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Review: Maverick

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Vixen Creations MaverickI used to be frightened of realistic dildos. The flesh tones, the veins, the balls — all of it. It grossed me out. And I know this visceral reaction is shared by many, despite how we may feel about actual cocks.

But somewhere, something changed with me. I’m not sure when or what it was. Maybe it was Mr. Man — despite his yucky circular balls, I enjoy his pronounced head. Maybe it was discovering dual density VixSkin, or conquering Randy.

But I know for a fact that my desire for the Vixen Maverick specifically stemmed from seeing it wielded awesomely by Billy Castro. Seeing Maverick in action stole my heart. And/or my vagina.

I fell in love with the dimensions, too. 7″ long, 2″ in diameter. Just long enough, and deliciously thick. Maverick’s shaft is slightly curved, but it straightens out when held by the base. The base can also function as a suction cup, and it works astoundingly well. Like some Vixen Creations toys, Maverick comes in a plastic tube.

Despite its large size, Maverick is definitely a realistic dildo, all the way down to the pee hole and skin texture. See, Maverick’s silicone can’t be described as either glossy or matte. It is, instead, just very skin-like. Up close, you can see tiny, random lines (like the ones on backs of your hands) all over the silicone that make it look and feel more like skin. It’s spongy to the touch — spongier than an actual hard cock would be — but supported by the hard inner core that is the crux of VixSkin.

The first time I tried the Maverick, I was a bit drunk. Normally this makes me indifferent toward anything I try — but in this case, I could tell I loved Maverick immediately. An omen? Yes, yes it was. All subsequent times were even better, and my love for Maverick has only grown with each use. This dildo is just… man oh man. It’s amazing. I almost can’t form proper sentences to explain it.

As I suspected, the size of Maverick is exactly my style — long enough to reach my G-spot, fat enough to fill me up. Maverick’s hard inner core stretches out my vagina, while its squeezable outer layer gives my muscles something soft and squishy to play with. I can actually feel the light skin-like texture.

And the large head? Oh jesus. That thing goes right for my G-spot. RIGHT FOR IT. Now, this is not the kind of G-spot stimulation that can be achieved with harder materials, but it’s still intense. The Maverick’s thickness adds to the G-spot intensity. I squirt almost every time I use it. I don’t thrust as much as I do with other G-spot toys; the stimulation comes more from the constant pressure of Maverick’s huge head against my G-spot.

The problem now is that I’m addicted. I want more. I want everything. I went from being terrified of realistic dildos to lusting after an entire fucking line of them. With Vixen’s selection, you can really get any size (and flesh tone) that you desire, from short and stubby to long and thin. Some are fairly smooth, while others have an array of wrinkles and veins, etc. etc.

Can you go wrong? No, no you cannot. These dildos are not cheap — between $70 and $100 depending on size — but the VixSkin is worth it. Not a lot of sex toys are worth that kind of money, but this stuff is. If you know what you want and choose carefully, you will be very satisfied. And even if realistic dildos kinda freak you out, I’m inclined to think a VixSkin dildo would make you a believer. And also a dildo-squeezing addict.

As for me, I’m freakishly happy with Maverick. It could not be more perfect, which is not something I ever imagined myself saying about a realistic dildo. But it’s true. Maverick is exactly what a dildo should be. I’m a convert. Fuck yeah.

Get the Maverick at one of my fave shops:
SheVibe, Smitten KittenGood Vibes, Pleasure Chest, or Come As You Are (Canada).

Secret tip: the Large Realistic Bent is the same mold, but single-density and cheaper.

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  1. Epi, I love how you’re open to trying even the things that initially freak you out. I think this is such a common experience with sex toys, and it makes your entries so relatable and awesome. 🙂

    Can you say more about VixSkin as a material? Is it as non-porous and easy to clean as say, Tantus silicone in your experience?

  2. @EmilyC: Thanks! Yes, VixSkin is just another formulation of 100% silicone, so it’s completely non-porous and can be sterilized in all the usual ways (bleach, boiling). It’s also really easy to wash with soap and water. The texture is interesting, as it seems to cause soap not to foam up as much when I wash it, but it works.

    I have noticed that VixSkin is more sensitive than regular silicone, in that if you press your fingernail into it hard, it may leave a permanent dent.

  3. That is one sexy hunk of dildo! I think it may be time for me to get over my discomfort with dildos that look “too real,” these just look too wonderful to pass up.

