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Review: Ina

The LELO Ina is a very divisive toy. Those who love it vehemently love it; others vehemently bemoan its incompatibility with their anatomy. And while Ina certainly is anatomy-dependent (as most rabbits are), a more apt description would be “pain tolerance dependent.” Which sounds scary, but it’s true.

I really want to love the Ina because mine is the most glorious, whimsical, succulent shade of lime green EVER, and it also comes in ORANGE (and purple, but who cares). I mean, seriously — LELO fucking rocks for that alone. But I cannot love it — I’m in too much discomfort.

Newer LELO toys have different packaging than the old ones. The large black box that holds the toy is less heavy-duty now, just made of black cardboard. The inside of the box smells rubbery, and the toy itself had a plastic-like smell to its silicone parts when it arrived. There are dividers in the bottom of the box to separate stuff, but they’re completely (and easily) removable. This makes me very happy, as I’ve seen many a sex toy box filled with all kinds of glued-in, permanent gunk that severely limits the box’s future uses. And now you know how neurotic I am.

Ina comes with a manual, a one year warranty, a 10 year “quality guarantee” (if your toy breaks, you can return it within 10 years and receive 50% off your next LELO purchase), and a black satin storage pouch lined with white satin. Ina did not come charged, but it charged in 2 hours via its AC power cord. I’ve used it probably five times or so since then, and the charge has not run out.

The most important thing to know about the Ina is this: the clitoral stimulator — perhaps better described as an arm — is rigid, and functions like a clamp on one’s clit. I’m serious when I use the word clamp.  It is very intense, very weird, and… sometimes good? I have never, in my life, felt this much pressure on my clit. I repeat: never.

Update: I’ve tried the Ina 2 now (thank gawd for friends who let you borrow their sex toys!), which is known for having a clitoral arm with a less extreme curve. I was hoping it would be better, but unfortunately, it still clamps quite a bit. The Ina 2 does have more power (it has some serious oomph), and it’s waterproof now. But the thing that most annoyed me before… still annoys me similarly to how I’ve described it in the rest of this review. The clamping is tolerable if I’m in the right mood, but mostly it’s just too much. So, continue on.

There are two ways I use the Ina. Both can get me off because the vibrations are strong. But neither are very comfortable or preferable:

The Easy, Yet Dissatisfying Way: I tilt the toy upward so that the shaft is barely inserted and the clit stimulator touches my clit. This is pleasant for a couple minutes, but then my vagina realizes that there is barely anything inside it and starts to protest. I usually keep this up until I can no longer stand it, at which point I force myself to move on to…

The Hard — Literally — Way: I must pry the clit stimulator upward with my fingers whilst quickly shoving the shaft all the way into my vagina. And so, the clit arm then clamps down on my clit like a motherfucker. It feels like it goes down to the bone. It is, at least at first, incredibly terrifying and not at all pleasurable. Feeling the clit arm disappear between my labia… wondering if I can harm myself with this kind of pressure… not pleasant.

Ina has eight vibration modes, all of which can be made stronger or weaker with the plus and minus buttons. The first setting is my favorite; it’s a throbby, deep vibration with what feels like a very fast pulse in the clit stimulator. The other settings are: buzzy in shaft and very little in clit stimulator, buzzy in clit stimulator and very little in shaft, a pulse that goes between them, a pulse in unison, a rollercoaster, and two weird settings involving pulses that I can’t describe. Some of these are cool — the weird pulsing ones especially — but none of them really beat the first setting.

As much as I enjoy the rumbly first setting, though, I can hardly appreciate it once I insert the shaft. The sensation of the clit arm becomes little more than OH GOD OKAY UM THAT IS A LOT OF PRESSURE. Meanwhile, I guess the shaft is hitting my G-spot? Yeah? The clit stimulator is just so overwhelming that I can’t focus on what’s in my vagina. It’s really sad. Also, the toy can only barely be thrusted, lest the clit arm dislodge itself from my clit and start poking my vulva.

I can’t say I’ve really become used to the sensation of the clit arm, but it is slightly less freaky after the first time. Nonetheless, I don’t feel like the arm has become more loose or anything. It’s still INSANELY INTENSE every time. I’m just more prepared for it now.

