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Review: Rave

“Yes.” The word blossomed in my mind. “Holy shit, yes.”

We-Vibe Rave rechargeable app-compatible G-spot vibrator on a reflective table.
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It was 10:15 am, just a bit before I needed to leave for work, when the We-Vibe Rave arrived in the mail. I was already dressed — pants, shirt, shoes. My hair was wet from a shower. I’d already had one orgasm that morning, in bed with my fingers after a hot dream, but it didn’t matter. I didn’t have my glasses on yet, but there was no time for that. Nor was there time to give the vibrator an initial charge.

I took the Rave straight out of its packaging, turned it on, and unbuttoned my pants. I pulled up some porn on my laptop, shoved my underwear to the side, and pressed the vibrator against my clit in a blurry-eyed haze.

Yes. The word blossomed in my mind like food coloring in water. Yes, holy shit, it’s as good as I’d hoped. I came quickly, effortlessly. It was the fastest box-to-clit progression potentially ever — or at least in recent memory. The whole rest of the work day, I daydreamed about coming home to the Rave.

You have to understand how unusual this is. Usually I try something for the first time, get the general gist of it, and then ignore its existence for a little (or long…) while. I don’t hunger for it. I test it, as I would anything, but I don’t use it for recreational orgasms. The Rave, though, was an immediate hit.

Everything was going so well. Then I looked at the back of the box for confirmation of the one thing that concerned me. A cheery drawing indicated “Splashproof.”


My heart sank. All We-Vibe’s other toys are fully submersible. I felt cheated, like that time I tried to go to the nearest Panda Express only to find it shuttered.

But there was a bright spot among the other icons: one labeled “App-Compatible.”

That’s the story with the We-Vibe Rave: there are amazing things about it that easily make up for the things that aren’t so great. I can forgive and forget the toy’s depressing color, its confusing controls,1 and the lack of waterproof functionality, because the Rave’s shape is 1000% perfect, the vibration range rules, it can be controlled with an app, it’s only $119…

I fear listing off these features does not appropriately sway you, though, so let’s talk about what’s really important: what my G-spot thinks of this toy. My G-spot can’t speak English, but here’s a rough transcript of its thoughts when I use the Rave:

[unintelligible screaming]

As I write this I’m staring at a freshly-squirted-upon Rave that literally dripped ejaculate onto the floor as I moved it from my vagina to a paper towel on my desk. That was my break from writing this review. It took all of a few minutes.

This is G-spot stimulation so good that I don’t fully understand why, and so effortless I almost feel like I don’t deserve it. This is G-spot stimulation produced by a head neither bulbous nor severe, and therefore without the awkward popping sensation sometimes caused by those shapes gliding over the pubic bone. This is internal vibration that enhances the pleasure rather than muddying it.

My G-spot can’t speak English, but here’s a rough transcript of its thoughts when I use the Rave:

[unintelligible screaming]

In testing the Rave, I’m reminded that the handle of a sex toy can be just as instrumental as the insertable portion. The Rave’s handle curves up, toward me, making manipulation of the toy incredibly easy. Slight movements such as light thrusting or rocking take minimal effort and reap great G-spotty reward. Plus, the rounded tip and stubby stature of the shaft allow me to thrust wildly without poking my cervix — an issue many have with toys like the Mona 2.

There’s something magical about the Rave’s wonky, asymmetrical shaft. That shape, and the wide range of steady vibration intensities, make me positively giddy about what this toy might be able to do for folks starting to explore their G-spots.  My girlfriend, who normally doesn’t care for internal vibration, had their first ever G-spot only orgasm with the Rave: “all I could think was THIS IS AMAZE. MIND BLOWNZ.”

See? Words are hard.

But I still start with it clitorally every time, which tells you something about the motor in this toy. We-Vibe is known for their robust motors in toys such as the Touch and Tango, and they don’t disappoint here. The 10 steady intensities are incremental and satisfying, similar Mona 2,2 and the 10 patterns aren’t bad either. I’ll admit the shape isn’t as pinpoint as I’d like — I sometimes flip it sideways so I can rest the edge ridge against my clit instead — but the vibrations are A+, and I can’t complain much considering what that very same shape does to my G-spot.

