about the shortcomings of otherwise great toys. Hopefully they’ll rework it in the next iteration!

  4. So just the shaft part is rumbly, not the awkward head? I assume you’ve seen they make a clitoral only vibe that basically is shaped like the wonky diamond Head with no shaft. Gonna assume that likely has a weaker vibration like the Rosa head? Bummer if so. I hope someone tries it. I love me some broad rumbly vibes and I am way too effing slow to come (I’m looking at you Tango!) So battery life is appealing… But hmm… Hope they stick around and really run with that rumbly goodness and maybe design some better toys as far as shape. Kinda sucks they put the charging stuff in the bottom and made that hard plastic or whatever because maybe then the shaft could’ve been a handle and then the toy could’ve had some nifty versatility.

    Still lusting over this a bit. Battery life, rumbles, that gorgeous green…

  5. And yet for someone like me with grip problems, and arthritis, holding something larger than a handle is a godsend. If the Rosa had a sticking-straight-out handle, I’d be much less in love with it. I think the angle and base is appreciated by a chunk of the population, plus it makes a superb prostate vibe.

  6. Is it just me or lately all new sex toy companies immediately shoot for the luxury market? It feels so risky and also a bit annoying they go all in to make THE ULTIMATE LUXURY TOY instead of…a nice mid-price-range series for people who want to upgrade from bullet vibes/jelly dongs but can’t afford the high end stuff. :/

    I guess I have a plan b in case my music store fails…

  7. that’s me! so glad the rosa has the handle being the way it is, which takes nearly all the work of holding it out of the equation, and the rumblosity has knocked mona down to second place for me. it’s the perfect combo of shape and vibrations, plus, as a hater of all things pink, i’m in love with the ever so slightly tealish green (no offense to you ikea-lime-green fans out there).

  8. I’ve also heard that the shaft is bendy, so it seems like it would be hard to apply pressure to your clit with this toy. The Mona 2 seems easier to use clitorally because it’s just hard plastic on the inside.

  9. Yes!! If the Rosa had a handle it would be, for me, just another one of the toys that’s shaped like that and doesn’t work with my body. For me the broad base is what makes it work. I like that this toy brings a different option to the table but, as we know, not all options are for everyone.

  10. I knew my handle comments would be divisive. To me it feels awkward and less comfortable, and that is the biggest deterrent against using it. I couldn’t pretend it works well for me when it just… doesn’t.

  11. That’s totally understandable. I think it’s a question of what thing about the toy works for people. I don’t know if I would like the base if I was trying to use the Rosa clitorally but since I don’t (as you know, stuff with that kind of end doesn’t work with my body #covertheswathes). For me the broad base made it work as an insertable (which I almost never like!).

    PS- I liked your points about the newness of the company. You always make me think about cool stuff that I forget to bother with.

  12. As a retailer I can add that they have been extremely responsive and attentive to issues (we had a few in the very beginning with bad chargers). I hope to see them around for a long time to come, good product, great customer service.

  13. Aw, that’s what I was afraid of! And that green is so pretty too! Unfortunately, anything that clit-blocks me is a no-go. Thank you for the honest review! I might buy it anyway for the vibrations- if I can get it on sale.

  14. I don’t understand why this flat-area clit stim vibrator design keeps popping up- I guess to fit more different anatomies, but honestly,how can any big, flat-ish round thing hit ANY clitoris? Especially if you have thick labia. I hate that design even more than a regular rabbit, at least with a regular rabbit you already know it will be hit-or-miss and there is a chance (if remote) that it might work for you. These flat-pad “dual stimulator” vibes piss me off because they are straight-up LYING when they claim these things will stimulate the clitoris. Such a shame though- this one looks really nice. I would buy it if it was $40-50 cheaper, just for the shape. And the vibes. And that GREEN.

  15. I have hand/wrist issues and the base on this doesn’t work for me. I have to do the same weird, contorted, and painful hand/wrist position as I do on most dildos which isn’t sustainable for me for any functional period of time. Trying to use the Rosas anally (which, this is me here so that’s really all anything gets used for around here) this base ends up with me re-enacting the own-butt-kicking action of Randy fame.

