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My love, the Pure Wand (+ a few tips!)

Your G-spot will never be the same. You don’t even know. This dildo will alter your perception of sexual pleasure forever.

njoy Pure Wand stainless steel G-spot dildo on a painting of the ocean waves.

You have come here wondering if the njoy Pure Wand is deserving of its legendary status. If this parenthesis-shaped pound and a half of medical-grade stainless steel can indeed change your — and your G-spot’s — life.

The answer is yes. Holy fuck, yes. Your G-spot will never be the same. You don’t even know. You can’t comprehend. Buckets of ejaculate. A parade of buckets, if that is your aim. And lots and lots of moaning.

This dildo will alter your perception of sexual pleasure forever.

Measly words can’t adequately describe what the Pure Wand feels like. This is the most intense, overwhelming sex toy I’ve ever used. It is heavy, concentrated, and unrelenting. It steals my breath. It messes with my sanity. It says, HELLO G-SPOT OH HI THERE OH HEY, and it does not stop until I run out of energy and collapse. It gives me goosebumps. It makes me cry. And it leaves me with a puddle of ejaculate underneath me, which then runs down my legs when I stand up.

Straight up: this toy is a G-spot god (and I’ve heard it also rules at prostate stimulation). I can squirt over and over with it, which is a feat that is not possible with almost any other toy. It was the first toy to help me achieve a dual orgasm — clitoral and G-spot at the same time — and is still the best toy for the job, as it is by far the easiest toy to squirt with (runners up: Comet G WandSeduction).

This is the most intense, overwhelming sex toy I’ve ever used. It says, HELLO G-SPOT OH HI THERE OH HEY, and it does not stop until I run out of energy and collapse. And it leaves me with a puddle of ejaculate underneath me, which then runs down my legs when I stand up.

With other G-spot toys, I squirt once and call it a night. Not so with the Pure Wand. The Pure Wand has the unique ability to infuse the sensation of a G-spot orgasm with an insatiable lust for more G-spot orgasms. So you can see how, one memorable night, I was drunk and I used the Pure Wand for over an hour in a daze, just thrusting and squirting and thrusting and squirting. And it was glorious.

njoy Pure Wand stainless steel G-spot dildo on the ground, with golden shag carpet growing through the grass.

I always feel a sense of great accomplishment when a squirtfest with the Pure Wand is over. My arm aches. My fingers are stiff. My legs are asleep. The Throe is drenched. I am exhausted but very satisfied. And usually hungry.

Which brings me to this: a list of Pure Wand tips, which will further demonstrate the life-changing nature of the Pure Wand, and possibly help out Pure Wand n00bs.

Pure Wand tips

For best possible times with the Pure Wand, please observe the following:

  • Hydration/nutrition. Do not use the Pure Wand on an empty stomach, or without some serious H20 nearby. The toy will nudge your G-spot crazily, badgering you to speed up, and you will pant and push on until you squirt all over yourself. You will not regret it, but you will want to go order a huge pizza afterward.
  • Strength. Make sure you are in tip-top shape to be thrusting a very heavy chunk of stainless steel. As in, don’t play Wii Boxing beforehand.
  • Absorption. Put a Throe, or at least three towels, underneath you before you begin. Even if you have never squirted before. Trust me.
  • Sound level. Ensure that you are in a place where you can yell, scream, and gasp for air. Prepare yourself and your fellow comrades for involuntary, inhuman moans that may or may not sound quite tortured.
  • Back-up friend. Consider having a person in the next room whom you can call when you are desperate for someone else to fuck you with the Pure Wand the way you suddenly, undeniably need to be fucked.

In summation, you should prepare for your life to be changed, and for your body to react accordingly. I know this sounds like hyperbole, but if my house burned down, I’d search the rubble for my Pure Wand, then buy a new one immediately if I couldn’t recover it. It is absolutely integral to my sex life.

Go. Buy one. This very instant.

njoy Pure Wand stainless steel G-spot dildo on the ground, with golden shag carpet growing through the grass.

SheVibe has the Pure Wand for just $110. It can also be found at njoy, Spectrum BoutiqueEarly to Bed, GoodVibes, Smitten Kitten, Come As You Are (Canada), Lovehoney (international), and everywhere.

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  1. Want! My mouth waters when I see pics of the pure wand. Yeah, I don’t understand why either.

  2. The Pure Wand is EPIC. I have no other words to describe it. An as for the gal who gave me mine, I worship the water she walks on. I <3 my Pure Wand.

