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Where vibrators are born: my trip to Fun Factory in Bremen, Germany!
Fun Factory has been a trailblazer in the sex toy industry since their inception. They utilized silicone from the get-go, never trifling with inferior materials. Their designs weren’t cookie-cutter or heterocentric; they were whimsical, non-phallic, cast in bright colors and marketed with playfulness. In today’s hyper-modern, ultra-enlightened sex toy landscape, these choices may not seem noteworthy — but Fun Factory was founded in 1996, and I assure you things were very different then. Pull up the 1996 version of any […]... Keep Reading

Favorite sex toys EVER

I’ve put hundreds of things on/in/around my genitals, so it means a lot to make it here.

Greatest hits

I’m sure my writing teachers are very proud.

Afterglow PulseWave vibrator showing off its useless laser light energy.
I feel bad for celebrities. You’ll never hear me say that again. But they got the Afterglow in their goodie bags at the Oscars, and this is not what... Keep Reading
njoy Pure Plugs (medium and large) in a jewelry box with a bunch of gaudy bracelets and rings.
I could’ve written a review for the njoy Pure Plugs before ever putting a single one in my ass. Of course, I would never do... Keep Reading