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Review: Tango

One of the strongest, rumbliest rechargeable vibrators out there. I love it when it works; I hate it when it dies mid-jack-off.

We-Vibe Tango rechargeable bullet vibrator in a wooden bowl full of seashells.
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Dude, man, guys, shit, dawg. Everyone loves the We-Vibe Tango. I’m totally late to the party. Then again, I was also late to anal beads, smartphones, and liking the Hitachi, so it’s not as if you should trust my timing on anything (except having an orgasm right when the corn dog timer goes off — I’m great at that.)

Other contenders have come and gone, but the fact remains: the We-Vibe Tango — and its sibling the Touch — are the strongest, rumbliest rechargeable vibrators out there for their size. Unlike most little rechargeable clit vibes, the Tango is made only of plastic. No silicone to cushion or buffer the sensation. Vibrations shine through loud and clear.

The Tango is also extremely versatile — capable of replacing many of the shitty shit bullets that come with other toys. Need that dildo to vibrate in a meaningful way? Want to buzz your genitals while wearing a harness? Looking for an upgrade to that butt plug? Call in the Tango.

But it has caveats that keep me from screaming BUY IT! BUY IT NOW! Some are specific to my masturbation style, but most are cold, hard facts. Serious facts that point to We-Vibe toys dying left and right, as if from a sickness.

First, my own shit: the Tango confirms a sea change for me. I used to be all about the little rechargeable clitoral vibrators. Blinders on, subscribing to some amorphous idea that clitoral equaled small, I was on a mission to find the best one. The We-Vibe Touch came close, with its power, but I docked points for its battery life and controls.

Now I’ve come to realize that perhaps the solution to my turmoil has been in front of my face all along: get a bigger vibrator, one with more space for a motor — and a handle to prevent my fingers from vibrating off. Which the Tango definitely attempts to do.1

So, the size of the Tango is no longer a selling point for my particular clitoris. And, okay, maybe I’m spoiled, but four steady vibration settings just seems half-assed.

Now, the unfortunate facts. The Tango is unreliable. It doesn’t hold a charge well, and I have had two We-Vibe toys permanently die on me. In both cases, the toy worked fine at first but then stopped taking a charge. To their credit, the folks at We-Vibe have been very accommodating, going above and beyond to give me tips and replace my poor dead toys. (Maybe they’re petrified of my wrath?)

But this is not an isolated incident. I’ve heard so many accounts of others experiencing the same issue where their We-Vibe Tangos, Touches, and Salsas die. This is a trend that cannot be glossed over. Even with as many as I own, I’ve never had a LELO toy die on me. Just, statistically, comparatively, We-Vibe toys are extremely unpredictable. A one-year warranty isn’t much solace.

Also, the gripes I had about the Touch still apply: crinkly storage bag, maddening one-button interface, finicky magnetic charging (although it has been improved in the second generation with better silver contacts), can’t be locked for travel, only lasts 60-70 minutes on a charge. It does have a low battery warning light that starts blinking when it’s dying, but still, I can exhaust the toy’s charge in a single masturbation session. Is it wrong to expect more? My beloved Mona 2 obviously has a larger battery, but it lasts 2.5 hours.

When the Tango works, it’s fabulous. It’s everything people have said: strong, rumbly, worthy of getting me off in even the toughest of situations. The tip is excellent because I can use the flat part or turn it around for something even more pinpoint.

I still like the Touch better — although a little less intense, it’s easier to hold and the silicone appeals to my clitoris — but the beauty of the Tango is that you can hack other toys with it. As a substitute for that shitty watch-battery bullet you hate, it will fit into:

And it is one of the only rechargeable toys that can do all of those things.

Still, I find it hard to make a steadfast determination about the We-Vibe Tango. I love it when it works; I hate it when it dies mid-jack-off or when I see yet another person tweet about theirs biting the dust. For the sake of what little moral integrity I have left, I cannot heartily endorse the Tango. But I can’t deny that when I’m vulva-deep in porn, stuffing myself with a dildo and pressing the Tango firmly to my clit, I want to.

See the Tango in action in the video here.

Get the We-Vibe Tango at SheVibe, Spectrum Boutique, Early to BedWe-VibeSmitten Kitten,
Good VibesBabeland, Pleasure Chest, or Lovehoney (international).

