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[The Comet G Wand has been replaced by the vibrating
Comet II (review here). All links in this review now go to Comet II.]

HELLO MY SWEETIt’s only February, and the Jopen Key Comet G Wand has a very good chance of being the best sex toy I try all year.

I am, I must say, flabbergasted. I mean, this is Jopen we’re talking about. Jopen, creators of the what-the-fuck that is the Intensity. Jopen, whose parent company is California Exotic. Jopen, who must think they are naming perfumes rather than vibrator lines (KeyVanity). They’re not always the sharpest tool in the shed… but this is a motherfucking home run.

The Comet G Wand is a beautiful conglomeration. It’s a glass dildo “dipped in body safe silicone,” conjuring delicious images of chocolate-covered cones and strawberries. The glass handle has a stainless alloy “KEY” emblem embedded in it, reminding me (somewhat nonsensically) of certain My Little Ponies. Weirdly, the pink and purple versions of this toy have tinted handles, while the blue one has a clear handle. Thank god, because the tinted ones look gaudy.

Also ROBIN EGG BLUE. It is vibrant and delightful.

The Comet G Wand comes in a cardboard box which entices you to “lay back and enjoy the ride” while simultaneously specifying the toy as “for external use only”1. It does open up like a real box, with a foam cut-out nest for the toy, so I suppose you could use it for storage, but it’s no LELO box.

It comes with a black drawstring bag with a helpful “KEY” tag on it (distinguishing it from the 5,000 other black storage bags I’ve amassed), but it’s thin, papery, and reminds me of a garbage bag. Which would be hilarious if this toy were garbage, but instead it’s just sad. A toy of this caliber deserves at least a little padding.

The Comet G Wand does have a very very light seam on the silicone part, which I didn’t even notice until I read about it in a review and subsequently scrutinized mine. Others make a hullabaloo about the crevice where the silicone meets the glass, but I’ve dealt with much, much worse. I can handle a quick 360-degree toothbrush scrub.

Besides, the glass and silicone combination is pretty genius. The glass gives the toy some weight and sturdiness, while the matte silicone provides ample friction. I’m usually crotchety about insertable matte silicone and prefer my silicone glossy, but in this case, for once in the history of the world, it is perfect. Let me explain.

My G-spot really responds to this toy. My G-spot responds to a lot of toys, it’s true, but the sensation from this one is different and more intense. Why? Because the shape is flawless and the silicone drags a bit inside me. The friction from the silicone creates a sort of pulling sensation against my G-spot, mimicking the oft-recommended “come hither” motion. It definitely requires a lot of lube, but I don’t care. The feeling is unique and heavenly. I can’t get enough of it.

This is, perhaps, why this toy has worked like a charm even for people with notoriously picky G-spots. This is why Girly Juice wrote, “if you like G-spot stimulation, you will freak the fuck out over this toy.” She’s right. You will.

This is the first toy that has ever made me even consider writing the phrase b_____ t___ t__ P___ W___2. And you know I would not just toss around such blasphemy. Repeat, repeat: this does not render anything I said about the Pure Wand null or void. This is simply a toy that comes very, very, disturbingly close to usurping one of the greatest G-spot dildos of all time. No big whoop.

The Pure Wand, of course, is double-ended, and has weight and gravity on its side. The Comet G Wand, clocking in at 9.2 ounces, is nearly a pound lighter (and therefore easier on the joints). The Pure Wand is easier to control, while the Comet G Wand’s glass handle requires me to push it downward as I use it. But I don’t have issues holding it, except when I get too adamant about keeping my hoodie on while I masturbate and my hand gets all sweaty.

The Pure Wand has inherent slipperiness — the stainless steel glides effortlessly in the body. The Comet G Wand does not. The best way I can describe the sensation difference is like this: the Pure Wand pushes up against my G-spot, whereas the Comet G Wand grabs at it. Both are fucking awesome.

I have no hesitation saying that Jopen Key Comet G Wand is one of the best straight-up G-spot dildos I’ve used, forming a materially-diverse trifecta with the stainless steel Pure Wand and wooden NobEssence Seduction. As such, it is a worthy addition to the collection of any G-spot searcher or aficionado. I’m gonna have a hard time not flailing about this toy whenever some one utters the word “G-spot.” Prepare to be annoyed.

The Comet G Wand has been replaced by the vibrating Comet II
(review here), which is just as good. I implore you, BUY ONE.

