Review: Soraya

The world of luxury1 rabbit vibes is not an expansive one. Fun Factory has some with varying degrees of success; Cal Exotics is trying really hard with a bazillion styles in their Jopen line; once in a while some moron will release one with dubious “technology” in it. But generally, when someone wants a luxury toy, they think of LELO.

The LELO Soraya is sort-of like a mash-up between the LELO Ina and the LELO Isla, two vibrators which caused me immense pain and immense indifference, respectively. I am pleased to report that the Soraya does not cause me any pain, but… I do feel pretty indifferent toward it. Like, I’m mildly pleased with it, but that’s as far as I’ll go.

The Soraya is operated by three buttons on its (unnecessarily looped) handle: one for increasing strength, one for decreasing, and one for changing the vibration function. There are eight functions total; LELO can’t be arsed to describe any of them in their manual, so here are my boring-ass descriptions.

  • Steady vibrations in both the shaft and clit stimulator
  • Steady vibrations only in the shaft
  • Steady vibrations only in the clit stimulator
  • Pulse between the shaft and clit stimulator, back and forth
  • In sync pulse in both shaft and clit stimulator
  • Wave/pulse between the shaft and clit stimulator
  • Indescribable sort of constant vibration, but with something else pulsing around too
  • Steady vibration along with erratic pulses

The last two are the coolest. I enjoy the indescribable one. The erratic pulse one doesn’t provide enough clit stimulation for me. Patterns are fun, but I mostly use my Soraya on the first setting. The vibrations reach a decently strong level that gets me off just fine.

There’s a catch to the Soraya. To utilize the clit stimulator, I have to be turned on enough for my vag to suck up the entire length of the rigid shaft (5″). The shaft has to be fully inserted and angled just right before the clit arm will reach. This is not always something that happens easily.

Once the clit stimulator nestles against my clit, it does not apply much pressure. If you want pressure on your clit (A LOT OF IT), get the Ina, which clamps down on one’s clit like a newly-minted clothespin. Sometimes, though, I prefer the certainty and brute strength of the Ina’s clitoral arm over the Soraya’s, which is wimpy and weak by comparison (both in terms of pressure and in terms of vibration power).

Besides, simply not causing me discomfort does not make the Soraya awesome. You see, I am quite irritated by the shape of the Soraya’s shaft. It’s so boring and so stiff. It’s long. It does not come anywhere near my G-spot. It feels like a chunk of plastic. And often, the silicone starts dragging and requires more lube.

This is a far, far cry from the squishy shafts with rotating beads that make rabbits the laughter-inducers at sex toy parties. And it’s a far cry from what I’d prefer to have in my vag.

Obviously, Soraya is a high-quality, rechargeable toy, which puts it ahead of creepy jelly rabbits. But I gotta say, maybe the creepy jelly rabbits are onto something with their soft shafts and rotating beads. At least they provide some sort of interesting internal stimulation.

Often after using the Soraya, I yearn for a second orgasm (usually with my Pure Wand and Wahl) because my G-spot feels deprived. That’s a sad state of affairs.2

Also, the Soraya is a complete bitch to clean. There is a tiny gap between the silver plastic and the silicone; this gap collects vag gunk that even a toothbrush cannot expunge (I had to resort to using my thumbnail). If you have grand plans of sharing this toy, I would advise against it.

The Soraya comes with the usual: a double-lined satin storage bag, an excessively long box, a one year warranty, and 10-year quality guarantee. Oh and how could I forget — a pin. You know, for your lapel? No, I don’t get it either.

As a rabbit, the Soraya does its duty. It requires but one hand to use, and the clit stimulator reaches my clit once I’m aroused. The vibrations are strong enough to bring me to orgasm, although they’re not particularly deep or resonant like Ina’s. The toy is made of hygienic materials and is rechargeable.

But… this is a rabbit that is priced at $219 on most sites. That is just outrageous, especially considering that the Ina is much more powerful and costs less. I guess Soraya could work for you if money is no object and you’re not picky about your insertables. Me? I’ll take a nice dildo and a fantastic clit toy instead. I don’t mind using two hands.

Get the LELO Soraya at SheVibe, LELO, EnbyGood Vibes, Peepshow Toys, Come as You Are (Canada), Lovehoney (international), or Passionfruit (AU/NZ).

  1. silicone, rechargeable
  2. Well, besides the second orgasm, which is usually pretty great.