I was pretty certain that nobody on earth would want the kind of pressure that Ina’s clit arm exerts. I was going to say “this is more pressure than anyone uses voluntarily.” But then I got to talking to a friend about this toy…

Holly: That just makes me want it.
Epiphora: you want it to go to the bone? cuz that’s what it feels like
Holly: I find myself holding down clitoral stimulators and almost trying to dig them into me to get off.
Epiphora: then you are the prime candidate for ina and i highly recommend it

So I’m torn about the Ina. It’s great because it isn’t shaped like an animal, but the clit stimulator is like a rabid dog on my clit. The shaft is shaped deliciously, but I can’t focus on the sensation of it. The vibrations are strong and deep, but overshadowed by the clamping sensation. It gets me off, but I’d rather just use my Mona 2. With Ina, that clit arm is just too freaking insane.

Get the Ina 2 at BabelandSheVibe, LELO, Good VibesPleasure Chest,
Come As You Are (Canada), or Lovehoney (international).

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  1. I was gonna respond to your review, but the red text above this comment form says “What’s on your mind?”

    What’s on my mind is that I’ve eaten too many M&Ms and do not feel up to masturbating, which is SAD.

    Also, if Ina were a movie, this would be your CAPSLOCKBLURB:


  2. Wow, that does sound intense! I, also, am a fan of the color, love love, love green. I bet it looks great in the other colors too. I like a lot of pressure on my clit but this sounds like it would be bordering on pain. You said you pried the clit arm up, is there any flexibility to it at all or is it pretty immovable?

  3. As I’ve said before I want a sex toy library/borrowing zone so I can test shit out like this. I really, really like clit pressure, so maybe this would be the one for me, even though my g-spot is so shallow it’s practically OUTSIDE MAH VAG CANAL.

  4. I’m like your friend Holly; insane amounts of clit pressure=yespleaseamazingorgamsYES! Intense (and when I say intense I mean my long hard fingernail digging really, really fucking deep/hard [deep/hard enough to feel like it’s going to bruise or possibly cut open]) pressure to my clit is the first way I ever had an orgasm, in the long ago time before toys were even a thought in my head. And it’s still the way I have my most body-breaking, OMG-I’m-going-to-sob-uncontrollably-now-because-the-pleasure-is-too-much kinds of orgasms. Be it my finger(nail) or a vibrator, it’s gotta be pretty intense pressure.

    So despite this toy not really working all that well for you, it sounds like something I would at least be really interested in trying. Thanks for the great review!

  5. I truly no longer feel like an outsider when it comes to my preference of needing really, really, really fucking intense pressure on my clit in order to get off after reading the comments so far. And I think me and Ashley are cut from the same what-I-need-to-have-an-orgasm cloth.

    After reading your review a few times now (just in case I missed anything the first two times!) all of your explaining when it comes to the intensity of this thing really makes me need to get this. I think we’d make beautiful orgasms together.

  6. Great timing. I was just thinking of buying one of these, although I was considering it in orange. Thank you for the honest review. Good job!

  7. Oh man. I want this just because it’s lelo and beautiful. I would never, ever, ever be able to use it judging from your review though and this makes me weep. I weep beautiful pleasure object tears. My clit? I adore my clit, we are BFFs, but she and I stop speaking quickly as she’s a tad oversensitive. Okay – I’m lying. She’s over the fucking top sensitive and the idea of something clamping her to my pubic bone made her crawl up into my throat.

    I still might buy it though. My toy addiction is out of control.

  8. OW. OW. OW. OW.

    I wouldn’t try the Ina even if someone offered it to me for free (like that’s gonna happen). I keep reading about how intense the clit thingy is. It would probably make me cry, and not in a good way.

    I lust after the lime green Liv though.

  9. I’m thinking this is not the toy for me, since my clit is a FREAKING WUSS. Mona it is then!

    I’ve repurposed my Lelo cardboard boxes as makeup boxes, so I’m not pleased to hear that they’re less sturdy now. Saaaaad face.

  10. Great review! I have the green Ina too. I’m joining the bandwagon of liking STRONG clit pressure. In fact I push Ina’s clitoral nub down harder. However, I too can’t feel the internal part. Even when its set so that only the internal part vibrates I still can barely feel it. So its really a very expensive bullet for me.

    Sundae, I’m with you in having a very-close-to-the-outside G-spot.

  11. While I am definitely one of those ladies who loves intense pressure, the use of the word “clamp” almost kills it for me. D:

  12. I like strong clit pressure, but I’m not sure this is wide enough. I can’t do pin point, which is weird to me. I need pressure but I’m still very sensitive. I think my sister is going to buy one this month so I’ll just try hers. =p

  13. Hey there, I was about to purchase the Jimmy Jane Form 2 but reading your blog about it’s glich I have obviously changed my mind. I wanted to know what is the “best” vibrator out there for someone who unfortunately has NEVER orgasmed, even when trying to use toys…This INA toy sounds great despite the “clit clamp”, maybe that’s what I need? I’m looking for something with strong vibrations for my clit especially! Any recommendations? Thanks!