  3. Great review Epiphora! Toys like that make me wish I was a lady for a day, just so I could experience the ecstasy that this toy obviously delivers. I will have to make sure I order an extra one for my wife on my next shipment this week. I guess I should probably buy a few extra towels as well 🙂 It definitely explains why they move so fast. Thanks Epiphora!

  4. I keep wanting to buy one of these, and then I remember that lots of gspot stimulation actually tends to tip over in to painful for me.

    Granted, said stimulation is usually by Jay wielding fingers or a toy, and bless his heart he’s very enthusiastic.

    Maybe I’ll buy one and not let him use it.

  5. Um, so you are pretty much the cruelest person ever. I have been able to look past this after every other glowing review of it. Yours however is somehow mystically different because now I feel like I need this in me now. You are a cruel cruel lady.

  6. Thanks for the tips! 😉 I just got one and I’ve been waiting for hours upon hours of free time to play with it. That way I can see what this beauty is all about. [Hopefully soon.]

  7. I’m broke so I’m stealing yours. This is me, knocking on your door.

    except i don’t know where you live and I don’t steal

    Damn me for following the law


  8. My hubby and I just ordered some Njoy (Pure wand and medium plug). I insisted on the Pure wand on this post alone. Love your site!

  9. Strange! I thought I’d commented on this post before but I guess not.

    I too was once scared of the pure wand’s price. Even though I read gushing (pun intended…?) reviews of it everywhere, I was still scared. I looked for it on eBay and found some fake $50 version of it (ugh). Eventually I found it for $69 online, from a legit store owned by a legit person with legitimately free shipping. So it’s possible to find it with a light price tag. Now you fellow blog readers have no excuse not to get one.

    I have nothing else to add – my experience with the toy has been just as amazing as everyone else says. So people people! Go out and get one! Now!

  10. This sounds awesome! I was always looking for a great G-Spot toy but most of them didn’t impress me that much. I’ll give it a try!

  11. Your tips, while helpful, crack me up!!! Another one that’s on my wishlist…. I really want any steel toy though, just to try out that texture. I’m going to search your list of reviews now to see if you’ve tried the Njoy 11.

  12. You know I have a pure wand but I haven’t tried using it for p-spot stimulation yet, for some reason the thing kinda of scares me. Re-reading your review makes me what to try unfortunately my GI tract is not a cooperative mood today I know TMI.

  13. As the VERY proud winner of the Pure Wand from Epiphora herself I have to say… All of this is true. Every.blessed.word. You will lose hours of time. You will black out in a haze of glorious, gushing orgasms. You will suddenly find yourself exhausted, starving, dazed, and extremely confused as to how the HELL it is 3am and you were just gonna jack off “real quick” before bed. You will squirt more then you thought possible. You will significantly strengthen your arm. And you WILL FALL IN LOVE!!!! Seriously. This is no joke. HOLY SHIT!!! Now if you will excuse me, my Pure Wand awaits…….

  14. Darn, this thing is like a cult classic. It’s like, everyone’s favorite dildo! It looks so normal but I think I should eventually invest in one too… Eventually… I’ve only started with my first sex toy about four months ago. Hahaha!

  15. For the guys out there: this thing fucking RULES at prostate stimulation. You will be amazed. And possibly unable to move for a while.

  16. So I’ve owned a Pure Wand for a few years, but never really liked it much because g-spot stimulation is more painful than pleasurable for me. Today though, I took it out and decided to try the smaller end in my ass. It was so completely amazing!!! Normally, I have a hard time orgasming just once without a super strong vibrator, but I was able to come twice with just this and my fingers. I am so glad that I finally found a way to use this. Thanks for bringing it up from time to time and reminding me to use it.

  17. i want one SO FUCKING BAD…i will save up. i have NEVER squirted before and my partner is really wanting to try, and so do i. it sounds like heaven to come so hard you squirt…jesus man. i am so jealous right now. you make me want all the sex toys

  18. Your love of this toy is so tempting…I would like to know from more men which they prefer, this or the Fun wand. Epiphora, if you could only put these toys in your bum which would you prefer?

  19. I’m a guy and using the Pure Wand in my butt is fantastic. I imagine the fun Wand is pretty similar but with more of the feeling of beads or anything else with a varying size. Think about whether you’d rather have one bulb (remember the Pure Wand has two sizes) rubbing against your prostate, or the choice of one, or an end with a variety of sizes (which seems to me as if it would be more for your sphincter than internally?)

  20. Thanks, Jake. I’m looking at the Fun Wand and I’m not crazy about the angle of the beads end. Plus, aren’t the pleasures of beads pulling them out when you orgasm? But I couldn’t leave that in comfortably for a long period of time. The praise for the Pure Wand is just too overwhelming, and if I’m going to go for an expensive metal toy I want the best.

