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Review: Mona 2

The Mona is such a simple toy. It’s not revolutionary in shape. But I cannot lie — I adore this vibrator.

LELO Mona 2 vibrator on a hardwood floor with some kitty feet in the background.

It’s kind of ridiculous how much I like my LELO Mona 2. Fuck it, love. It just feels weird to say that because the Mona is such a simple toy. It’s not a revolutionary shape, and in fact, it’s been around for some time and I’ve all but ignored it. So it is sort of unnatural and worrisome how much I’ve latched onto it now. But I cannot lie — I adore this vibrator.

When LELO announced the release of their updated Mona 2, Ina 2, and Elise 2, I wasn’t particularly excited. Waterproof? Eh, I don’t use toys in water very much. More vibration patterns? Eh, I don’t usually give a shit about those. 100% more power? …WAIT, WAT? Okay. Ears officially perked. You got me, LELO, you got me. Bag me and tag me.

In the past, LELO’s vibrating insertables — GigiSoraya, Isla, and Ina — haven’t impressed me. I’m much more fond of their clitoral vibes, like Siri and Mia. But since my mind and vagina were recently opened to the possibility of enjoyable internal vibrations, I thought I’d give this new Mona iteration a shot.

Holy shit, best decision I’ve made in quite some time.

Aesthetically, the Mona 2 differs very little from its predecessor; it has 1 1/4″ more insertable length and 1/4″ less girth, but the shape has not undergone any drastic changes. Compared to my Ina, Mona 2’s buttons are more raised and a little stickier to the touch, and the silicone meets the plastic more tightly on the handle, which hopefully will cut down on gunk collection.

The charging port, covered with a silicone plug, looks exactly the same, only this one is magically waterproof. I even let the water flow directly into the charging port, and still, the vibe buzzed on.

It is so rare that a toy be just as good internally as it is externally. This may be the first time in history I wish I owned two of the same toy, so that I could double-team myself.

Historically, LELO vibes have not been known for their power, but the times may be a-changin’. On its highest speed, Mona is more powerful than every vibrating LELO toy I own (except the large Smart Wand) — InaGigiSorayaIslaSiriAlia, and Mia — plus the vibrations are pretty deep. Now whether the “100% more power” claim is an exaggeration… I’m inclined to say no, not really. This is a mighty vibe, and a huge step forward for LELO.

The Mona 2 is, ostensibly, not a clitoral toy. Yet the first four or five times I tried it, it was for a quick clitoral orgasm with my underwear pushed aside. And still, that is my favorite way to use it. The raised portion of the shaft is perfect for lying between my labia; the pointed tip is my clit’s best friend; and during sex, Mona’s handle helps me reach my clit with very little effort.

My boyfriend and I even had a simultaneous orgasm when I used it during sex, which obviously could’ve been a fluke, but I think it helped that I was able to start off on a lower setting and slowly make my way up, never getting numb like I sometimes do with the Mystic Wand.

That really is one of the benefits of all LELO toys. You can start with the slightest tickle… and now you can progress to a pretty damn powerful finish. Also, I can use a nice low vibration setting when using Mona internally, so I don’t have to resort to a super-strong clitoral vibe in order to feel both at once.

LELO Mona 2 chilling in my hotel room at CatalystCon East '13
LELO Mona 2 chilling in my hotel room at CatalystCon East ’13.

Internally, the Mona 2’s shape continues to be fantastic. It reaches my G-spot with no effort whatsoever, pressing up into it with the same ridge that fits so nicely between my labia.

And I actually… prefer it with the vibrations on. What?! What?! I don’t know! Perhaps my G-spot is expanding its horizons. Perhaps I’ve come to a turning point. But this shit is making me question my unequivocal love for dildos. Mona’s vibrations are rumbly enough that they never numb my insides, and instead stimulate my G-spot in the most pleasing, pinpoint, sometimes quite intense way. I don’t have to thrust or anything — just let my G-spot soak it in. It is strange and unexpectedly lovely.

I do believe that I have found the exact toy to recommend to beginning G-spot hunters. Mona 2 is not overly girthy; people can experiment with vibrations on or vibrations off; the vibrations are deep enough that they actually can trigger G-spot stimulation in a unique fashion; and if all else fails, Mona 2 is a fucking great clitoral vibe (unlike Gigi 2).