  4. This toy looks amazing. Wish it came in a cool color but it looks so real that the color might be a little strange/awkward

  5. I’ve never really though of realistic heads being perfect for the G-spot, but I guess that makes sense. May have to experiment later 🙂

  6. Every time you review something that sounds awesome, I get angry because all of my money goes towards purchasing paint. I think I’m going to have to join in on the sex blogging, product reviewing fun. 🙂

  7. I don’t write poems, but this is my attempt. I won’t even try a haiku, Sundae will own my ass.

    Maverick, you and your
    Beautiful squishy Mc.Squisherson-ness
    Are the loves of my life
    With your candy named colors
    That are slightly freaky, but it’s ko0
    You are my main dude

    P.S. Mav, I want you in muh vag. K thanks.

  8. “I know this visceral reaction is shared by many, despite how we may feel about actual cocks.”

    yeah. i was weirded out by realistic dildoes for a while, even though really like cocks.

    the head is the first thing i noticed from the picture… it looks quite delicious.

  9. Seems like a great dildo. My first VixSkin product will probably be the Randy, however if my eyes turn out to be too big for my ass this seems prefect as it is the same diameter as my current largest dildo. Although I wish, they would have picked a name other then maverick…makes it sound like I’m about to fuck John McCain.

  10. This was the review that really tipped me over the edge in wanting a Vixskin toy. It makes it sound so delicious that it’s impossible to resist their charms I also love the picture. You make Maverick look so pretty, like he’s posing for a glamour shot. Though, the pictures I received comparing its size to your open mouth were WAY BETTER.

  11. I used to be freaked out by realistic dildos too but I’m embracing them now.

    The only thing that would deter me from getting a VixSkin product would be the “sensitivity” of the material. I tend to grip toys pretty hard when I’m enjoying them and I’d hate to leave permanent damage on it from my fingernails =/

  12. HAHA! This is such a sweet review. It’s good that you’re into them now, but sad too, considering the fact that they’re so much money. I like this one, but it’s so much! All of Vixskin is. But, since you say that it’s worth it, I’ll definitely have to get one of my own someday. Someday..

  13. Wouldya look at the head on that! *swoon! That’s what makes or breaks it for me in realistic vibes. If the head is too thin or pointy I’m actually turned off or totally indifferent. But, get me a nice big head crowning a great shaft, and I’m sold. (balls optional, suction base +1) This review has made me lust after this Maverick.

  14. Makes me want to check it out in person… and touch it to see what it feels like!

  15. This looks like a very nice dildo. It’s not too realistic though. For me, a truly realistic dildo needs some veins, But I like how it’s got two bumps, and the first one really does look like g-spot heaven. God, your review is turning me on.

  16. Yucky circular balls is the funniest thing I’ve ever read! Ha! You have the amazing talent of describing these sex toys in a way that just leaves us absolutely panting to have one! Phrases like deliciously thick and right for my G-Spot have me sold sister. One thing I wonder though is why they’re so fucking expensive. Is silicone really that expensive or are they just exploiting my needy vagina?

  17. @HeatherJenae: Good, non-porous materials always cost more. This material costs more than regular silicone because it’s a more delicate material to make, and because it’s exclusive to Vixen. Plus, Maverick is a HUGE toy, made with a lot of silicone. The smaller ones are cheaper because they’re smaller. Vixen is a stand-up company, so I really don’t think they would have high prices needlessly.

  18. Great to read a review that tells the actual feeling of the VixSkin material…that’s what’s most interested me. Good to know that the large head is pleasurable; I’ve been kind of anxious about that, since I’ve only tried a dildo with a tapered head. Do you think it would be easy to insert for someone who’s smallish/virginal, at least if I were aroused enough? (And to chime in on the debate, I’d like to try one with balls…I’ve heard intriguing reports of extra stimulation on sensitive spots around the labia and perineum, which sounds GREAT to me.)

  19. @Trix: I don’t think being a virgin is what matters, so much as the size of other toys you have used. I would recommend being warmed up with something at least 1 3/4″ in diameter before using this one, for sure. It’s quite the mammoth.

  20. I had the pleasure of seeing this cock in person, and it was so…cute. Something about the curviness of the head just makes it adorable. But that’s just me. Also, @EmilyC, I believe these cocks can be put in the dishwasher, if no one you don’t want to know about your dildos is gonna be snooping in there.