  1. The usual covering-our-asses language that many larger manufacturers put on their packaging. []
  2. Translation: “better than the Pure Wand” []
  • How would you say it compares with the Ophoria Beyond 3? I only ask because that hasn’t delivered as much on the G-spot joy as I thought it would, but I do still think I’d like something with a tad more friction than the Pure Wand offers . . .

  • Good job to them on naming it something other than a fucking number, too. Ugh. The numbers. I’m really curious how this performs as a prostate toy. Why aren’t there more male reviewers?!

  • First I’d like to point out to anyone reading this that I’m no longer mentioning the Beyond 3 in my posts since it is discontinued. It’s a rad dildo, but I’d rather point people toward stuff they can actually acquire.

    So: both dildos feel pretty intense to me. The Beyond 3 has that extra texture and the seam which give it less of a smooth feeling. It also catches on my pubic bone sometimes, because its bulb is more pronounced.

    The handle on the Beyond 3 is obviously more flexible, and the silicone is less draggy, making it easier to thrust with. I think I can still squirt more easily with the Beyond 3 because I can thrust more with it, but I prefer the Comet G Wand’s come-hither sensation. It just really does it for me.

  • Awesome! I’m stoked that you love it so much. Glad to know there’s another awesome option out there for g-spot lovers. Can’t wait to try one, myself.

  • Anonymous

    Real live silicone? Gleeful reviews?? Less than sixty bucks???

    I now possess one of these items. Thanks for doing what you do. 🙂

  • Holy SheVibe sale! Soon, it will be mine… [cue maniacal laughter]

  • VaNessa

    I’ve been reading all avout the wonder that is the Pure Wand, but I’m so new to toys that steel and glass are scary. This looks amazing! Thanks for the links to its other reviews; now I must have it!

  • I just got this today! I only played with it a little but it IS amazing. I did notice the seam when I was using it but it wasn’t bad at all. I love how sturdy it is.

  • I was wondering why I would need one of these when I have a Pure Wand. You successfully answered that question.

  • Oh, I’m so glad! I was worried I was veering off track too much with the Pure Wand comparisons.

  • Aziajs

    Damn it! It’s not on sale anymore. Guess the sale only ran through 2/21/13 cuz I checked yesterday and it was still on sale but it’s full price today.

  • Yeah, the sale had to be removed, sadly.

  • nuala macmoragh

    It’s good to try a variety of toys, if you can budget for it. Nothing feels quite like stainless, it’s hard, smooth, and if you could feel “tangy”–even a bit electric. The temperature qualities are unique. Glass has many similar qualities–and if you like the hard texture, you’ll probably like glass too. Like you, I was afraid in the beginning. They’re very safe–use them on yourself and only let trusted partners use them on you, with lots of communication.

  • nuala macmoragh

    ^^ What she said! Now, what color to pick!

  • VaNessa

    “Tangy” sounds good! I use that word to describe the feeling I get when my love nibbles my ear <3

    Thank you, that sounds like good advice. I had the same nervousness about silicone for my first dildos, but I've found that it suits me just fine (so far I've tried Lelo, Tantus normal and O2, and Fun Factory) since I'm after G-spot glory. I suppose I'll give metal and glass a try when the stars align; in other words, once my curiosity gets the best of me and I see a price I can't resist. *grins*

  • WizenedBitch

    It was still on sale this morning–i had it in my cart but had to go to work. Logged in again a few minutes ago to buy it, still said $55.99 in the cart, but when I went to change another item in my cart the price jumped up–WAY up. Fuckityfuckfuckfuck!

  • WizenedBitch

    Re: my previous comment, it wasn’t their fault, and SheVibe is still my favorite purveyor of fine ‘sex toys’ ‘n ‘at. They’re fantastic to their customers, and I owe you big time, Most Supreme & Excellent Epiphora, for introducing me to them and for writing this truly kickass blog: thank you. Can’t wait to do a side-by-side-by-side comparison with Comet, Ella, & Pure Wand!

  • SheVibe is fantastic. And yes, ooh, you must do a comparison!

  • Val

    I live in Germany and the comet costs more than twice of what it costs in the US here. It is SO unfair! All toys are much so more expensive here that I’m considering a vacation in the US from which I will return with a suitcase full of toys (this, a throe, a pure plug, a joque harness, awesome vixskin dildos and, and and…) – anything to declare? My, I’m getting carried away.