At $169, you’re certainly buying the LELO name with this one. I know that’s a hard pill to swallow, but the LELO name encompasses quality. These peeps know what they’re doing. The fact that they are coming out with second-generation versions of their toys says something. They nailed it with their improved Mia, and they’ve nailed it here. Unlike the other LELO vibes I didn’t care for, Mona 2 is more than the sum of its specs.

Other than a cringe-inducing price, my only complaint about Mona 2 is that there is little warning when it’s about to die1. Because I get legit upset when it does, and I’ve killed it twice so far. However, I can attest to LELO toys holding their charges for a disturbing amount of time; whenever I get one out of storage, it often still has its charge, and my Mona test reveals an impressive play time of 2.5 hours (unlike the mighty but short-lived 70 minutes of the Touch).

It is so rare that a toy be just as good internally as it is externally. That a toy be so truly versatile, yet not have some ridiculous quirk that ruins all my positive feelings. This may be the first time in history I wish I owned two of the same toy, so that I could double-team myself. That, right there — yes, that is love.

Get the Mona 2 at one of my fave places:
LELO’s site, SheVibe, Spectrum Boutique, Early to BedBabeland,
Come As You Are (Canada), or Lovehoney (international).

  1. The control pad blinks, but only in the last, like, minute of life, and I never notice it.

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  1. This is extremely promising! I’ve owned a Mona for forever, and the shape is just fab as hell. My biggest problem has always been the amount of power it puts out. I think I pretty much have to get this now.

  2. I, too, have the original Mona and it’s a fantastic toy. But whenever I use it nowadays I have always wanted it to be a little stronger. I may have to invest in the Mona 2….one day.

  3. yessssssssss!! this is so good to hear. my liv is getting on in years (i’ve had it since christmas 08) and i’ve been looking for a replacement. looks like i found ooooooone <3

  4. You’ve piqued my curiosity. My laziness has compelled me to avoid anything that doesn’t plug directly into the wall. My Nea is sitting, right now, on my nightstand, dead. The only time I think to charge it is when I’m wanting to use it, and only rarely will I stop in that moment to charge it for next time. My laziness is limiting my options.

    And I think you should have two, just so you CAN double team yourself. Does it come in green?

  5. I’ve been interested in mona for quite some time but just didn’t get around to buying one. Now…I definitely need one! Have you heard anything on whether or not Lelo will be coming out with a Siri2? – I love my Siri to death!

  6. I just got my Mona 2 a few days ago, and wow!! Worth the buy if your thinking about it. Even my man loves it, used it during sex on my clit, and he says he can feel the vibes too, and I’ve even used it in combination with jacking him off/blowjobs. Feels amazing inserted, awesome on my clit, and it just looks, and feels, stunning. 🙂

  7. I don’t really plan on it. Elise 2 is bigger and bulkier than Mona 2, and since I primarily use Mona 2 clitorally, I don’t need the extra motor that Elise 2 offers. Plus, Mona 2 has a much better G-spot curve. Elise 2’s is wimpy.

  8. ‘ello, I own both the Elise 2 and Mona 2, and while the Elise was a toy I use to dream about, both models have let me down. I’ve learnt that this isn’t due to lack of power (even the earlier model was pretty good for its time), but the Elise’s shape just doesn’t work for my body. For a product with two motors, placed in two stimulating areas, it just doesn’t hit my ‘hot-spots’. The curve is excellent for A-spot stimulation, which helps increase vaginal lubrication, but for G-spot stimulation, it takes some work to position. The handle area, isn’t fab when rocking the toy, or for holding to thrust, it works ok if you like twisting motions. Though when I’ve used twisting motions with the shaft, I’ve found it to be too rigid, and pointy-tipped. The power is great though, and if you think it’ll work for you internally, then give it ago. It’s one of those products which if it fits, it’ll do most of the work for you with the power…. but sadly we all don’t have Cinderellas feet.

    Clitorally, I thought the toy would work excellent here, but I was wrong. Compared to the Mona 2, the Elise’s shape was very tricky to position. I wasn’t able to feeling the extra motor near the handle, when positioning the tip – actually, I could feel it, but in my hand. Oddly too, for me, the Elise doesn’t feel weighted correctly when used as an external stimulator, whereas the Mona 2 is spot on.

