Dec 102017

Doc Johnson TruSkyn: Tru Butt Plug Smooth, Tru Ride, Tru Feel, Tru Curve

I should start with an apology, because when this line of sex toys came out, I mocked it. “Hahahahaha Doc Johnson acting like they invented silicone,” I tweeted derisively. But what I didn’t realize is that these aren’t garden-variety silicone toys — they’re made of squishy dual-density silicone, and I am so on board with more affordable dual-density dildos. (“TruSkyn,” though? Still ludicrous. Good lord, when will misspelling words become uncool again?)

So, I must eat my hat. I’m sorry for preemptively ridiculing TruSkyn. While I do think it’s amusing to watch bigwig sex toy manufacturers “discover” body-safe materials 500 years behind everybody else, it can only be a good thing for consumers. Dual-density silicone has been the domain of indie sex toy manufacturers for some time, but if you want a softer sex toy without spending a wad of benjamins, TruSkyn is a worthy option.

Not only are these toys actually made of silicone, they are actually good, and I’m… a little bit giddy about it? Saving money excites me, okay?! I love a good deal almost as much as I love a good G-spot orgasm. I can’t say I’m head-over-heels for every TruSkyn toy I tested; after all, personal preference comes into play much more with non-vibrating toys. But they’re all solidly-made, and one of them — the Tru Curve — makes me squirt all over my rug. Yep.

Sex toys in the TruSkyn line are unfortunately-named but very reasonably priced. I decided to try the purple Tru Curve ($50), blue Tru Feel ($45), realistic Tru Ride Slim 7″ ($60), and the Tru Butt Plug Smooth ($25). There are a few more designs in the line, including beaded and tapered anal plugs, penis sleeves, a handful of other dildos.

These toys come powdered with corn starch — not necessary, but it makes them feel silkier. Each box also contains a small bottle of shitty1 water-based lube,2 packet of corn starch, and a Doc Johnson branded fabric storage bag. Storage! Not something I expected at these price points.

The dual-density silicone formula here is quite good: each toy has a firm core and spongy outer layer, not quite as soft as Vixen’s VixSkin but squishier than Tantus’ O2. My favorite part is the mostly-matte finish, which glides well while retaining a life-like feel. As far as quality goes, the only imperfection I found was jagged edges on the base of the butt plug. The rest of the toys look perfect.

Doc Johnson TruSkyn: Tru Feel (blue), Tru Curve (purple), Tru Ride (realistic), Tru Butt Plug Smooth

The Tru Feel is smaller than I pictured, at 1.5″ in diameter and 5.25″ insertable. Not sure where they were going with the design of this one; I wrote in my notes “inexplicably, the baroque dick has balls.” I chose this toy because I’m a fiend for texture, but sadly, the material is too cushy for the pattern to be felt at all. The Tru Feel is kind of a recipe for “meh” for my vagina: too small, not G-spotty enough, unhelpful balls (sorry, not a ball fan…), and the shaft curves downward just enough to make insertion 5% more annoying.

It’s all little stuff, but little stuff is what deters me from using any dildo when there are better ones lying around.

The realistic Tru Ride is better, but for my tastes, also falls short of ideal. This dildo’s level of detail is impressive — skin lines, veins, balls that are… congealed at the base like a withering fruit? Don’t ask me. I love the length, though: it gives me 6″ to insert while leaving enough space for me to press a vibe against my clit no problem.

But the softness of the dildo dulls the texture, so I can’t feel much of the lovely detail in use — only a little bit of veinage near the tip. Plus, the dildo’s straightish shape and undersized head neglect my G-spot, which obviously is a federal crime. I prefer my insertables to pummel my G-spot, stimulate my vaginal walls, or both. The Tru Ride doesn’t do either.

There’s also something about the shape of the Tru Ride’s shaft…it always wants to slide out of my vag, and I always have to push it back in. I don’t know which aspect of the toy is causing this, but it is A Thing That Happens and it makes me less likely to want to use it. When it comes to realistic dildos, Mustang, Buck, and Maverick are still superior.

What the other TruSkyn dildos failed to do for my G-spot, though, the Tru Curve pays back in spades. This thing is not cute, not even remotely — it’s an atrocious puke-purple rod that I almost didn’t even ask to review because it’s that unappetizing. But its hooked tip? Yoooooo. Whoever designed this dildo deserves a high-five. The kind that makes your hand sting afterward.

Here, the extra squish is welcome. Cast in a firmer silicone, this shape would’ve caused some awkward popping sensations going in and out. In this dual-density silicone, the curve has just enough drama to make a serious impact without any discomfort.

Doc Johnson TruSkyn Tru Curve G-spot dildo

This dildo has one aim and one aim only: to target my G-spot like a boss. And the stimulation is fucking immense. My masturbation notes include several stories of gushing like a geyser, spraying onto the floor, once so copiously I went to get paper towels afterward to dab it out of my rug for fear of leaving stains. I need a Throe on my desk chair and a Throe on the ground, apparently, to catch all my jizz.

It’s the magic combination of an acute curve and a pronounced head. The smooth shaft is of no consequence; all I feel is the broad, supple tip enveloping my G-spot. Squeezing this dildo with my vag is enough to get that G-spot goodness, or I can launch into short, swift thrusts for intense eyes-rolling-back sensations. The cherry on top is the Doc Johnson logo stamped on the base, which serves as a convenient “this side up” for my thumb in use. (Not that I could ever forget which side is up. It’s pretty apparent.)

