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Review: Touch

That pointed shape is totally my thang — but mostly, it’s the type of vibration that hooked me.

We-Vibe Touch hanging out in a tiny adorable casserole dish.
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Here’s a sentence only a sex toy freak would ever write: I’ve been waiting a long time for a company to make a rechargeable clit toy with a pointy tip. One of my first favorite clit vibes was a bullet with a pointy tip, but I abandoned it long ago in favor of deeper stimulation and rechargeability. I’ve grown accustomed to other shapes, but my clit still loves pinpoint stimulation.

The We-Vibe Touch doesn’t photograph well at all. It looks like a damn potato. It always appears wider, with no emphasis on its tapered tip. I almost overlooked it — especially since the classic We-Vibe is questionable — but I’m really glad I didn’t. The Touch is not perfect, but it is my new favorite rechargeable clit toy.

The Touch comes in a small, squarish box with a proud but not ostentatious image of the toy on the front. Sadly, all this sophistication is obliterated by the white satin storage bag, which feels cheap as fuck. It makes a crinkling sound, as though it’s lined with paper.

This is a pretty small toy: 4″ in length and 1.66″ in width at its fattest. It’s not trying to be the tiniest toy on the market, but it fits in the hand and won’t slither away. The silicone is hella glossy, has a somewhat sticky feeling, and attracts lint like crazy. The silicone is a much more appealing silky matte now. You will want to rub it on your face.

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, using the We-Vibe Touch is like coming home. That pointed shape is totally my thang. The scoop on the underside is awesome too, and I imagine people who like pressure on their clits would really love it. Mostly, though, it’s the Touch’s type of vibration that hooked me. These are not faraway vibrations that feel buried in the toy. These are surface level, and they are rumbly and strong.

I approve of this. A lot. And the We-Vibe Tango has the same rumbly goodness, just in a tiny tiny package. Color me surprised, We-Vibe! I did not expect this from you.

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, using the We-Vibe Touch is like coming home. That pointed shape is totally my thang. Mostly, though, it’s the Touch’s type of vibration that hooked me.

One button is all you get for controlling this puppy. The button is easy to press and makes a satisfying clicking sound. But dude, seriously, ONE BUTTON? The Touch has eight settings: four levels of steady vibration followed by four patterns. I tend to forget which level of steady vibration I’m on, then accidentally switch into the first pattern, exclaim, “motherfuck!” and cycle back through everything in distress.

The USB charging system is alright. It can be finicky, like all toys that charge magnetically. The golden charging light is kind of small, and the connection sort of fickle. The silver contacts on the toy are more pronounced now, which helps it connect more easily, but you still don’t want to let cats roam wherever you’re charging this.

My biggest problem with the Touch is its paltry battery life: it only lasts about 70 minutes on a charge. I prefer my Monas 2.5 hours, but I’m spoiled. At least the new version of the Touch has a low battery warning — the base will blink like a lighthouse beacon as early as 20 minutes before death.

The Touch also can’t be locked for travel, which sucks because this is exactly the kind of toy I would want to take on trips.

Even with its issues, though, the Touch has unseated the LELO Siri as my favorite rechargeable clit toy. Yes, the Siri’s battery life and multiple-button controls are far superior, but the Touch just feels better.

Obviously, if you want vibrations that knock your teeth out, you’ll want to grab the Mystic WandWahl, or Hitachi — but for a small rechargeable vibe, the Touch is more powerful and satisfying than everything else I’ve tried. This includes the MiMi, Form 4, original Siri, MiaAlia, Spring, and your mom.

And hey, the Touch is $100 — not insanely overpriced like some brands.

Now I gotta go mourn the fact that it only comes in icky purple.

Get the Touch at SheVibe, Spectrum Boutique, Early to BedWe-VibeSmitten Kitten, Good Vibes, Pleasure Chest, or Lovehoney (international).

Or the Tango can be found at SheVibe, Spectrum Boutique, Early to BedWe-VibeSmitten Kitten, Good VibesBabeland, Pleasure Chest, Come As You Are (Canada), or Lovehoney (international).

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  1. Wow. I love my Siri…but, boy, this does sound awesome. I kind of overlooked the Touch, Tango, and Salsa because the photos were so blah. I may end up adding this to my wishlist.

  2. I was actually waiting to see what you thought of this one! Glad to see the SplitDildo wasn’t the only thing we agreed on, ha! As for the vibrations of the other two, Salsa is very similar… but Tango, my lordy! On the highest speed it’s hand numbingly powerful.

  3. Well, your excellent review certainly persuaded me. I finally went out to buy the product I’ve been lusting after and I must say I’m NOT disappointed. You run an awesome blog Epiphora.