    This is only a quick run down of the Elise 2, there’s a lot more I could add really. Heck, I’ve avoided posting the review for it, just because I’m very ‘meh’ about the product really. But the plus side is, it is powerful, and looks nice. But it’s kinda one of those shapes where I think ‘Been there, done that, got the *cough* badge.’

    The Mona 2 just covers everything

  9. I trawled through a whoooole lot of your blog on my mission to buy my first Decent Vibrator, aka not a CalExotics $10 buzzy thing. So glad I chose the Mona 2, this thing is amazeballs. I mean, I found my g-spot for the first time, cmon. Also realised squirting was a thing i can do. So yeah, thanks for writing awesome stuff.

  10. okay thank you both for responding! ive had my eye on the elise 2 and i love lelo products but just havent come across any reviews on it. Mona 2 looks very nice as well. Thanks for your review on the mona 2 Nymphomaniac Ness

  11. I rarely buy toys, but your alert about the sale (bringing it into affordable range), and your always-informative prose made me feel confident in this purchase. (I found your site when looking for reviews of something else that sounded good, but then you alerted me to flaws.)

  12. Thanks a lot for your blog and your helpful reviews.
    My first dildo and vib which I bought about 15 yrs ago were cheap and disappointing because of the material, the ugly smell, the noise and little power. I wanted sth better and found the Fun Factory products, the (black) “Devil” is powerful and still my favourite (but not in production anymore). Apart from the eroscillator everything “better” I have comes from Fun Factory … produced in my home town and easily to get in womenfriendly shops here.

    When I read your reviews here I noticed your “complaint” about the sticky material of Fun Factory products. I wasn’t sure what you were talking about because I had never experienced it that annoying and sticky, so I wondered if the company might use sth different for export?

    To come to the point: After your Mona-2-review I was convinced and open for sth new and bought one. NOW I know what you mean! The “Lelo”-material is soooooo smooth, unbelievable! A very soft and pleasant texture, just to love it.

    I can’t compare it to other Lelos but concerning me, the Mona-2 could be more powerful, esp. for my clit.

  13. I recently bought this toy and while it has gotten me off twice (only externally, haven’t worked myself up to trying it inside), I do have a small complaint about the noise level. Granted, I don’t have any point of reference to how loud a vibrator should be, but this one seems pretty loud in the quiet of a bedroom, especially the higher up the settings you go. And I do find that my hand gets a bit numb from the vibrations that come through the handle. I’m not sure if all vibes do that, but I had hoped that coming from a cheap bullet I bought at Shoppers, to a more expensive toy, the vibrations wouldn’t transfer to the handle. So a little disappointed about those two things, but otherwise I’m liking the vibrations and ease of cleaning. Will have to try it inside soon to see if I can find that wonderful G-Spot everyone keeps talking about ^^

  14. I do believe you are spoiled already and you don’t even know it!

    Really, though — the Mona 2 is not especially loud, even at the higher settings. Sure, the vibrations transfer to the handle a bit, but that’s because they’re so strong. It’s much less annoying than you’d find with a small bullet-sized toy that wants to fly out of your hand.

  15. Wow, I’d hate to hear how loud the other ones are. I think you can’t hear it through a closed door, so I suppose that’s all I can ask for. It was just louder than I thought it was going to be. And by all means, it’s definitely better than the cheap little bullet I had before from Shoppers. Which made my hand very numb while trying to use it since I had to hold onto the vibrating end while using it. Still not regretting my purchase though, by any means. I’m looking forward to trying it internally (though, yeah, a bit nervous) and maybe in the water.

  16. Interesting review. I have never really enjoyed the “internal” part of vibrators. The bunny ears or the clit stimulator has been the only thing that I have enjoyed and thus I gave up a long time ago bothering with a decent “shaft” when I have a real one at home. Your review has sparked a desire now to try this product out and see if its any good for me…very tempting I must say…but as you put it it does have a “cringe inducing” price…particularly in the UK!

  17. The Mona 2 is a little pricey as some have mentioned, but it’s the price you pay for a good quality vibrator, worth shopping around online as quite a lot of adult stores stock the Lelo range.