But the award for “Best Usage of Dual-Density Silicone” has to go to the Tru Butt Plug Smooth. While not revolutionary in shape, it is super comfortable to wear… kind of like having a stress ball in your ass. It’s a kinder, gentler butt plug, less obtrusive than other anal toys, and its cushion makes it feel smaller than similarly-sized plugs. For a mere $25, it’s a good basic filler-upper, and Doc Johnson even makes a tapered version that I wish I could personally gift to anyone wanting to explore anal play. Throw out your creepy jelly butt plugs, peeps! No more excuses!

Who knew it would be Doc Johnson, giant and aggressively American sex toy company, taking the plunge into the dual-density silicone realm? Now we even have Blush’s Real Nude line and Pleasure Works’ firm core toysTo me, the TruSkyn toys represent more than epic G-spot stimulation and comfy butt plugging. They’re symbols of progress — look, you really can create soft body-safe toys that don’t cost a fortune, and this is a worthwhile thing to do! The country may be going to shit, but for bargain-hunting masturbators, it’s a good time to be alive.

Check out the TruSkyn line at SheVibe.

  1. Contains glycerin, an ingredient that may promote yeast infections. []
  2. I’m stingy so I considered hoarding these for some future household use, but there’s really no good use for water-based lube, so I tossed them. []
Nov 222017
Sex toy Black Friday + Cyber Monday sales!

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Nov 192017
Review: Stronic G

Four years ago, my G-spot was forever changed by a revolutionary sex toy called the Stronic Eins. Not really a dildo and definitely not a vibrator, the Eins features an internal weight that facilitates a back-and-forth thrusting movement. This “pulsator” felt unlike anything I’d ever tried, wiggling against my G-spot so enthusiastically, and quickly became one of my favorite insertables. Fun Factory’s Stronic line proved that innovation is still possible in the sex toy industry — true innovation, not gimmicky and spurious “innovation” with air quotes.

So a few weeks ago when an email popped up with the subject line CONFIDENTIAL: Secret Preview of New Stronic?, it set my heart fluttering. [. . . read the rest]

Nov 192017
Decade of sex toys giveaway winners (plus Boris video!)

That’s it! The hugest sex toy giveaway of the year is over, and I have awarded all 100-ish prizes to the winners! (Yeah, I have so many prizes now I’ve lost count. What a world.)

THANK YOU ALL for making the whole thing a roaring success — by commenting on my posts with sweet words, by sharing the giveaway on social media, by following Boris’ clues, and just for generally being amazing readers and followers over the years. The reason I’ve amassed so many prizes is because I want to give away as many as possible to you fine people. [. . . read the rest]

Nov 122017
Anatomy of a negative sex toy review (or: the Mimic)

You’re mid-masturbation and you’ve forgotten what it’s like for orgasm to feel achievable. You’re doing everything right, theoretically: the vibrator’s cranked up to its highest intensity, held faithfully against the favored side of your clit. You’re watching queer porn. Your vulva is well-lubricated. The cats are at bay. There is no reason this should be unpleasant.

Except that the vibrator you’re using is absolute shit.

Does it even qualify as a vibrator, really? These “vibrations” are pathetic and so, so buzzy. It’d be laughable if it wasn’t so sad. Actually, the emotion you feel is irritation — and it’s tainting everything. [. . . read the rest]

Nov 022017
Video review: a trans + cis conversation on clit pumps

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Oct 162017
Decade of sex toys giveaway! Grand prize worth $1,000+!

Hi, hello, I’m commemorating 10 years of sex blogging with the most extravagant sex toy giveaway I’ve ever done. I’m giving away 80+ of the best sex toys ever made, as judged by my discerning vagina. Then, because that wasn’t enough, there’s a grand prize pack of my very favorite products worth over $1,000 — with 10 runners-up. SO MANY WINNERS.

[All graphics by the wonderful Aerie.]

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Oct 122017
A decade of sex blogging

Cupcake butt plug and Shilo.

The cliché is true — it feels like just yesterday and like forever ago. This week marks 10 years since I first published a review of a sex toy on the internet.

It was fall 2007, my junior year of college. That summer, I’d moved out of the dorms and into my first apartment. I was 20 years old, almost 21. If you’d asked me what my career was going to be, I would’ve hesitated and posited, “…writer? I hope?” A cautious optimism underneath which lied a practical fear. A fear that I could never make a living with writing, that I’d end up in an office job, probably, and that the only skill I’d spent my life cultivating would eventually be relegated to a hobby. [. . . read the rest]

Oct 012017
Review: Fun Cups

My fanaticism for menstrual cups borders on religious. I’ve been using them almost exclusively for about 4 years now, and the honeymoon, um, period, has yet to wear off. I honestly can’t think of many other products that have improved my quality of life in the same way — I’d say menstrual cups are easily the best non-dildo thing to ever inhabit my vagina. I’ve amassed a small collection.

To those unfamiliar, a menstrual cup is a bell-shaped receptacle worn vaginally, against the cervix, to collect period blood. Most are crafted from resilient, body-safe silicone, making them a more eco- and wallet-friendly alternative to pads and tampons. [. . . read the rest]

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