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  • fire

    The sale made it easier to cave and pick up. Whooooo I love SheVibe~

  • Kels

    Having already taken my cue from you to get both the Pure Wand and the Nobessence Seduction (I wasn’t going to but I found one from a shop that was sadly going out of business, and it was $80), I refused myself the Comet G… Even though I came back to this review wantonly several times!

    BUT, for anyone who lives in Canada, Pinkcherry.ca has the Comet G on sale for $53 right now and one is finally on it’s way to me! Thank you for enabling me with your amazing reviews, Piph!

  • FINE. Geez, I’ll buy it already. Stop pressuring me!


  • Shadowed Seductress

    I got this based on your review, and it’s amazing. Writing my review on it now.

    I have a hilarious image of you literally waving this in the air when someone mentions g-spot.

  • Sharn

    …Yeah, I need one of these.
    For someone who has never had very much to do with her G-spot *at all*, I’d much rather spend $75 on something that is still highly recommended, than $150+ on the Pure Wand.

    Well, for now. If I find out I like it….then my bank account is going to be severely depleted quite soon. C:

  • Whoa, not sure where you’ve seen the Pure Wand for sale, but it’s generally under $110. SheVibe has the Pure Wand for just $100. It can also be found at GoodVibes, Babeland, Early to Bed, and Lovehoney (international).

  • Andrea

    Your reviews have become my only go-to resource for sex toys! I feel like you made me an addict 🙂 It didn’t help that I’ve never been able to get a g-spot toy to work until I found this one on your blog!! My vag is so picky, but she loved this toy!! Thanks for all you do. <3

  • Anon

    Have you heard about the vibrator version of this? Saw it on SheVibe

  • Yup! I’m getting the Comet II soon from SheVibe and will be reviewing it.

  • Clicka

    Hey there! Just found your blog, and you’ve inspired me to go for new sexual horizons. So thanks for that! My question: I am new to g-spot play; I own a Lelo Gigi, and while I love what it does for me internally (vibe off), I can’t get to the g-spot finish line with it. I love your reviews for both this little number and the Pure Wand…you seem to love both so much! Which would you recommend for someone newer to g-spot play? Or something else? I don’t mind being a little spendy with it…this is important shit 😉

  • Sarah

    Hi! I have been trying to achieve the g-spot squirting orgasm and was wondering what toy you would suggest for that? I saw your review for the Orphoria #3 and was totally sold, but then saw that it’s discontinued 🙁
    So with what is available now what you would suggest for trying to achieve the ultimate big O?

  • I have a FAQ question about this that should answer your question:

    The Comet Wand is a pretty good option, it just has more drag than the Pure Wand or glossier silicones, so it’s a little harder to quickly thrust (which is what I find I need to squirt).

  • elaub

    Hey, Epiphora! I bought this toy on your recommendation, eager to do some G spot experimentation. I’ve had a few G spot orgasms from thrusting with my trusty old Tantus dildo, but with this one I’m not sure how to use it… do you recommend simple pressure against the G spot? Thrusting? Scooping? Rocking up and down? Side-to-side windshield wiper style?

  • However you want! There is no right way! I personally find that I don’t thrust in and out with it, because the shape is too severe. Of all of those, “scooping” sounds the closest to the motion that I do — I find that I don’t have to move it a ton to get intense stimulation.

  • Poppea

    Dear Epi,

    Thank you so much for making me buy this! Its the best toy I ever had and I’m so in love with it, I already ordered two backups. I managed to find them for 11€ each, which tells me they will be hard to find in a the foreseeable future, so I made sure I’ll never be without one again in this lifetime.

    Words can not express you my thankfulness and how much I love your blog!

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  • Julz

    Honestly, sometimes I just pull this out and look at it. It’s so pretty and it feels really nice in your hands. It was my first sex toy [I still only have 2…my second was a mistake. Should’ve gone for another Piph approved toy] and my god it was a good choice.

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  • bubba29

    Considering the length differences between the Pure Wand and Comet, I wonder if the shorter length of the Comet will make it more difficult to use at the same time as a clitoral stimulator. Any feedback on this? The Pure Wand is easily used with many different clitoris toys but I am considering the Comet Wand.

  • I don’t see why you’d have any more trouble than you would with the Pure Wand. Because the Comet Wand doesn’t curve toward the body, I would say it even may be marginally easier to use a clit toy with it.

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  • Lilith

    I just found out this version of the Comet G Wand has been discontinued! However, looks like it’s still on sale at Lover’s Lane for $25 for now, and to the best of my knowledge looks legit.

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