The charging port is right under the controls, so vag gunk inevitably circles around it, staring at me like a judgmental eyeball as if to say “you took things too far. You squirted too much. Don’t get your nefarious liquids near me.” As far as the “splashproof” label goes, I once accidentally chucked the Rave into a sink full of water with a bunch of other waterproof toys, and it survived. I also routinely clean it under running water because I like to live on the edge I’m lazy.

According to We-Vibe, the charging port has a “septum valve” which protects the internal electronics from water ingress. This means I have to stab it heartily with the charging pin, which is never not terrifying, but it also means that unless you’re dunking the toy underwater or ambushing it with a Super Soaker, you’re probably fine.

That time strangers controlled my vibrator from across the country

We-Vibe Rave rechargeable G-spot vibrator with its phone app.

We-Vibe is not the only company to make app-compatible sex toys, not by a long shot, but the Rave is one of the first G-spot-focused app-compatible not-crap toys. This vibrator didn’t need app functionality to make it awesome, but — to my surprise — the app is actually good.

Words I did not think I’d be using to describe a single sex toy app: attractive, responsive, intuitive. You can swipe through a bunch of color-coded vibration modes (helpful for instructing your partner, “the yellow one, not the purple one FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NOT THE PURPLE ONE”), create vibration playlists, and draw unique vibration patterns. The app has options for text, video, and audio chat, all of which integrate nicely with the toy controls. Consent is baked in; it doesn’t allow screenshots, and at any point you can cease everything by tapping “take control” at the bottom.

I recruited several willing victims to control my vibrator from afar. I tested it with iPhones and Android phones, with my frail old smartphone and my shiny new one. I tried it with people in my city and people across the country from me, and even once with my boyfriend while he was in a tour van on the road between Phoenix and LA. The app worked every time, and I got off every time.

Let me repeat that, because it matters: the app worked every time, and I got off every time. Yes. The Rave is, officially, a long-distance toy that doesn’t suck. The app doesn’t suck. The toy doesn’t suck. The vibrations don’t suck. Oh my god, what MIRACLE OF MIRACLES!

The app’s built-in keyboard doesn’t have autocorrect, though, so I end up saying stuff like “it seemsto start iy again” and “thisone suxjs.” I also found it hard to stop masturbating to type. I did my fair share of cybering in the ’90s, but I’m not a master sexter like the kids these days, so I ended up talking to my partners over Google Hangouts on the computer instead.

Aerie: “connect lover.”
Epiphora: it’s silly. but at least not gendered.
Epiphora: “partner” would’ve been fine though guys
Aerie: that’s not sexy enough
Epiphora: lol you are going through all the modes immediately i love it
Epiphora: try not to go above like 7 or 8 right now those settings are very high
Aerie: oops haha
Epiphora: it stopped vibrating, did the boris pic i sent in the app’s chat overload it?
Aerie: no, i was trying to draw a vibe pattern
Aerie: can i not make your vibe do my saved one?
Epiphora: ohh, that feature is not available for single-motor toys yet3
Aerie: lame, i wanted you to experience “ghhyugsd”
Epiphora: with a name like that how can i not
Aerie: it’s like the sound of someone trying to sneeze quietly
Aerie: it’s probably going to be the best you’ve ever felt
Epiphora: it’s too good to be experienced. too perfect for this world

The We-Vibe app got rave (sorry) reviews. All participants used the word “fun” to describe it. Royce said “this app is cool as fuck; it’s like playing on a keyboard.” Aerie and I were onto something: the vibration playlist creator and draw-a-vibe mode, which now work with Rave, are thought-out and enjoyable. There’s room for improvement, of course, but it works and provides both users with an experience that at least isn’t boring. I asked my boyfriend if he found it arousing. He said “oh, well if I wasn’t in a van surrounded by people.”