Or the We-Vibe Touch can be found at SheVibeSpectrum Boutique, Early to Bed, We-VibeSmitten Kitten, Good Vibes, Pleasure Chest, Come As You Are (Canada), or Lovehoney (international).

  1. This can be rectified if you are crafty: I’ve heard of somebody slicing up a toy sleeve to fashion a grip.

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  1. The Salsa is still my go to vibe. I’ve had pretty good luck with it. On occasion, after it’s been running kind of a long time, it won’t come back on right away if I accidentally shut it off mid-session. That annoys me. It’s almost like it has to cool down and then it’ll turn on again. I still love it though. I do want to get a Tango as well.

  2. I must say I love my touch except for that freaking charger. A strong wind will separate that thing. How do you feel about the “lipstick” shape tango vs. pointy?

  3. Rumor has it that We-Vibe will be re-releasing these toys this year. Hopefully they will take notice and fix the issues with the charger. The only issue that I have with it is that the damn charger refuses to stay on. I can take it with me camping though and it’ll stay well for a week with no issues.

    But that damn charger…

  4. Either I’m oblivious, or just SUPER lucky. The only problems I’ve had with my Tango were totally forgetting to charge it, and then it dying within moments of getting started…which was totally my fault.

  5. As someone who has probably been the biggest fan of the Salsa & Tango, I have to say that I’m perplexed at your run-time and how often these die for others. I’d say I managed to get a good one, but I own six. Yeah. I have one of each color of Tango and Salsa. No shame. I did have one die on me but to be fair….I used the hell out of it. Nearly every day. Sometimes twice a day. It was my first Salsa.
    I don’t even always have to use it on the highest power level but I always get at least an hour if not an hour and a half out of mine. I don’t think any of them perform any less great than the rest. I have a pretty good bunch.

  6. I literally tested it last night and it lasted 55 minutes. I got 35 another time when I was actually using it to masturbate. Judging from the overwhelming response from people on both Facebook and Twitter about this, this run time is not unusual.

  7. I prefer my Touch. I like that it’s a little more broad. The Tango can be pointy, too, but I prefer the bit of cushion that the silicone adds to the Touch.

  8. I have the Salsa, but I heard these two are comparable, just slightly different shape (I like the pinpoint tip of my Salsa but sometimes wish I had the Tango, because in white it just looks like an oversize tampon)
    Now you got me worried that it may die on me soon. It does run out of charge in the middle of a jack-off session, true, but only if I forget to charge it in between and attempt to use it a second time. Keeping my fingers crossed, because I’d be devastated if it were to die anytime soon.

    BTW I have a question, since you have a Salsa in a photo and I assume you own it too – the booklet that came with mine says it’s made of medical silicone, not abs plastic like all the reviews I’ve seen online mention. It makes sense, since it feels like plastic. I’m curious if the US version also has this misleading info in the booklet?

  9. Having gotten through 2 We Vibe Touches (1st lasted 9 months, the 2nd 3 months), I’m with you 100% on this one. It’s too bad, because I really liked the Touch overall. However, having moved onto bigger things too (a Lovehoney knock-off Hitachi) I think I’m beyond the point of no return.

  10. I found my Tango manual. It doesn’t mention materials, but it does say “water-based lubricant only.” They’re definitely just plastic.

  11. I have yet to own a Tango, simply because I’ve been so perturbed by all of the untimely deaths I’ve heard about (seriously, bad genes in that family). I think the Touch is pretty great, but nobody wants a toy that cuts out mid-sesh. And that fucking glossy silicone… I’m curious to see if the We-Vibe 4 and the soon-to-be-released WV toys will hold up better.

  12. I’m also late to the Tango party (bought mine as a Christmas present to myself) and thoroughly agree with this review. When it’s good, it is oh so insanely good, but there are many things about it that drive me nuts (buzzing my fingers off, dying so quickly and without warning, that damn finicky charger and its wee, golden light).

    The first few times I used it, I was actually a bit disappointed (what with all the hype), but it’s definitely grown on me. I’m very happy I have it because as a versatile bullet it can’t be beat (I especially enjoy it in my Tantus Echo) and if I need a quick, effortless orgasm, I always grab it. As a straight-forward clitoral vibe though, I think I still prefer my Leaf.

