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Hi, I’m Piph, and I have a very discerning vagina.

Not something you hear often, is it? But it’s true: for over a decade, I’ve been testing sex toys and writing about them on the internet. Highly trusted and well-known for my snarky yet authentic sex toy reviews, I’ve been called “the Samantha Bee of our nether regions.” Welcome to Hey Epiphora, where the lube flows like wine, the G-spot isn’t a mystery, and masturbation sessions frequently end with me wondering, “did humans even test this?!

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My column in the high school paper, with the headline "Breaking four years of silence." There is a rainbow gradient effect over the image.
In high school, words were my power. Nobody paid attention to me otherwise. I was a queer kid coming of age in the early ’00s in the stifling suburbs. Many kids at my school were hicks or Christians, or some toxic mash-up of both. Bush was president for what felt like an eternity. I ate more strawberry cheesecake ice cream than one should eat in a lifetime and stayed up late to catch the gay makeouts on Undressed. I wrote […]... Keep Reading

Favorite sex toys EVER

I’ve put hundreds of things on/in/around my genitals, so it means a lot to make it here.

Greatest hits

I’m sure my writing teachers are very proud.

We-Vibe Rave rechargeable app-compatible G-spot vibrator on a reflective table.
It was 10:15 am, just a bit before I needed to leave for work, when the We-Vibe Rave arrived in the mail. I was already dressed... Keep Reading
Dame Products Eva "hands-free" "couples" wearable vibrator standing up like a creepy bug.
I’ve never told you much about my labia, but I guess now’s as good a time as any. I’d describe my outer labia as puffy, yet... Keep Reading

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