I’m the best girlfriend ever.

One of the Rave’s most obvious competitors is the OhMiBod blueMotion NEX 2, which is also insertable and app-compatible (and modeled after the excellent Lovelife Cuddle). I tested the OhMiBod app with a few people too and found it much less impressive than the We-Vibe app. The connectivity is abysmal, it overheated my feeble old phone (leading to the joke “your phone is sure phoning it in tonight”), and it makes you choose “male” or “female” upon sign up so it can use pronouns for you. This is to say nothing of the modes themselves, which lean much more gimmicky than functional, and give the remote user barely any feedback on what the receiver is experiencing.

As for me, I learned that having someone else control my vibrator from afar isn’t really my thing. Mostly because I’m a basic bitch when it comes to vibrations. Patterns are okay for building arousal, but if I actually want to have an orgasm, it’s gotta be steady. I felt guilty telling my partners to focus on that setting, and to conduct subtle changes rather than large ones, because it gave them so little to do. I also felt oddly bashful and oddly pressured to orgasm. Yep, unflappable me, irrationally embarrassed by someone else controlling my vibrator.

BUT, I can add the Rave as a “trusted device” that will keep my phone unlocked when the vibrator is nearby. Is that not the most ridiculous yet perfect thing?

It wouldn’t be far off. Somewhere along the line, I started saying the name to myself. Rave. Like you do when you get really into someone and start pairing your name with theirs. Writing your names together in your notebook with a heart around it. The Rave is not my only love — I am polyamorous in life and with vibrators. But for buzzing G-spot goodness, for inducing squirting where previously there was not a drop? The Rave is a winner.

This is not a flashy sex toy. The eggplant color is drab, the buttons aren’t cute, the impaling charging method is unsexy… but the Rave is a fucking effective vibrator. It’s an incredible G-spot toy, a solid clitoral toy, and a damn good long-distance toy. It’s not made by a brainless company and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. There are many words for this, but I come back to the one that entered my mind upon first touching the Rave to my clit: yes.

Get the Rave at SheVibe, Spectrum Boutique, Early to Bed, Babeland, We-Vibe,
Good Vibes, Pleasure ChestCome As You Are (Canada), or Lovehoney (international).

  1. Holding minus doesn’t turn it off, the circle button does, which for some reason is impossible for me to get through my thick skull.
  2. They have similar intensities on high. Mona and Rave are even about the same noise level; together they sound like a choir of vibrators with one dude in the back singing slightly flat. The Rave has the buzziest vibrations, but it’s not an astronomical difference.
  3. This used to only work with dual-motor We-Vibe toys such as the Sync and Nova, but is now available for all toys.

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  1. Well this is now my favorite review of yours! This was so compelling I immediately ordered one for a woman friend who I’m sure will enjoy it!

    As always your clear love or hate came thru. I love the conversational voice you use which makes it feel like a very good friend guiding me to make good choices.

  2. Thank goodness We-Vibe is stepping in to fill the void left by Lelo’s descent into unsupportability. Fantastic writing as always, Piph. I adore this review.

  3. Wow I love my tango so much…so I can’t wait to get this one! How would you compare it to the mona as far as both shape and vibration?

  4. Would you say this is more powerful than the Rosa? I’ve been interested in this toy for a long time but have been holding off on getting it with the hope that it’ll be redesigned and made waterproof.
    Internal vibration reeaaaally works for me and your review is making me want to just get it anyway, but if it’s not too much stronger than Rosa I think I can pass on it a little longer.


  5. “Patterns are okay for building arousal, but if I actually want to have an orgasm, it’s gotta be steady. I felt guilty telling my partners to focus on that setting, and to conduct subtle changes rather than large ones, because it gave them so little to do. I also felt oddly bashful and oddly pressured to orgasm.”

    That’s what I think would happen for me. Expecting an orgasm is the best way to kill it or at least set it back.
    I think the only way I could enjoy this kind of interactive toy is if I was having an intense dirty talk/sexting session and the purpose was to keep me keyed up but not let me come. The concept is really appealing, but it’s mostly ’cause I really want someone who knows my fetish buttons. And yet I’m scared of looking for them, ’cause what if I find them.