  21. I’ve used my Fun Wand on my guy with both ends and, honestly, he said it didn’t add any kind of stimulation, but he prefers the smooth end. He’s not a texture kind of guy. He also prefers the Fun Wand because it’s a bit smaller girth wise and it isn’t as overwhelming. Every time we’ve used it, he’s had an incredible orgasm, regardless of which end. It just honestly depends on if you like a lot of texture or if you’re more of a smooth character. The bulbed ends, though, remind me more of the plugs and would seem to be more fit to be used as an anal trainer than an end you insert for masturbation, but that’s just me.

  22. I have to say that I truly love my njoy Pure Wand, too, but it has never made me squirt. That’s exactly why I bought it – so I could learn how to squirt because I think it would be an amazing experience – and it has just never happened. I love the weight of it, and it feels amazing inside me, and I love the temperature – cold when it first goes in and warming more and even more with my body temperature. But I never freaking squirt! I feel like I’m pretty knowledgeable about my own body, and I would insist that I definitely know where my G-spot is and can touch it with my fingers, and I swear I’ve watched every squirting technique video and have read every piece of literature on female ejaculation (they all say pretty much the same thing), but even the njoy Pure Wand, which is certainly glorious and which I thought was supposed to be the best G-spot stimulator out there, does not make it happen. That’s the only complaint I have. Seriously – what am I doing wrong?

  23. A few things I would suggest, if you aren’t doing them already: use a clitoral vibe along with the Pure Wand. Put a towel under you so you don’t have any lingering worries about making a mess. Use a warm-up toy on your G-spot before using the Pure Wand, then when you get the Pure Wand out, thrust like a mofo. You have to thrust like a mofo to squirt. If you feel the sensation of needing to pee, KEEP GOING! If you feel a release on the horizon, push out with your PC muscles. Good luck, my friend!

  24. Ok, ok, so I have read all the breathless reviews and lusted for this toy for a long time.
    Beloved and I have been trying to induce g-spot arousal in me for a while now, without success, but I decided to share these incandescent reviews with him and he spontaneously ordered it for me last week. Woohoo! Damn the torpedoes (and money!)
    It arrived and I was frankly intimidated by its reputation and my own experiences so I put off going to bed for HOURS – and when I finally did try it, well, I’m wondering if I have something broken in me. 🙁
    I just can’t find the magic.
    I can find a place that makes me vaguely feel the urge to urinate, but it’s only a nudge and I didn’t try to push it away, I “went towards the light” but got bupkus.
    Just didn’t feel anything in particular. I’m not the greatest fan of penetration, but I do enjoy it, particularly coupled with clitoral stim – great orgasms even, better than clit alone. And that’s really what I ended up with: finally decided the Pure Wand-only stim was ho-hum, add clit, and BINGO, had lovely, lovely Os, but nothing different really. *No squirts at all*, no Roman candles…

    Do some g-spots have to be lured out of hiding over many attempts?
    Everyone I read about just seems to “discover” them, the skies open, and second Flood is manifest!

    What the hell am I doing wrong?
    Epi, do I have to come by your house and have you show me??

  25. I do think you need to give it more time! For some, yes, it is one sudden explosive experience. But your G-spot might need to be lured. If you’re feeling the need-to-pee sensation, you have begun to find it.

    Also, I just want to point out that G-spot stimulation is greatly enhanced by clitoral stimulation, and that is how most people do it. Don’t expect the Pure Wand to be OMFGAMAZING without some clit stim in the mix.

  26. So when I first got this toy, I was not all impressed. It was too heavy for me and took the use of both of my hands to jill off with it. It progressively got better but still, meh. Skip to tonight. I have built up strength in my arms and can now stimulate my clit and use it. I was still horny after a round of sex, so I used it. I ended up squirting for the first time. It took a lot of adjustment to the weight and I’d never recommend it as a first toy, but I am so glad I chose to buy this toy all those months ago and your review helped me make that decision. It was worth it, even if I didn’t think so initially. Thank you.

  27. Thank you so much for this blog, coming from someone who has made her way into adulthood shamed for having sexual urges and therefore totally clueless about her own body this blog is a godsend (and very well-written)!

  28. I love all of your reviews! This one sounds great! I’m really hoping to win it as part of your fifth anniversary promo. Thanks.

  29. I’m in the same boat, love penetration + vibe, but my G-spot never did anything for me.

    Got the PW, I stimulated the hell out of my clit, went straight for the swollen tissue and… nothing. A sore pubic bone, yeah, but no magic. Eventually I just grabbed my Randy and vibe and left the Pure Wand be. Except this has been a few attempts now and I’m kind of giving up.

