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Review: Mustang

[Eeee! This incredible dildo comes in neon pink and tie dye in addition to skin tones!]

Oh my god. This thing. You guys. This thing. It is SO GLORIOUS.

It’s been nearly a year and a half since I fell in deep love with dual-density VixSkin, but not once in that time have I tried a realistic VixSkin dildo that was anything less than massive. Things were getting out of control. As my friend once said, “My size queen-ness is getting too extreme. I see a toy and quickly say ‘BUT IS IT HUGE?'”

Sad but true — I started eliminating toys from my wishlist based on their dimensions alone. Big, big mistake. Do not do this. Inevitably a toy will come along and prove you wrong.

So today, I submit to you, a bit sheepishly, that I can still appreciate smaller dildos. Apparently, in fact, I can still adore smaller dildos.

I tend to shy away from words like “perfect,” but… there is nothing about the Vixen Mustang that isn’t perfect. I love its curve. Its chunky base. Its skin-mimicing texture. I love how the shaft gets wider as it nears the base, progressively opening my vagina as I insert it further.

I love its length (6.5″ insertable). I can insert it more and more as I get turned on, and it fills me up length-wise very nicely. When I’m on my period and my cervix is really sensitive, I can still have trysts with the Mustang because its material is so gentle.

And the Mustang’s head is to die for. It’s not too abrupt, but it’s also very easily felt. I can clench around it and feel G-spot joy. I can thrust with it and feel G-spot joy. Whatever I do, it will be there, pressing against my G-spot and being awesome.

Do I crave something larger? Sometimes, but not often. The Mustang is really very satisfying all on its own. Sure, Maverick is an intense, filling beast, but I can whip out the Mustang at any moment and my vag’ll be ready. I appreciate that.

I almost forgot that I already own a smallish (but non-realistic) VixSkin toy — the Raquel. So I tried it alongside (not literally…) the Mustang, and the distinction was clear: the Raquel is a priss, and the Mustang is a badass. Raquel is all soft and sensual, with a head that I can barely feel unless I thrust. Plus, its texture is completely uniform and smooth; it’s not trying to be skin-like, so it feels very disappointing compared to Mustang.

That is why the Mustang is one of the best G-spot toys ever: because it isn’t just a G-spot toy. Unlike toys like the Comet G Wand — which goes straight for the G-spot and does nothing else — the Mustang is also textured in a way that feels really delicious. So it’s a treat for the G-spot as well as the vaginal walls.

In terms of perfect toys that everyone should own… I’m thinking the Pure WandEroscillator, and this. Because it’s a manageable size for most folks, and it feels fuckin’ fantastic. It makes me so happy to possess a vagina, and isn’t that exactly what a perfect dildo should do?

I can’t believe I used to be adverse to realistic-looking dildos. I disgust myself. This thing could look like a zombie penis and I would still love it to death. Oh, har.

Get the Mustang, in many colors, at SheVibe.

Wanna save some bucks? Vixen’s Woody ($58) is the same mold as Mustang.
Not quite as squishy, but surely just as glorious. Or get it in red with a vibe.

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  1. Congrats on the 200th review! What a toy to do it with too! I love my Maverick, which became a must have after reading your review of it. Now…now I must have a Mustang too! I was actually *just* recommending to a friend that his girlfriend get a Vixskin dildo if she wants a dildo. It really is one of the best materials out there. Can’t wait to see the giveaway!!

  2. I’ve been totally craving a Mustang for at least a year now, and I’m SO GLAD that my hunch is correct. (Weirdly, all the sex shops in my town carry every VixSkin toy *but* the Mustang…I have no idea why, I guess everybody else prefers ’em big.) I’m glad the head is prominent, but can still be eased into…in my “technically virginal but using small dildos” state, it seems I still need some tapering to ease me into penetration. (Still no luck inserting the round bulb of my Beyond One, for instance, though I enjoy it for other purposes.) Anyway, this looks like my ideal toy. Oh joy!

  3. Man, looking at the picture I wasn’t at all interested in the mustang. And then I read your review, and I think I need it. Your positive reviews tend to have that effect (and you’ve been really spot on about everything I’ve tried so far). It sounds so nice! It sounds like exactly what I didn’t even know I wanted. That and a Pure Wand (as soon as I have money!). I do wish it came in some non-realistic colors, just because I like bright colors and I never know which one to pick with the skin-tones. Maybe I should just go eenie, meenie….

  4. WANT.

    I personally love smaller dildos. My vagina is a bit shy. I already have the VixSkin Tex. I’ll have to add this to my wishlist/xmas list now!

  5. Wow, 200 reviews, congratulations! I’m not adverse to realistic dildos or anything, I just haven’t acquired any yet. Maybe I should try this one.

  6. This looks awesome! I’ve seen this on some trans* resource pages (though I’m not sure if it’s harness-friendly) but never actually reviewed from the user’s side of things. Do want!

  7. Hi Epiphora!

    I have the Tex (love it!) but it was given to me as a present, and I think I want something a bit bigger 🙂

    I think I want the Maverick. I think the Tex is good for an ‘anytime’ user, and I could go for the Maverick when I want the big guns.