  6. I don’t have the Rosa but the Denia (i. e. the rabbit version) and I don’t think the Rave is considerably more powerful (or more rumbly). For me the main difference is in the shape. Plus the L’Amourose buttons are MUCH better! And it’s submersible…

  7. Sadly, when I tried to download the App it showed to be “not compatible with my phone”. I also have to say that I absolutely hate the buttons – for me they are by far the worst ones of any sex toy I have (including the cheap ones): Impossible to find by feel, hard to press and/or not always reactive. And I can never remember where is the plus and where is the minus 🙁

    I’m wondering why it’s not waterproof – the Swan Wand’s connection looks very similar but it is rated as submersible. Has anybody contacted We-Vibe about it? In any case I too wash mine under the running tap (is there any other way?) and it has survived so far.

  8. That’s odd — what kind of phone do you have?

    I haven’t had trouble pressing the Rave’s buttons, but I do find it hard to distinguish between them. They definitely aren’t my favorite.

    I asked We-Vibe for some clarification about why the Rave is splashproof. They explained that the toy was originally designed by Norweigan sex toy company Laid, whom We-Vibe acquired last year. Altering the charging mechanism would have delayed the release of the toy considerably, so they decided to keep it as-is. Which is to say: splashproof. I hope they’ll come out with a fully waterproof one eventually!

  9. I’m glad you asked, because I compared them quite exhaustively while testing the Rave for this review. Vibration-wise, they are very similar, with the Mona 2 a little lower-pitched. They both offer similar ranges of vibration, although Mona has a few lower “barely on” settings.

    For my tastes, Mona 2 is a better clitoral toy, because I prefer its more pinpoint shape over the Rave’s bulkier tip. Internally, for G-spot stimulation, I really like both of them, but the Rave is much easier to manipulate due to the curvature of its handle and shape of its shaft. I don’t thrust much with Mona due to its pointy tip and the way the shaft tapers near the handle — my vag sort of swallows it and clenches instead. With Rave, I can do more movement, which makes the G-spot stimulation more targeted and intense (and more likely to result in squirting).

    They’re both top-tier toys, in my opinion. Nothing beats Mona’s button interface or charging method, and of course it’s fully waterproof. But the Rave offers awesome G-spot stimulation, you can do really cool things with its app, and it’s significantly less expensive.

  10. Clitorally, for me, the L’Amourose Prism V has an edge because it’s a bit smaller and fits better on the dominant left side of my clit. Internally, though, I definitely prefer the Rave. The Prism V’s head feels puny in comparison to the shape of the Rave, and the handle of the Rave is much much more ergonomic. I have to push the Prism V’s handle down to get more G-spot stimulation, so I can’t really thrust — only nudge. It’s not ideal.

    The Prism V has a rumblier motor, but it’s less powerful than the Rave (on high) by a few notches. It has better controls than the Rave, though, and it’s waterproof. I like them both!

  11. I have an Asus Fonepad, I believe the 2012 model (maybe not the smartest phone in the world, but brilliant for e-books and internet!)

    Thanks for the clarification on the water resistance – the thing I can’t help wondering is how water could get in between the silicone when I have to push really hard with the pin of the charging cable to penetrate it. So I’m not even thinking about the charging mechanism that’s hidden behind, but simply the silicone…

  12. The seam on the flatter side puts me off internal use most of the time (twisting makes it uncomfortable, though circling is okay), but it’s quickly become my favorite external vibe (especially with the Mustang, yowza!). I find the lowest settings way more powerful than the ones on the Lelo Loki, if that helps anyone decide. I wonder why they warn against using it on your neck? I’m used to calf-pain warnings, but this is a first…

  13. That’s the one…I’ve heard others call it a seam, but since I can’t look at mine right now I can’t remember if there’s an actual seamline….