  18. The worst part is when their male toy comes in a *gorgeous* shade of dark blue, but will they extend that privilege to their female toys? OF COURSE NOT, THAT’S NOT PINK.

  19. I picked this up during Pink Cherry’s recent LELO sale because of your review. My vagina implored me to drop by and say thanks on her behalf. I’m still learning my body as far as my g-spot goes but man the vibrations alone are fantastic!

  20. Thanks to this review I’ve made my first truly sound sex toy investment – WOW! I love this thing, it’s so pretty and sexy and I bought with confidence thanks to your review. I love the HELL out of it. Now to g-spot crusading, because I am indeed a beginning g-spot hunter. Woo!

  21. There have been disappointments, I tell you that. My story is long and starts with intercourse being incredibly painful for nearly a year after my first PIV experience – and lube, what’s that? Couple that with a big damn cock and manipulative, inconsiderate jerk boyfriend and, oh yes, I had issues that lasted ten years. My first orgasm from clitoral stimulation had me wide-eyed, as did my first internal. They were rare, but they happened… well, VERY rare, I should say. Fast-forward a few years, after being utterly unable and unwilling to have sex at all for years: I tried buying a decent vibrator. Aaand it did NOTHING. Sad, I hid it away. “Oh well, I get along very well witout sex anyway.”
    And I did. And I do. But then I learned how FUN it can be, and how enjoyable, and ALL ABOUT SAFETY (and that was a big thing)… and how different it is for people!
    Cue some Pjur Woman lube, and I was off to the heavens with my partners!
    By myself, though… I bought a rabbit. Wwwhhiiiich turned out to be almostbutnotthere, and then it broke. A bullet which was a disappointment. Another that Did It, but only on the clit, and broke recently. Sure, I had my Crystal Wand, and it is still my go-to (I can’t imagine anything better, but my sample isn’t big!).

    I enjoy playing by myself. But it’s just not been too much of an option, because, well, disappoooiiinteeeed.
    Today. Today, it arrived. In a SHINY shiny box, with a free sample of lube. The purple (they didn’t have blue, of course, as others have remarked upon) Lelo Mona 2, with warranty card and everything. I ordered it Wednesday night. Today is Friday. I biked far to get to the right postal service point. And it was all worth it. The money I had saved. The agonising. The enjoyable hours spent reading this blog (and others, but mainly this).

    I now confess myself to the choir of “Halleluja Mona 2”.

    We are already best friends, and she’s only been in my house for half a day. I wouldn’t have gone there, bought it, without your review – and I, too, want another one! Two must be heaven! The different vibrations – I squealed in joy, good thing I live alone! It was a joy trying it out in every way I could figure out. Yes, the girth is… well, girthy, but from that painful first experience I’ve come a long way and now quite enjoy a well-lubed great-girther.
    Gods, it was such a relief finding this place. And it helped me decide which Sliquid lube to get – the Ocean and the Silk, if I remember correctly – which I bought from Lovehoney because hey, I got 10% off, their shipping is free and YOU get something out of it, too, which is great!

    And if all this seems long, it’s because it needed to be. I’m ridiculously grateful for your review having convinced me to get the Mona 2. I hope I shall now be able to enjoy having sex with myself more, and more often, and without disappointments and a sad sigh. And not just myself – with the proper care and protection, this darling shall surely seduce partners of mine, of any gender! To be used on them, or me – I’m happy either way.
    Sex wasn’t nice, I didn’t really like it for more than about three minutes, and it seldom if ever led to orgasm – which is by no means a goal, but I didn’t even get HALFWAY there – and now here I am, gazing lovingly at the Mona 2 and deciding it’s about time I got off the computer and, well, got off, as it may be.

    Thanks, Epiphora, and, again: Thanks.

  22. Firstly I have to say I love your reviews!! =D

    I am new to using toys internally.. Normally I only use toys for clit stimulations… and I am use to that… but after lots of thinking and hoping to find my G spot.. As my friends tells me how amazing it is… I finally decided… but am now stuck between the choices of the Mona 2 or GiGi 2…!! What would you (or anyone) suggest I should get for a beginner g spot hunter??

    ps am more inclined to the Mona 2 just coz so many ppl has said wonderful things about it compared to the gigi 2

  23. Well, after being on my wishlist for a long time, I finally bought this. I’m actually pretty heartbroken. I don’t love it. I mean, it’s okay I guess. It got me off, but it was not easy. Even with the thing cranked all the way up to the highest speed, it was work getting there.