  4. Well if the comments here are any indication, it looks like [email protected] and I are two years late to the We-Vibe Touch Party. Trying to make us feel better the vibrator made lame excuses like “your invitation got lost in the mail” and “I really didn’t think that you would come even if I did invite you”. After we saw how much fun Epiphora said the party was we decided to crash it and are we ever glad we did. The Touch is a wonderful solo toy (as evidenced by it’s nearly permanent position on [email protected]’s night stand), but it is just as great as a couple’s toy. [email protected] uses it in some secret shaman-like way when giving me a blow job and it is, trust me on this, a superb enhancement. I use it in combination with my fingers when playing with her. We use it during intercourse (the size and shape make it a near perfect fit in between our bodies) and for us it works better than it’s cousin; the We-Vibe II. Just this week we discovered another killer way to use it: in conjunction with an Njoy Pure Wand. [email protected] is just figuring out how to connect her G-spot to her orgasms. We discovered this weekend that if I use the Touch to stimulate her clitoris while she uses the Pure Wand for her G-spot all sorts of fireworks are created. While it is, as Epiphora observes, shaped like the most colorful russet you ever saw: it is one incredibly effective and useful little potato.

  5. Would you say the vibrations of the We-Vibe Touch are the same or stronger than Mona 2? My husband was planning on getting me another vibrator for my upcoming birthday, and I’m trying to look into ones that are easier to use during sex (Mona 2 is great, but we’ve got to be at the right angle or I have to be on top in order to use it comfortably). The Touch looks like it might fit the bill, and [email protected]’s comment drives that point further. But if you have any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

  6. I lurked on your site for probably a year and finally acquired my first vibrator, this one. I knew clitoral stimulation was my main thing, so I looked through your reviews for a long time and finally decided on this one and my s/o got it for me as a christmas gift (the teal one is 50$ on amazon now, by the way!). Loving it, aside from the one button that makes it not so easy to change speeds. Have to fumble with it a little. But definitely worth it and your review was so true to the product. Thanks, Epiphora! 🙂

  7. The Touch is slightly stronger and rumblier at its highest setting, but not as adjustable. For me, that makes a huge difference during sex… I like to be able to slowly turn up the vibrations with the Mona 2. I really haven’t found a small rechargeable vibe that I love as much as I love my Mona.

  8. Any feedback as to whether they solved them randomly dying? I went through 2 and eventually just got a Mia instead, but it’s not the same 🙁

  9. Did you ever try the Leaf Fresh? I own the Leaf Life, (Leaf) Touch and the Fresh and even though the Leaf Touch sucks (it’s super buzzy!!), the Fresh beats the Life, because it can be placed perfectly between the labia and on the pubic bone. It’s not giving as pinpoint stimulation as the Life, that sucks during intercourse because you slip off easily, but it’s not as wide as the We Vibe Touch. Besides it starts on a much lower setting but can get almost as strong as the We Vibe Touch.

  10. the charger on my touch (yes, the new one) is such a pain in the ass. sometimes the light turns off, which i know is supposed to happen when it’s fully charged, but then when i adjust it a little in turns back on again. and this after being plugged in for a while! wtf is going on?

  11. I really love my 1st-gen Touch, even though it’s gotten a little glitchy and noisier(?) over the last year or two. Looking for a small vibe to keep at my bf’s house, which needs to be as awesome as the Touch, but ideally also quiet and not glitchy. I’m wondering if I should get the 2nd-gen Touch, or take a chance on the Siri 2… any advice, anyone?

  12. The Siri 2 is really good! It’s definitely stronger than the Touch. But if you like the pinpoint shape of the Touch, the Siri can’t really give you that. The Siri’s controls are also a bit difficult to press.

  13. I have also gone through two and currently contemplating whether it’s worth it to buy a third, or try branching out. I bought a Lelo to replace it years ago, and I feel disappointed if I have to settle for using it, because I like my Touch so much better. So I bought a second Touch. Now THAT one is dying. These are my favorite things to ever enter my life (besides pizza) but I’m not convinced it’s worth it to buy this thing over and over again. Both of mine stay charged for 5 minutes on a full charge once they get a few years of use. It’s so frustrating!

  14. I got my Touch at a Black Friday sale and I like almost everything about it except the blankety-blank control system, the lack of visible indicators for what level you’re on, and the magnetic charger.

  15. I love this thing. I don’t know if it’s the quality of the vibrations or the shape or what, but something about it works better for my particular clit than anything else I’ve tried yet. (Including the Eroscillator, which is fun but can be a little pummely sometimes if I’m not warmed up.)

  16. Same thing here. I purchased mine about a year ago and today after a full charge it suddenly won’t start anymore. I’ve been really happy with my Touch so I will probably get a new one, I just hope it will last a little longer.. one year is not exactly long, right? Though I have to be honest.. I did use it quite often >.<

    Epiphora, which vibrator is better in the clitoral stimulation department? Touch or Mona 2? The reason I am also considering the Mona 2 is because at least my hand won't be dealing with the vibrations (hate the feeling of my fingers becoming numb) and according to your Mona 2 review, the vibrations are strong (I assume stronger than the Touch). The best thing about the Touch is the accuracy, I love the pointy tip. So um.. yeah.. what to do? 😀

  17. Aghhh!

    I mean, I like both, but I prefer the Mona because of the handle and the variable intensity settings. In my opinion yes the Mona is stronger than the Touch by a tick or two. It’s not as pinpoint as the Touch, but it does have a shape that sits between labia nicely. I think it depends on how important that pointy tip is to you, or whether you might be willing to trade it for less numb fingers.

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