  14. Okay, I do see a seam on mine, but I think it’s the ridge that feels a little scrapy (even with plenty of lube).

  15. Just noticed you reviewed this as I was going to make my holiday SheVibe order. Already said I was going to get the Rave but now I’m totally sold. Your rush to use it says everything. Lol.

    I admit I read this quickly because I was so giddy to make my own order so maybe I missed it but how exactly does it compare in strength/power to the Tango in terms of clit vibration? (My g spot is much less picky. Loves a good pulsation but for an example, the original Lelo Gigi can leave me with hours of delicious internal sensitivity whereas it never came close to getting me off clitorally). Is it any stronger? Sounds like maybe it is from your comparison to Prism and Rosa?

    I will have let you know if I rip the box open and rush to use it as fast as you did when it gets here. 😉 Ordering the Womanizer too and am very curious about using them together. I don’t have thrust toys for g spot orgasms or even to squirt if it has a nice pulsation and angle going. So the two could work extremely well together for me.

  16. I’ve wanted a good G-spot vibe for a very long time (I only own the Lelo Gigi, which is a bit underwhelming, in my opinion) and since I have been in an LDR for a year and a half now, I am really tempted by this one. Your reviews are as informative, nuanced and fun to read as usual! Thank you!

  17. Do you have any recommendations about which would be the best replacement for the Mona 2? Rave, PRISM V or Cuddle? I really want something similar, but ugh, LELO, get your shit together. Well, obviously everyone wants a vibe that works for external and internal vibrations, as well as hitting the G-spot. It seems maybe you liked Rave better, but the Prism V is waterproof and looks like a sculpture. I can’t decide!

    I love that you’re always so honest about what you don’t like, so we can see when you really like something. Thanks for being awesome and hilarious!

  18. Hmm, as a replacement for the Mona I would ask you which features of the Mona you enjoy most? The buttons, the waterproof capabilities, the range of vibration intensities, the shape?

    I’ve said some of this in comments to others here, but it’s worth repeating. Clitorally, for me (and I am not everyone!), the L’Amourose Prism V has an edge because it’s a bit smaller and fits better on the dominant left side of my clit. Internally, though, I definitely prefer the Rave. The Prism V’s head feels puny in comparison to the shape of the Rave, and the handle of the Rave is much much more ergonomic. I have to push the Prism V’s handle down to get more G-spot stimulation, so I can’t really thrust — only nudge. It’s not ideal.

    The OhMiBod Lovelife Cuddle is a bit of a step-down from the others, in my opinion. It has a nice range of settings, but its buttons are chintzy and its size is too small to do much for my G-spot, putting it out of the running when the Rave and Prism V are the other contenders.

    The Prism V has a rumblier motor than the Rave and Cuddle, but it’s less powerful than the Rave (on high) by a few notches. It has better controls than the Rave, though, and it’s waterproof… but the Rave has supreme G-spot stimulation and an app. So it depends on which features you want to prioritize!

  19. It’s hard for me to make a call on which is stronger, the Rave or the We-Vibe Tango. They’re close in intensity, but very different in shape and feel. The Rave’s vibrations feel more buried, while the Tango’s feel more surface-level. The Rave can’t provide pinpoint stimulation like the Tango can, but then again, the Tango can’t provide G-spot stimulation like the Rave can.

  20. Epiphora, my doctor says I would benefit from vaginal dilators because my cervix is very narrow. Sex, and even inserting tampons at times, is painful. She recommended I buy sex toys rather than the actual medical devices because it would cost less, but I don’t even know where to start. Do you have any suggestions? I’ve NEVER had an orgasm, alone or partnered.

  21. I bought my Lelo Mona 2 in September 2015. I love it. It is amazing. But now, in February 2017, it’s doing weird stuff. It revs way way up when I turn it on….I drop it back down to a lower speed, but it won’t stay there, instead, it revs way up. I fight to keep it low and it just shuts off. Also, sometimes it just shuts off on me and sometimes it won’t even charge. I’m sad, so very very sad bc I adore my Mona.

