Sex toys for all giveaway winners

Graphic of all the amazing prizes in vector form. SO MANY!
All graphics by the incomparable Aerie. Hire them for any and all projects!

I’m exhausted, y’all. Turns out, awarding over 50 sex toy prizes to over 50 different people is tiring! But I’m also stunned and humbled: over 5,000 individual human beings entered my huge annual giveaway. Thank you, all of you, especially those who left sappy comments on the post. I know I bribed you into saying nice things, but every nice thing still means a lot to me.

I wish I could give all of you the sex toys of your dreams, but at least Black Friday is this week, and I vow to faithfully keep you updated on the best sex toy deals in all the land.

Here are the winners. All have been notified and confirmed. Until my next giveaway (which surely will contain so many prizes I will have to hire an assistant to help me pick them), take care of yourselves… and each other.

Once again, huge thanks to all the companies who donated: SheVibeTantus, We-Vibe, Crystal Delights, DoxyEarly to BedSpareparts HardwearFun Factory, VibratexnjoyHole Punch ToysLELOFleshlight, Twisted MonkVixen Creations, LovehoneyStockroomMinna, Fucking SculpturesPink & WhiteOhMiBod, Dallas Novelty, Downunder ToysL’AmouroseBabeland, Self Delve, LiberatorGood Vibrations, Tenga, Womanizer, and Hot Octopuss.