    With my cheap Xtreme Kit mini bullet, I can get off on the lowest speed easily and barely ever even touch the highest speeds unless the battery is near dying. I got the Mona hoping to replace my cheaper bullets since they burn through batteries kinda fast and tend to break easily.

    The shape is nice internally, I guess. Pretty mild. My Vixen dildo is better. Maybe I will just try to force myself to like Mona. 🙁

  24. I gotta say, I bought this on your recommendation, and the results have been…mixed?

    The vibrations are *amazing*. A world away from the cheap nasty bullet I’d been using, and exactly what I wanted. For about half an hour unless the thing is plugged in the entire time. And even after that, if I’ve used the toy for any amount of time and then roll over for the night, in the morning it will *always* be dead. It’s dead now. I charged it and left it for three days. Where in the hell did the charge go? How does this keep happening?

    It’s good enough to be worth the high maintenance…but only just.

  25. Yeah, I would not use it while it’s plugged in. If it truly only lasts half an hour and also loses its charge over night, that is not normal. I have tons of LELO toys and they almost always last longer than half an hour in use, AND they hold their charges very well when stored. Contact LELO.

  26. Get this: the Mona 2 doesn’t exactly work for me but I still love it and highly recommend it. For me it fits firmly into the category of “toys that are well-made and awesome and pretty much toy box staples but for me and people with my preferences (strong external stimulation that covers a lot of surface area) it doesn’t quite do it.”

    It’s still an awesome piece and I, after asking a couple of questions to make sure I’m not talking to my orgasmic clone, usually suggest it.

  27. I had the exact same experience with the addition of finding I don’t even enjoy things of that girth internally, or broad stimulation. 🙁

  28. Hm, okay. (Perhaps it’s because of the fact that I have to use an international adapter? Who knows.)
    But I’ll contact them all the same. Something’s not quite right here.

  29. hi epiphora, i’ve been reading through your blog for a while now and i wanted to ask you what your recommendation would be for someone who has never – and i mean never – had a vaginal orgasm? (and might i add, has only had clitoral orgasms through one vibrator ever, and never without). i bought a pure wand not too long ago but alas have had nothing other than a pleasant feeling.
    i’m slightly worried about spending lots of money (such as with the pure wand) and getting the same results.
    any thoughts would be appreciated!

  30. I did a bit of research before getting the LELO Mona 2 as it was my wife’s first vibrator ever. Didn’t want something too big, but had to be successful for the first time – otherwise there would be no other chance! The best purchase ever. My wife now tells me what she enjoys, even asked for it subtlely – the best purchase ever, great for starting external and then following through with internal. She loves it and it has only added to our evenings together – she still wants me but to have her shiver and cuddle after being mostly one way is the best thing ever! Go MONA 2.

  31. I’ve wanted a LELO Mona 2 since I saw your review for it, I however was not able to afford it. It would be so awesome to win one.

  32. Lelo just released a new Mona! Mona Wave! We all really need a review of the new one, so we could choose if we want 2 or Wave! (so excited)

  33. Hi Epiphora! I know this is a very very very old post, so I’m not sure if you’d ever read this, but I thought I might give it a try anyway…

    You’ve spoken so many wonders of the Lelo Mona 2 that you’ve convinced me: I think I’m going to get one as a Christmas self-present. You were not wrong with the Ella (THANK YOU!), and I’ve just received my Njoy medium plug, which I purchased with total confidence in your review. The thing is, doing some research I’ve noticed that there is another Lelo, the Ina 2, which basically looks the same as the Mona 2 but with an added clitoral-thingie. Have you tried it? Any thoughts on it? It’s a bit more expensive, but I’d be willing to wait a bit more and buy that one if it’s worth it!

    Thanks a lot.



  34. Hi! I’ve actually reviewed the Ina. I’m not a big fan of dual vibes in general, but I dislike Ina because the pressure of the clitoral arm is a bit much for me most of the time. I greatly prefer Mona because it can be used in many ways. You can pretty much only use the Ina one way.