    My Mona can work as a more diffuse warm-up on low on its fatter side or I can turn it up a few knotches and flip it to the edge on the side of my clit when I need more pressure. I can move it along my vulva to stimulate more area or inside me to prepare for my Vixen Mustang. The vibe is just the right amount of rumbly and then kind of buzzy at higher speeds when I’ve had a few orgasms. In a word, perfect.

    I also have a L’Amourose Rosa which is also amazing but my Rosa is completely round and kind of flexible and softer. I enjoy my Rosa if I want internal vibes along with my Mona but my Mona is my reason for easy orgasms.

    My question is this: I need to replace my Mona. Quickly. With Lelo being so problematic, would you recommend I buy another Mona or a We-Vibe Rave? Are they similar in feeling? Do they have a similar range? They both appear to have the rounded area and the sharper edge….is this true in use?

    Please help!

  22. Okay I just saw this reply (duh). I am going to go ahead and try to redeem my 10 year warentee for 50% off on my new Mona.

    I still am curious….have you ever heard of the motor doing this? Am I doing something wrong? Could it be because I leave it plugged in all the time until I use it or possibly because I leave it on too long when in use?

  23. That is a super weird issue you’re experiencing, and not something I’ve ever heard of a LELO toy doing. You mentioned in another comment that you leave the toy constantly plugged in, and yeah, maybe that had something to do with it? It’s possible that LELO toys can be overcharged. It’s also possible it’s just going haywire for no reason.

    I’m usually of the opinion that if you have a toy that works perfectly for you, and it dies, it’s best not to tempt fate by replacing it with something different. The Rave is awesome, and I saw that you read my Mona vs. Rave comparison in another comment, but it sounds like the Mona is your ideal.

  24. This vibe was on my top 5 list when I was buying my first expensive vibe this fall, but I ended up ranking it #2 and going for the Swan Wand instead, alas. I really like the Rave in theory, and the vibrations were awesome to the touch; however, the plastic felt really hard underneath the silicone, it wasn’t waterproof, and I wasn’t sure whether I’d need really subtle (but rumbly) vibes or the most powerful yet, so I picked the vibration range and (slightly) softer silicone of the Swan Wand. No regrets because I love the rumbliness and larger head of the Wand so much, but I’d definitely want to try the Rave next time I have the spare cash for a higher-end vibrator :).

  25. So being a huge fan of internal vibration, I’m highly intrigued. Of the toys you’ve tried, would you consider this one the best internally-vibrating one? As in, completely on its own, with no other toys involved, and only internal vibration happening (with thrusting and rocking and so forth), this one ranks at the top of the list?

  26. That’s a hard question to answer. I almost never use an internal toy on its own without an added clitoral vibrator. I wouldn’t consider myself a connoisseur of internal vibrations either — I like them sometimes, but they are far from a requirement. The shape of the Rave certainly makes it great for thrusting and rocking, but this is true of many other toys.

    Some toys have better motors while others have better shapes. For example, the Comet II Wand is an AMAZING shape, but the vibrations are too buzzy. The Fun Factory Big Boss has nice rumbly vibrations, but its shape is less targeted than the Rave. So it depends on what you want most. The Rave’s vibrations are not very rumbly, but its shape is quite stimulating.

  27. Seriously debating getting this toy to replace my 7 year old Mona 2 (it’s now super loud to the point of distraction, but thankfully still works) and the Rosa I just returned to Lovehoney. I loved the vibration in the Rosa, though I always used it externally, never internally. My clit is too sensitive to touch directly so I always nestle my vibrator between my outer and inner labia. The Mona 2’s shape works perfectly for this, and the Rosa does it’s job well there too, my only problem was I like pressing down and I found that doing that too hard with the Rosa would make the motor feel like it’s jumping back and forth. I’m looking at this or the We-Vibe Touch (was even venturing out into the Satisfyer Pro Penguin, but I’m assuming that would be too much for me). The Rosa is also pretty bulky and can hurt a bit if my husband isn’t careful with his thrusting.

