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Ask Piph

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How often do you masturbate? You have quite a collection of toys; do you end up using most of them?

Generally, every other day. Sometimes I go days and it’s just a mistake because I always come too fast and don’t get to adequately test the toys. I always say that I should do it more, and I should. Ideally, once or twice a day. HOWEVER, I’m now in the habit of having more than one orgasm per session. That is a good habit to have formed.

If I don’t love a toy, I don’t end up using it much at all. I’m usually busy with toys I haven’t reviewed yet, and for a treat, I’ll use toys that I really adore. Occasionally I’ll open my drawers and see if there’s something I haven’t used in a while that I might like to try again, which tends to simply verify what I already know but sometimes surprises me.

I am curious about the Tantus T-Rex. How does it compare to the Vixen Creations Randy? I know it is a bit longer, but is it as thick? Which is more fun to use?

Tantus T-Rex vs. Vixen Creations RandyEveryone always asks me this and oh god, I do not recommend the T-Rex. It is fucking massive, even for me. I have only tried it twice, each time with a grimace on my face. It takes a lot of work to even get it in my vagina… it actually feels like it’s going to tear my perineum it is so big. I do not enjoy it at all.

I also measured T-Rex and Randy and here’s what I discovered. T-Rex’s head is 2.39″ in diameter; Randy’s is 2.15″. T-Rex’s girth is 2.07-2.33″ diameter; Randy’s is 2.07″.

So T-Rex IS bigger, especially that damn head. The big difference is that the T-Rex is made of solid, very hard silicone, whereas my Randy is covered in softer VixSkin. Even the regular silicone Randy is softer than the T-Rex, though. And then, the head on the T-Rex is much more extreme (that lip! I shiver just looking at it!) and nearly insurmountable. To me it is no contest. The Randy is amazing and the T-Rex is terrifying.

Can you provide insight into some of these lube ingredients that read like the ingredients in my Sugar Free Rockstar? Aspartame? Taurine? Caffeine? Guarana? My Luna Beads came with a lube sample that contains three of those things. Clearly I’m fine putting these ingredients in my body, and LELO states the lube is safe with all their pleasure products, but what potential hazards are involved in using lube with aspartame? Or the others?

LELO lubeAs far as lubes go, LELO’s is fairly safe. You are right that it contains aspartame as well as guarana extract, but not taurine or caffeine (although you are making me thirsty for a Rockstar!). This review has a simple explanation of each ingredient, and EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database is a good place to look up puzzling ingredients.

Aspartame, for most people and as far as we know, is not hazardous. In fact, it’s the sweetener of choice for Sliquid, one of the most body-safe lube companies around. As with anything, the only known risk of any ingredient would be a potential allergic reaction.

The main lube ingredient you want to avoid is glycerin. And perhaps parabens. Here’s why.

I’m in a long distance relationship 6 months of the year and I’m always looking for ways to stay connected and have fun… I was wondering if you were aware of a toy that could be controlled from across the country?


The OhMiBod blueMotion, OhMiBod blueMotion Nex 2, and We-Vibe Sync are your best bet. Lesser mortals include the Je Joue remote controlled toysVibease, and Vibratissimo line from Evolved.

The only other wireless, app-controlled toys I know of are crowdfunded and/or at a weird “preorder” stage. Basically, they are fantasy toys that may or may not actually materialize.

I’m tired of bad porn. Like the stuff that’s 80% blowjob and 20% coming on a girl’s ass and her acting like it’s the best thing ever. So I’m at the point where I’m willing to pay a monthly fee to have good porn (and also know that the actors are being paid and treated like human beings). However I can only afford to pay for one site. Can you recommend a good porn site with a monthly fee of max $30?

Lust CinemaI do believe that Lust Cinema is the answer to your prayers. It includes Erika Lust’s visually stunning films, as well as movies from awesome feminist directors such as Jacky St. James, Maria Beatty, Tristan Taormino, and Jennifer Lyon Bell.

Another option is Burning Angel, which is run by a woman (Joanna Angel) and features “alt” performers, but is more formulaic. On the plus side, dreamboat Danny Wylde is a staple of Burning Angel scenes.

If your tastes err on the queer side, I would suggest either Courtney Trouble’s Indie Porn Revolution or Shine Louise Houston’s is the most diverse, with indie porn from all different filmmakers/studios, such as T-Wood, Trouble Films Bonus Hole Boys Heavenly SpireBlue Artichoke Films, Handbasket Productions, and of course Pink & White.

Here’s the porn section on my “buy toys” page if you want to check out other options. And if you ever want to know if a director has feminist principles, check this list.

Do you ever have a problem in relationships when the person you’re seeing gets intimidated by your toys?

No. I’ve been with my boyfriend for nearly 8 years, so I started reviewing a couple years into our relationship. He has never been weird about toys at all, and if he was, we’d have a problem. I have very little tolerance for people who not only feel threatened by toys, but don’t understand the benefit of them. Jealousy is ugly — even more so when you’re jealous of something that brings your partner pleasure. And uh, sex toys are objects; people are people. If you’re too dense to get that, I don’t want to know you.

Considering how huge a part of my life sex toys  are, I could never date anyone who was not extremely comfortable with my collection and my job. Also, if someone didn’t want me to use toys during sex, I’d chop them up into little pieces.

  • Huh, well I guess that explains the uncomfortable burning sensation I felt when I tried Lelo’s lube. :/

  • Destiny Cat

    aww man, randy looks delicious. i want it so badly.

  • Destiny Cat

    that happened to me too when i used the sample lube that came with my lelo luna balls

  • Well this sure is a problem. If we can figure out which ingredient is causing this, I’ll amend my answer.

  • Would it be the glycerin? I’ve never experienced burning from that, but maybe people with sensitive vaginas would?

  • LELO’s lube doesn’t contain glycerin.

  • Yeah, I got mixed up between glycerin and propylene glycol (which it does contain, and which is known to be an irritant for some people).

  • I know some people who are allergic to aloe, and then there’s the guarana and the ginseng, which aren’t things that a lot of us encounter on a regular basis and could be irritants/allergens that folk wouldn’t know about. I know I don’t do well with ginseng in teas and such. I avoid guarana like the plague because of it’s caffeine content, and I’m crazy sensitive to caffeine, so I can’t speak to it. The other thing it could be is if their pH balance is off…

  • nuala macmoragh

    I drew the line at the Maverick. And I consider myself a bit of a size queen. Then again, I never say never. I remember back when when Epiphora was saying that a particular toy of 1.5″ diameter was too thick, or something along those lines. Ppfft! My how things change!

  • Destiny Cat

    Hee hee. I’m not even up to 1’5 yet. but I love the idea that one day, I too will put large dongs inside me. a girl can dream

  • Adriana

    Sometimes I talk lovingly to my sex toys, though..

  • Oddkin

    I just tried my new O2 Mikey, expecting it to not be a big deal after using a 2-inch toy comfortably. But that one was really soft. Mikey on the other hand… not so much. I can’t begin to IMAGINE the anguish the T-rex must have caused you. From one vagina to the other, I tip my hat to you, Piph.

  • Hi! Know of any kegel toys made in the U.S.?

  • I bet stone eggs like this and this are. Otherwise, not sure.

  • Robin McClanahan

    Good to know about the guarana! I’m ridiculously sensitive to caffeine as well, so I’ll be avoiding that ingredient. Thanks!

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