  35. Oh, thanks a lot for your reply! And sorry, my lack of command of English sometimes makes me miss clear references to other reviews, like the Ina… Oops! You’ve sold me on this one, I’m definitely getting a Mona 2. YAY! 😀

  36. Last week, I was trolling the Internet, clinically comparing each of your reviews to one another, trying to decide what my first toy purchase would be…I finally made a decision & I sit here today as a full-fledged convert to the I-heart-Mona-2 fanclub. Thanks for your frank, accurate, and persuasive review. You’ve made for one happy customer!

  37. After surfing though the web and researching, your review on Mona fulfilled my mission and i finally got my first vibrator in my life! Gotta tell u it took me sometime to get use to it and i need more practice cause I’ve always been a hands on gal using my fingers. Internally it felt great, need more lube to insert. Love your blogs, made me laugh out and smiling to myself. Now i will always come to your blog to know more about sex toys and any related info, Thanks Epiphora!!

  38. I’m one of those rare vagina people who prefers internal stimulation to outer. My clit is stupid indicisive, and it’s so sensitive when I manage to stimulate it, it’s usually uncomfortable to keep going. So, I just let my wondeful G-spot run the show. My favorite vibrator is actually the Lovelife Cuddle. Because I loved that one so much, and after reading your reviews, I thought I might give the Mona 2 a try. Well, much to my surprise, my vagina didn’t love it as much as the cuddle. My G-spot loves thrusting, which is so easy with the Cuddle, but difficult with the Mona due to her larger (and POINTIER) head. Trying to thrust even a little hurt my cervix, even after multiple attempts, so while she can get me started, she can’t quite get me there because I need that thrust. The Cuddle remains my G-spot’s true love. HOWEVER, The Mona 2 surprised me in an entirely different way: The Mona is the only stimulation (of ANY kind) that my clit has not only tolerated, but actively liked. I’ve only had a handful of clit orgasms in my life. And the only ones I actually felt great pleasure from came from the Mona. As much as I love my Cuddle, it doesn’t have the same variety of vibrations of the Mona. My clit desires gentle, soft and very rumbly vibrations to be happy at first (Like a kitten purring), before gently growing stronger. And Mona more than delivers. SO, while she and my G-spot may never be soulmates, she has done more than any in helping my like and enjoy having a clitoris. And for that, I am forever thankful to her, and to you.

  39. Loki is stronger by just a hair. However, because Mona is less poin point it doesn’t matter that much. With both I go Mona internal and Loki external.

  40. I had to make the pilgrimage to this review because I feel the overwhelming need to tell SOMEONE how great my Mona is, and yelling it out the window seemed inappropriate. It has CHANGED MY LIFE. My previous vibrators weren’t *all* horribly buzzy, but most of them got uncomfortable after the first quick orgasm. With the Mona I’m happy to get one or two in and then lie there enjoying the feeling for another half an hour with the vibration still on! It helps that I get wetter than I’ve ever gotten before, which opens me up (ha) to all kinds of new frontiers like hard thrusting without having to get up and find the lube. I have yet to try using it with another toy, but I’m guessing that whether I’m using the Mona alongside a good dildo or with another vibe I am going to have some fun. I’m jealous of your multiple-Mona setup! (I got mine on sale, too, which just makes it sweeter somehow.)

  41. I thought that the Mona 2 couldn’t possibly be as good as you made out. After all vibrators are so personal and I’ve never been that into an insertable. It took me years to cough up the dough and buy one.

    Last Christmas (2016), I decided to treat myself and buy the Mona 2, mostly because I had a 40% off coupon from Lelo. I was skeptical but determined to give it a fair trial. My Lelo Mia had done me right, mostly used like a bullet vibe during strap-on sex. My Vibratex Mystic Wand had, heretofore, been my go to for solo pleasure.

    OH MY ZEUS! You were right; I was wrong. I do not use any other vibrator anymore. I experienced my first, but not last, g-spot orgasm. Like a junkie, I keep coming back for hit after hit. It doesn’t always work, but it’s always worth the effort. I fear I may burn out the motor and need to start saving up for a sibling.

    Thanks, Epiphora.

  42. I bought a Mona 2 based on this review about three years ago, and was very happy with it. Alas, yesterday
    mine gave up the ghost, in a rather dramatic way – it broke in half at
    the slimmest point! The silicone held together, but whatever is inside
    it snapped completely.

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