    What’s the battery like for the Rave? I absolutely love how long my Mona 2 lasts and I especially love how long it lasts on standby. There’s nothing like letting a week or two pass and suddenly being in the mood and the toy is ready to go, no charging needed. I got burned before by the expensive Lilly 2 on your recommendations and I absolutely hate that toy. It’s not strong at all, way too tiny, and the battery life is nothing. And god forbid you go a few days without charging it, then it’s dead for when you do really need it.

    Is there any other toys similar or stronger in strength to the Mona 2 and Rosa that would serve my purpose better for the way I use vibrators? I’m waiting for a refund of $213 from Lovehoney for the Rosa, so i have some money to play around with at least.

    Thanks a lot for your time 🙂

  28. btw, I noticed this is $108 on Amazon (provided by We-Vibe company themselves), but on any other site it’s at least $140 minimum. Any reason for this? Can I still trust that I’m not getting a knock off while ordering on Amazon if I’m buying from the company themselves?

  29. Those numbers aren’t correct at all, unless you’re talking about non-USD currency? The Rave usually retails for around $119, which is its price at SheVibe and most reputable sex shops. The Amazon listing is deceptive, because it lists the toy as made by We-Vibe, but it is NOT provided by the company themselves. As always, my cautions against purchasing on Amazon apply.

  30. I think the Touch is a good choice. I also like the Prism, but that one’s not as powerful as the Rosa. I’ve found the Rave’s battery life on standby to be quite good. I wonder if you got a dud Lily 2, because mine holds a charge just fine.

  31. I ended up buying a Rave because my Mona just stopped charging. So frustrating because it’s only about 18 months old.

    I have emailed Lelo twice about this but absolutely no response from them. I’m within the warentee time when I should be able to get a new Mona for 50% off, but no response from Lelo.

    I love my Rave, I really do but the charging port is so temperamental. I have difficulty getting it to engage or something. I plug it in expecting it to be ready to go in a couple of hours, only to find that it didn’t charge at all. I mess with it, trying to make sure that it’s charging by looking for the light, but it doesn’t always want to work. If I don’t plug it in, when I get back to it, the charge is gone or mostly gone. I have started connecting it to the app to check the charge level.

    Again, I am so frustrated with this. Am I doing something wrong here? Am I just broken when it comes to charging my vibrators? Because this makes me kinda nutty here.

  32. How would you rate it versus the Touch? I’d be using either primarily for external stimulation, do you think it’s worth it to get the Rave for better controls? (is there a travel lock on the rave for example?)

  33. I have a Sync which uses the same app. My friend in Australia operates my toy and I live in New Zealand.

  34. Hey Piph (and others), this review is some years old now, but I gotta ask: you’re very favorable about the Rave, so why is it not one of your all-time faves? I’m still doubting between the Mona 2 and the Rave, and I’m sure you’ll recommend the Mona, but I really need to figure out what would work best for my vaginismic and simultaneously numb and overly sensitive self… My DOXY massage wand is too hardcore for me. Like I’ll come but I won’t enjoy it. Before the DOXY a buzzy object with N-batteries actually did the trick for me. (Orgasms are difficult for me y’all. Masturbation is a necessity. I don’t actually do it for fun but just to fix my head when I’m too distracted by my never-to-be-actually-fulfilled libido so I’ll just take whichever one can do that most efficiently… lol sigh)

  35. It’s definitely one of my faves and has always been listed on my all-time faves page. Where were you looking?

    I wrote about the differences between the Mona and the Rave in another comment on this review, but I’d also add the BMS Sassy to your list. Very rumbly, basic G-spotty shape, but most importantly? WAY CHEAPER. I should be publishing a review of it in the next several days.

  36. It’s definitely one of my faves and has always been listed on my all-time faves page. Where were you looking?

    I wrote about the differences between the Mona and the Rave in another comment on this review, but I’d also add the BMS Sassy to your list. Very rumbly, basic G-spotty shape, but most importantly? WAY CHEAPER. I should be publishing a review of it in the next several days.

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