    I’d love a “classic” handle on this, though I think the length/angle aspects of such a handle would be crucial for success. A lot of LELOs have too long a handle, or a handle at the wrong angle. In a perfect world, sex utensil handles would have adjustable angles to suit the user(s) since bodies and situations vary so widely.

  16. Does anyone else turn the awkward clitoral parts around, orienting them towards their ass? I discovered this years ago with a rabbit that made me crazy when it poked uselessly, and only vaguely, in the general direction of my clit. When I spun it around it was a nice tingle towards my ass, and lovely vaginal stimulation, and left me free to do whatever else I wanted with my clit. I look at this one, ad wonder if that trick would work here. The angle of g-spot stim might be off, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. That end looks big enough to hit the right spot from several angles.

  17. This! Major hand/wrist issues here myself and just the way anatomy works means most every toy (and trying to get off without toys) is an awkward twisty contorted wrist. For me too, I can’t maintain a grip even if it is a reasonably comfortable angle for all too long or my hands cramp and even get stuck.

    I actually would’ve hoped with the shape of this toy, as I find myself regularly hoping, that maybe it had hands free potential. Rumbly vibes are awesome for me, and I love rumbles both clitorally and internally. If the Rosa could somehow be a magic perfect fit the base definitely is wide enough it could be held between my thighs and that would be my personal holy grail. I even love and crave broader vulva stimulation but could just look at the shaft on this and know it’s too long. It will never work. Boo.

    I’m all about laying somewhat oddly on my side with a wand wedged between my legs and I realized I like internal vibrations precisely because there’s almost never a comfortable way to thrust a toy for long.

    But ahh now an adjustable angle handle would be the answer, or a better one. Lightweight too. I seem to death grip toys when I’m orgasming so no matter what I’m going to hit the ouch my hands but if there was a magic way to angle things without feeling literally like I’m pinching off nerves in my wrist, that would be amazing. That or this is where I’m hoping the whole robots and sex toys thing goes. I want a machine that can hold any vibe I want and any dildo and magically always have a perfect angle. Ha, that actually has far more potential than any rabbit vibe ever working for most people. Probably could market the adjustable angle handle similarly. “Tired of sex toys never fitting your anatomy quite right? Tired of masturbation induced carpal tunnel syndrome? Buy our adjustable angle handle today!”

  18. I get what you’re saying and I know I’m in a smaller minority of folks bit I love a broader vulva stimulation so, so much. Pinpointy vibes and rabbits even if they reach decently sort of hurt me. And even when they don’t I actually really miss the broader stimulation. I mean most inner labia seem to be to some degree connected to the clit so makes sense that that can appeal. But mine while sort of somewhere between thick and very long but certainly not porn pussy material also just are shaped in a way that they don’t really get in the way of my clit or maybe I like to angle them? I don’t know. The shaft on Rosa appears far too long to the extent that while the flat head might totally be my thing, I’d probably be jabbing my cervix with the shaft in order to reach and definitely missing my g spot.I also find and maybe the real magic of the flat broad stimulation thing for me is this- I can stimulate my g spot pretty fantastically from the outside, through my vulva and it feels remarkably similar to having an internal g spot vibe hitting it. Ups my pleasure tremendously. The shape of this broad head may be able to do that for me so…

    But at the same time I also am seeing how flat and hard does seem like it won’t work right regardless of labia and even liking broad stimulation. There’s a natural curve, for sure where my clit is at least, so hmm, yeah, maybe this is what you’re saying? Explains why some of the clitoral only vibes that are shaped kind of pebble or stone like and can do a broader stimulation have a curve. And rabbit ears jutting out would work better in that sense. With labia long enough and shaped a set way that might help actually with a flat round head if you don’t need pressure… Could fill the lack of curve gap. But hey, yeah I’m glad you brought this up because in theory the shape looks so good for me, in practice, seems like it has a high probability of not actually reaching my own clit well either.

  19. And when I look at the Rosa I genuinely want to hold the shaft as a handle and use what’s ultimately the charging plastic base for clitoral stim. There’s some reverse handle potential to this that could’ve rocked if the charger were placed differently… And if the clitoral part was rumbly.