  14. @Birdy: If you want something strong, I would recommend trying the Wahl. It’s bulky and awkward at first, but it’s very strong. You can use the gumdrop-shaped attachment for pinpoint clit stimulation. One huge plus about the Wahl is that it’s SUPER cheap.

    Another option that I haven’t tried but is supposed to be really powerful is the Digital Navigator egg. It takes 6 AAs, which is about 4 more than most eggs!

  15. I actually don’t find the clit pressure to be that strong. I think this might just be an anatomy difference. Also, it’s possible to turn Ina a bit so that the clit nub is resting beside your clit, instead of directly on it. I haven’t been using many toys lately, but when I tried Ina again recently, I went from barely warmed up to orgasm In less than 60 seconds. It was FAST. For me, this is not a toy for a long luxurious session.

  16. There’s always the Lelo Mona if you didn’t like the freaky arm on the Ina. I admit, that scared me too when I was looking around Lelo’s site. I was like, “… There is DEFINITELY not enough room between the arm and the shaft, holy god.” I read a review at Toy With Me that said it’s slightly flexible, though? IDK, it still frightens me. I am really considering the Mona since it looks like the same general shape as the Ina but without the arm. Ever thought of reviewing that? I really enjoy your reviews and I trust your judgment.

  17. I’m lucky enough to be one of those people for whom the Ina works fabulously. I feel almost guilty about how much pleasure mine brings me! If Ina works with your body type, she delivers intense pleasure. It sounds like if she doesn’t, however, then she is also capable of delivering some intense pain (yikes! a rabid dog on one’s clit . . . not a pleasant image!).

  18. Something about the words “clamp” and “clit” near each other really turns me off. I know some people like that kind of thing, but it’s just not for me.
    Which is really too bad because I HATE rabbit vibes with animal shapes clit simulators so I was hoping this would be better.

  19. Hm, I’d try it, but I can’t really see how it’d be compatible with my anatomy. I wouldn’t mind pressure, but jabbing/digging into, not so much.

  20. With all the talk of intense pressure am I the only that thinks that if you where to make this in red it would look like a crab claw, which would describe Epiphora’s experience pretty well. Also I thought of the robot claps form futurama “I’m going to clamp them with these clamps”.

  21. IMO, it gets better! When I first tried this toy, it was clumsy at best — I was awkwardly using a second hand to pull the clit arm away from my body, bending the toy at angles, and experimenting with different levels of penetration to no avail. However, I stuck with it (no returns, and I was stubborn about not allowing my investment to be a waste), and I found that the clit arm got much more flexible; what used to be a death grip on my lady bits has turned into pleasurable pressure. Perhaps not for everyone, but if you’re willing to tough it out it can be pretty rewarding :).

  22. Has anyone tried turning the toy around and using the clit stimulator in their ass? I’m considering this toy, but would like a review used both ways. I love anal and think this may be amazing as an anal toy.

  23. Challenge accepted, my friend. I did it. And it… almost kind-of worked. The clit stimulator reached into my ass. However, the downward curve of the shaft (which is completely stiff, no give at all) was awkward, especially for insertion, and of course the buttons were then on the underside of the handle where I couldn’t see them.

    If double penetration is what you’re after, I’d be more inclined to recommend the Tantus Flex. You’ll get way more anal penetration from that, a better shape for vaginal penetration, and it won’t be awkward to hold.

  24. Do you have any plans to compare the Ina to the Ina-2 in the near future? I’m curious if the new version is more universally friendly.

  25. I’ll consider it, but I just really don’t like rabbits. I’ve also heard from a friend that the only way to prevent the clit arm from overshooting is to refrain from fully inserting the shaft — which would drive me nuts.

    EDIT: My friend loaned me her Ina 2. I updated this review with some of my thoughts on it.

  26. Thanks! I’m intrigued by rabbit vibes, but I think I’ve decided to just go with the Mona, since it’s a lot of money and I’m more likely to be happy with that one.

  27. Personally, the 2 is my all-time FAVE! It’s shaped just right for my body, I guess. Most other rabbits, especially G-Spot vibes, are just too narrow or pokey. For example, the Soraya is scary with how long, narrow, and pokey it is yet it’s like $40 more? This has some girth to it, and the arm pressure is something I actually like, and I’m not big on thrusting, more a twisting, gyrating, undulating…ahem…motion with G-Spot toys. A guy friend also REALLY likes this for anal stimulation, with the arm clamping on the perineum, like all-around prostate massage.

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