    I knew I had a difficult G-spot when I started, but if even the fucking Pure Wand can’t do it, I suppose I just don’t have a very effectual G-spot? Something? And I got it super cheap anyway, so I will just give it to a buddy of mine and it will be a kickass gift for someone else.

    That’s the risk of trying out tons of different toys and if I was going to regret this one, I would have to regret all of my experimenting around and then I wouldn’t have found 90% of the awesome stuff I own and tried. So don’t feel bad Piph, I know you do when the PW flops for someone but no bad feelings here.

  30. Thank you for your blog! I was doing a search online for stores in my area where I can get a vibrator when I somehow happened upon your site. I never knew there was so much more to sex toys than whatever cheap thing I can find at the mall. I just got the Pure Wand today but unfortunately I didn’t have the experience I was looking forward to. After reading your replies to other people who’ve had the same disappointment, I’ll keep trying. I also have a vibrator, and proper lube on the way that you recommended. Thanks again!

  31. Holy clitsauce, Batman! Just received our Pure Wand in the mail and we practically ran upstairs to try it out. I nearly fell off the bed after the first orgasm and the Hubster had to smother my moans during the second, for fear of traumatizing our adult son. Thank you, Epiphora! Thank you! Thank you!

  32. Holy clitsauce, Batman! Just received our Pure Wand in the mail and we practically ran upstairs to try it out. I nearly fell off the bed after the first orgasm and the Hubster had to smother my moans during the second, for fear of traumatizing our adult son. Thank you, Epiphora! Thank you!

  33. Mmmh I’ve never heard about this toy until your post, but you’ve definitely convinced me that I need it in my life.

  34. I am very, very curious about this…. I’ve never squirted but really want to, it seems like it would be satisfying to for both me and him… I actually want to surprise him with it. He seemed very pleased when I get so wet I drip, so… the more the better. Lol

  35. If you can’t squirt from g-spot stimulation, try adding a really rumbly clitoral vibe to the mix – I’m talking Eroscillator or Wahl-level rumbly. That’s what does it for me.

  36. Just did the very first, ever, for real deed with my Pure Wand! So very pleased! Iv had it laying around for about 8 months now and since listening to some dorky cool podcast i learned, “oh!!! **pressure** thats gotta be the missing peice of the formula self pleasure” And it was!! It totally made me cry too!

  37. I’ve been dreaming of this toy since I found the site, because I’ve never been able to properly stimulate my gspot with any of my other toys. It’s expensive, and so I had to wait a long while… but then Epiphora announced the Come As You Are sale for Boxing Day and I was sold! Canadian exchange rates + sale+ free vibrator= love.

    I’m so glad I got this toy. It is SEXY. Super easy to clean, so smooth I can usually take it without lube when turned on (or when adding lube, a little goes a long way!). The bigger end is actually my favorite. Once it sinks inside, it seems to hone in on my gspot like a beacon. It’s fantastic, and can be used in any number of positions. My orgasms with this thing are intense. I wish I’d gotten it before all of my other toys! I would have saved so much money.

  38. I wanted to make sure that the pure wand is really made of 316 stainless steel so I would really appreciate a response for my question.
    Does a magnet ( fridge magnet for example) get attracted to the pure wand?
    If yes then sadly it isn’t pure.

  39. … I hate to be the voice of dissent, but… if I could go back in time and tell my younger self not to bother buying a Pure Wand, I would. I got it a few years ago, and for a long time the firmness and weight were such that I couldn’t use it without hurting myself. More recently I’ve been able to manage to avoid pain, but it’s… underwhelming.

    Between the shape and the weight, I can’t use it with the same level of dexterity I prefer. I can’t thrust with it unless I’m going SUPER slow – my pubic bone hates it otherwise. Rocking it is okay, but again I need to be careful not to go too far in either direction, lest I induce discomfort. And while it IS a good G-spot toy, I have others that do a much better job. It also ONLY hits the G-spot, and there’s other sensitive areas inside me that need stimulation in order for a toy to qualify as superb in my book (which the aforementioned other toys are able to do).

    I do still keep it around, though. It’s okay to play with from time to time, it’s classy as hell, and if I ever find an SO who happens to like it more than I do, I’ll be able to treat them to it. XD

  40. I have always been curious about the njoy pure wand. I have seen a few women use it and it always looks very intense. It was lovely reading a review to see how amazing it was. I have a very sensitive g-spot and can squirt with other toys. From the sound of it, this sounds unlike anything I have ever experience. This toy is definitely on my list to add to my collection.

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