  20. That’s what I think, and it looks like on the Rosa it seems like the base has a concave/cupped bit where it is supposed to provide clitoral stimulation? I don’t have one but that’s what it looks like in the pictures. I understand this even less than if it was just flat. It might surround the clitoris if you can insert the thing all the way but even then, there might just be a lot of empty space around the clit instead of contact stimulation. It’s a lot of money to spend if you’re not sure. If it was gently ridged or had a nice rounded “bump” there it would probably work for me at least. But I will probably buy it anyway at some point, depending on the mood I’m in I like both broad and more pinpoint clit stim and that shape looks awesome for g-spotting. I would love to try it sitting in a chair also..

  21. I did it just for you! That angle has worked for me a few times with dildos. With this, it isn’t bad… but it’s way better when oriented the “proper” way. For G-spot stimulation at least.

  22. I was just on the L’amourose site yesterday and they’re coming out with some new toys called “Prisms”, they’re so new no one has them yet. There is a regular and a rabbit type vibrator, and the rabbit also comes in the heated Rouge version. The great thing is that they have straight handles, and the curved end looks like the same shape as the Rosa. They are available in blue and red! SheVibe said they are probably going to carry them when I asked. So if anyone needs a straight handle, maybe wait until those come out. They are a little less expensive too.

  23. I think that’s the niche OhMiBod’s going for with their Lovelife line. But yeah, the world could definitely use more mid-price rechargeables.

  24. I buy luxury toys, I just wait for them to go on sale. I have lelo, jopen and ohmibod has great quality and a lower price…

    I’ve seen this toy for 99.99 if that’s an improvement.

  25. It’s not a personal interest thing (i can barely eat at the moment, let alone afford sex toys), more of a “it’s the principle of it!” Kind argument.

    Some established companies have good mid-low range options (Tantus, Fun Factory, Ohmybod etc) but what I’m seeing in new companies is that they’re almost always shooting for the most exclusive and “innovative” and never for the most approachable. I’m just saying that every once in a while I’d like to see newer companies go “PLEASURE IS FOR EVERYBODY” and kickstart a line of, say, affordable safe toys, affordable good vibrators.

    Otherwise it really kind of feels like the world is telling you, “you poor people can stick to your unsafe and offensive mass produced crap, we don’t give a damn unless you can shell out 200 bucks for a vibe”

    Which isn’t very innovative.

  26. Oh I’m with you on that point.

    Don’t we all deserve a safe, pleasurable and beautiful toy?

    I hope that things improve for you soon.

  27. I’m actually surprised that you even compare the Rosa to the Mona 2 – for me, based on my Mona 2 and Denia – the vibrations are in two completely different categories. For me L’Amourosa’s are so far superior that the Mona 2 has absolutely no chance against it. Though I like the Lelo controls better – what good are perfectly designed controls if the vibrations just don’t do it for me? (Actually, I find my Mona’s vibrations so disappointing that I once again wonder about differences between production runs – or even individual toys…)
    (By the way, I didn’t pay list price for my Denia, but 70 % off was too good to be missed. Just regret that I didn’t get the Rosa as well – instead of the Mona…)

  28. I bought the original a few months ago and have to say I’m disappointed. It’s stronger than Mona 2, which is fanfuckingtastic, but where it fails is how bendy the shaft is. I need pressure. If I press too hard than the vibe inside bounces around strangely. I wish so much it was as sturdy as the Mona 2, then I’d always be reaching for it over my 7 year old Mona 2 (which has gotten really loud over the years and now sounds like a weed wacker).

  29. I’m returning mine now thanks to Lovehoney’s awesome return policy. I had the the Rosa since September last year and just recently it started not being able to charge. Thankfully they’re refunding my full purchase price and shipping. I love the rumbly vibration, hate the way it charges (not a fan of the magnetic type, or the fact I can’t use it while plugged in) and dislike how bendy it is (since I use it only for clitoral stimulation, like my Mona 2). So I’m on the search for something else now as soon as the refund comes in.

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