    But after reading this, the Mustang sounds great…

    Do you think I should go for the Maverick or Mustang when in my situation?


  8. @TBT: You probably want the Maverick, or at least something bigger than Mustang. Mustang falls into the “anytime” use category for sure. Mustang is slightly thicker and longer than Tex, but not by enough for it to be really noticeable in use. Tex is 5.25″ x 1.56″, and Mustang is 6.5″ x 1.62″.

    Maverick is 7″ x 2″, which is a jump, but that sounds like what you want. You could also consider Johnny, which is 7″ x 1.75″. You can find all the measurements for VixSkin items here. I think you will love having a girthier VixSkin dildo — they are amazing!

  9. I’m a bit nervous about realistic looking dildos but that neon green o_o! That is on my immediate save for list. I looks like a freaking ice pop and it calls to me ever so loudly.

  10. Hello, your review (among others) helped me decide to buy the Mustang over a year ago, and i really love it! I’ve always kept it standing up in its’ plastic cylinder, like Vixen Creations advises to. But i’ve started noticing a little defect : the base (which originally was very flat) is starting to look quite convex, so much that the Mustang has a harder time standing up. My Vixskin Tex also has that issue (it’s over a year and a half old).
    I wonder if your Mustang (or another Vixskin) has the same problem with time? And if not, what did you do to keep the base in shape?
    This is a huge deal for me for several reasons. First, i use it exclusively for harness use (as the wearer), so the base being flat is important for stability. Second, i’ve never used it sexually yet (as i have no-one to enjoy it with) so it’s frustrating to see it degrade itself before having a chance to really try it out. Also, those products are high quality, expensive, and supposed to last forever (although for some reason i never received the lifetime warranty?), so how come mine have already changed in a year of not using them?
    Thanks for reading

  11. Unfortunately, this is something that happens. It’s happened to mine despite storing it in the tube as well. I wish I had a solution for you, but I don’t. The warranty is implied; it doesn’t come in a booklet or anything. You might want to email Vixen and see if they have any suggestions.

  12. Thank you for your answer!
    It’s somewhat reassuring to see this is a normal aging process. (I was getting worried about every detail of storage and cleaning i might have done “wrong” somehow.) I hope it’ll stop changing though, so it stays harness-friendly.
    Also, I’m super glad about the implied warranty : i thought i didn’t receive a paper/booklet about it because it might be US-specific. It’s nice to know it’s possibly available to me too (hopefully i won’t need it)!

  13. Hi! I’m planning on buying my first VixSkin toy and I’m debating between the Maverick and Mustang and I need some advice! I’m no size queen (I’ve been making a small travel size toy work for me the past 3 months) but I’m also not intimidated by the size of Maverick…. I’m very intrigued by the suction base on the Maverick and the fun I could have with that to pleasure myself while going down on my boyfriend….. So I need help deciding! Please! Thanks 🙂

  14. Maybe I should also add that by the measurements, the Mustang is almost identical to my boyfriend in size… But I’ve read that because of the vixskin the Mustang isn’t quite as firm as the real thing so that is where my concern comes from about the Mustang not feeling quite as fulfilling…

  15. It sounds like you’re leaning toward the Maverick, so I say get that. It’s going to be a toy for a certain type of situation (when you want girth), rather than a toy you could use anytime (like Mustang).

  16. I just need to tell you: I got the Mustang a few weeks ago and loved it, though it felt a little narrow for my needs, so I’ve also now invested in Buck. This is not something I ever thought would happen. I usually tend to size *down*


  17. Hi again! So, will you be reviewing that new Mustang Royale, by chance? I’m always looking for dildos that will feel good to my partner, too, while she’s fucking me with them. (My Fuze Rebel arrives tomorrow, and I have high hopes for it as well!)

  18. So I’m deciding it’s time I invested in my first dildo. I have (and love) vibrators, but I really want to try a good dildo. I love your review and when I saw the tye bright color I decided I must own it at some point or another. Well, my birthday is coming up, so I might get myself a gift. Do you think this would be a good first dildo?

  19. AWESOME. Follow-up question, I wanna recreate your Runaway Dildo giveaway and get a Leaf vibrator as well, cause I have my eye on the Leaf Bloom (hopefully my paycheck and savings agree). But I don’t know whether to get the original or the second generation. Do you know what the difference is? Or do you know someone who has tried both generations?

  20. Oh, my! How did I never reply to this? Anyway, for future reference, it really just depends on what you want. The Mustang is longer than Tex, but not girthier. So, if you want big guns, you definitely want Maverick… or Buck. I love Buck too. Mustang would be better if you didn’t already have Tex.

  21. Dude, I feel the need to give an update. This thing. Took me a bit to get used to a toy that wasn’t vibrating my insides. And then this thing. Ohhhhh this thing. It’s taken all my words, I’m usually pretty good at adjectives. Thank you for introducing us. My only sadness is that it’s not socially acceptable to carry mustang with me everywhere I go so I can squish it all day long with my hand and my vagina.

    Oh and also that I want two of them. Because I got the Tie Bright (and it’s everything my soul dreamed) but I also really like the caramel color. But even if I had the money, how can I justify getting two of the same toy?? Ah well.

    You were right. And I thank you.

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