  21. This is a lovely dildo, I too had a hard time with realistic ones, but I like the smooth lines here.

  22. I think you hit the nail on the head with many women’s reaction to most realistic dildos… they’re just… uncanny. In the creepy detached and dead way. But these by Vixen are really great! I don’t think there are any that I don’t find appealing, but this one is my second favorite. The head does look like it would be very stimulating.

  23. Love what you said about the size of the head and its ability to help you squirt. I’m chasing the elusive “squirting during intercourse” dragon and while I love our Bandit, it’s really made for straight-shooting sex. I am indeed intrigued!

  24. I’m so glad you posted this review, I hadn’t been aware of the Maverick before and it sounds like exactly what I’m looking for. Not overly realistic, but with a good head, and not quite as thick as the Randy. It’ll be the perfect step up from what I have currently! I’m also curious about the suction base, as I’ve never used a suction-able toy before–does it stick to, say, painted bedroom walls, or is it only for supersmooth surfaces like the shower? Hmmm….

  25. I like that you used to be afraid of realistic dildos. That was the reason my first cock was green, realism was scary…

  26. I read the wrong review first – Oh, my, it looks like this is the one I want. Just enough texture to give it some feel on long thrusts but smooth enough for anal use, and big.

  27. I still don’t like the look of most realistic dildos. My boyfriend’s uncut, and after being with him for years, “circumcised” dildos just look… weird. As if a disembodied penis wasn’t weird enough. But it looks like Vixen creations has quite a few lovely uncut cocks, and I’m really starting to warm to the idea. The Maverick’s too big for me, but the Mustang? Wow.

  28. “…frightened of realistic dildos. The flesh tones, the veins, the balls — all of it. It grossed me out. And I know this visceral reaction is shared by many, despite how we may feel about actual cocks.”

    It’s like you’re reading from my 7th/9th-grade journal. Back then, I even drew a graph and a diagram of how disgusting I thought cocks were. I was pretty intense about it. But oh my, how times change! I eventually got over my cock-hating phase and now I’m pretty much a huge cock-enthusiast.

    I love the head on this cock (must. put. in. mouth!), and how the details are so subtle (no HUGE bulging veins all over the place, which still kinda freak me out a little bit).

    Also, the picture of Billy Castro? Oh man. I just died.

    P.S. Mr. Man. I eventually must own that shit.

  29. You really make me want to try out that material, though I would need to save up. I love real cocks and realistic dildos, so Vixen seems like a good choice.
    For this one specifically, I think it may be a little too large and I might like it a little less smooth, but maybe some of their others would be better…

  30. Is it possible to fall in love with a silicone cock that you’ve never so much as seen in person, based solely on an internet review written by a stranger? If so, that would explain this funny feeling inside. Or maybe that’s just arousal. Either way, I’m sold. 🙂

  31. I don’t know why but your photo makes me want to own Maverick more and more every time I see it…and yet every time I have had the $$ to shop, I end up choosing something else because the photos in the stores just don’t make him look as exciting. Here I am now admiring your photo, re-reading your review and lusting for Maverick once again.

  32. Ok, I seriously wasn’t all that interested in Maverick until I read your review. Now I want. like, 10 min ago. IN MY HANDS!

  33. That head looks… nnnnggg, yes. Just looking at it makes me want to suck on something. Pretty sure it would tear me in half if I attempted to use it the way it was intended, though. Someday.

  34. Liz – if you’re interested you should give it a try. Most people can take something this big if they’re relaxed – after all, the vagina is the birth canal.

    Most people can probably even take this anally, again if they’re relaxed enough.

  35. I’ve never tried a dildo like this, and the more I read your review, the more I want one!

    Also, I’m VERY intrigued by the texture of the Vixskin.

  36. I completely relate to your feelings on realistic dildos–also with your perspective of this one. It’s not a caricature; it represents some of the best things about a cock (those ridges! :O), without turning you off visually. And UNF, fantastic review, very funny and direct.

  37. I so want one. ;_; Sadly they are not available where I live and to order one from US would cost $100 extra. Boo…

  38. This is the review that convinced me to buy this dildo. I honestly love everything about it, though I do wish it was a little less squishy at times. Aside from that, it is a great size and feels so amazing filling me up. Thanks Epiphora for the inspiration!

  39. Don’t blame yourself for that – it’s not /actually/ realism — more like uncanny valley. Which is understandably weird, especially when first getting into dildos.

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