Review: Boosty

This cheerful butt plug is smartly curved, with a base both comfortable and unobtrusive.

Fun Factory Boosty butt plug on a striped black and white fabric.

When I saw the Fun Factory Boosty for the first time, I murmured, “I need it in my soul.” 80% of that reaction was in response to the turquoise color option, but it’s not only that — this butt plug just has a cheerful, persuasive aura about it.

However, now that I’ve had it in my soul, and vis-à -vis in my butt, I am stumped on how to describe the sensation it creates. With those ripples, you’d think it would be a pronounced, observable feeling — but my butt registers it mostly as size. (I can’t feel the color. Damnit.)

The Boosty is the sequel to Fun Factory’s Bootie, which is my favorite silicone butt plug and part of my holy trinity of favorite plugs. It’s a tough act to follow. I love the simplicity and ease of the Bootie — the fact that I can pop it in my ass at a moment’s notice with nothing more than an adequate blob of lube. I love its manageable size and impeccable curve.

The Boosty is larger, so it requires more planning and warm-up… and perhaps I’m too lazy for that. I don’t like to have to prepare my body; I want to just shove stuff in it. And yeah, I know, that’s not how anal works — I’M JUST BEING HONEST ABOUT MY DESIRES, OKAY. Maybe I should accept this as one of my unfortunate personality quirks, like my incorrigible love for Matchbox Twenty’s debut album or my need to microwave my takeout food to achieve optimum temperature.

My ass is more aware of the Boosty’s 3.7″ insertable length than it is the bloopy shape of the tip. It feels nice, as long as I’ve properly worked up to it, but it doesn’t feel particularly memorable. Just curved, longish, and oh yeah — dry. Fun Factory’s silicone is my mortal enemy and I have to absolutely douse the Boosty in lube to reduce the friction.

You’d think, with a vagina as discerning as mine, that my nearby asshole would also detect nuance. Nope, not really. My assessment of a butt plug often distills to “pointy thing ow,” “too long/big thing,” “filling thing,” “curved JUST RIGHT HOLY SHIT thing,” “won’t stay in my ass for 5 seconds thing,” or “I feel like I’m about to poop.” As with other categories of sex toy, there are butt plugs I vehemently love and passionately hate, with a ton of stuff in the middle. It’s harder to articulate my thoughts on the in-between ones like Boosty.

In fact, I tested 12 butt plugs in one afternoon to see if the comparison would help me articulate how the Boosty feels, and words still escape me. I know the Boosty isn’t too long, because the Sidekick is (apparently 4″ is my limit). I know the Boosty doesn’t stretch me out like the Ryder does. The Boosty doesn’t have the weight of the Pure Plug or the sleekness of the Romp.

Boosty is just a solid, palpable, smartly curved butt plug. There’s nothing wrong with it — aside from the fact that its name reminds me of booster shots and booster seats and I would like to never be reminded of those things because I prefer to pretend children don’t exist. The color is fantastic (it also comes in black, if you hate joy), the narrow neck is perfectly secure when inserted, and the sliver of a base remains one of the most comfortable bases my butt cheeks have ever met.

While it doesn’t rank as high as my holy trinity butt plugs, the Fun Factory Boosty is a viable option for someone wishing to step up from a small plug without going too hogwild. At the same price as the Bootie ($35), the Boosty is also more plug for your buck. But if, like me, you prefer to go from zero to butt plug, the Bootie is better.