  13. I have not one, not two, but THREE dead Salsas AND a dead Tango. Doornail dead. When you press the button to turn them on, even after leaving them to charge for DAYS, they make a weird mechanical click as if their little engines are trying to turn over but can’t, and that’s it. Doornail dead. I added them to my shelf of dead things recently. Well, all but the Tango- I can’t find where I chucked it. I’d contact WeVibe to get them all replaced, but I don’t want a fucking baby-pink coloured slanty-tip toy so I’m just totally SOL.

  14. The Touch is one of my favorites ever, even though the button control is totally stupid, and mine is past warranty and getting a bit temperamental… but the vibrations themselves and the waterproof feature are so great. I’ve been thinking to get a travel-friendly lipstick-shaped vibe next. How would you compare the Tango to the Mia 2?

  15. Oh AND- I have seen these have the absolute WORST retail return rate for failure to charge, failure to hold a charge, or failure to turn on that I have ever seen in all my years of retail work. I used to work for fucking Dior where I sold eye-cream that cost hundreds of dollars, and mascara which cost as much as dinner for two. I had fewer returns back then than I have on these things. Probably one in five or six that I sell comes back, possibly more. Every month when I go through and deal with the bin-o-shit at work, there are always at least two or three Salsa/Tango/Touch-es in there. I’ve only ever had one actual return of the WeVibe wearable toy.

  16. The Tango is stronger than the Mia 2. But the Mia 2 has more vibration intensities and is more adjustable. The only thing I wish the Mia 2 had would be the power of the Tango.

  17. It really depends on what you compare it with… most bullets are worse than the tango, because of their lack of power and their shitty batteries… and most of them are operated with only one button and lack a travel lock (except getting the batteries out, but that sucks too when you travel with 8-10 toys). So compared to bullets the Tango is definitely a winner.

    Vibrators like the Mona 2 play in another league…

    Concerning the batterie life… there are also woman like me who need something about 10 minutes to jack off… My Touch lasts for 5-8 sessions which isn’t great but I have the leaf life in case the touch dies… either you want something strong that you have to recharge, or something less strong with batteries you can (and have to) replace fast…

    Most times you can’t turn them on anyway when the batteries is getting empty, so you can take another toy from the beginning…

  18. For me with my Salsa it was the handcramps, my love of blunt pressure and rubbing (which it’s too small for) and yes, the paltry battery life. Do you know how much it sucks when you’re all up into those glorious vibrations and it just goes “BYE” on you?

    That said, killer vibrations. If those are your number 1 priority, damn everything else, you might forgive its flaws. As for me, I tried.

  19. Man, glad to see this post now… The Tango was on my short list of things to buy with income tax, I’m not risking it with a limited budget. Onward research mode! At least in the research that led me this I learned I probably hated vibrators all this time because they were too buzzy. I hope that’s the case, or I’ll just give up and stick to non-vibrating toys.

  20. It doesn’t make sense to compare the Tango to battery-operated bullets. I compare it to rechargeable clitoral vibes, which are generally easier to use but not as powerful.

    Even compared to rechargeables, the battery life on the Tango is pretty paltry.

  21. I ended up removing the charger head casing in order to get it to stay on. I also have the same battery issues. From the amount of these things that are failing, it sounds like they been poorly designed to deal with battery memory effects ( ).

    It’s a shame though, as the shape of the Touch is perfect for penile use.

  22. This may or may not help you, but it seems to work for me; if you’re finding it doesn’t hold a charge for very long let it drain all the way, then charge it. I’m not sure how or why this makes a difference, but it does. I’ve had two Touches, same thing went for both. It’s like it needs to be brought back from the dead or something.

  23. I’m wondering if it has something to do with the magnets, maybe they’re interfering with the charge. Or maybe it has to do with how long a product sits on a shelf before it’s recharged; the website says it’s good for 2 months once charged, if they’re charged so that they’re ready to go once purchased, does the shelf life of that first initial charge (without being used) leave any lasting negative effects? Just a thought.

    To be honest, I can’t help but think it’s a good batch vs bad batch thing. Yay for made in China.

  24. I’ve wondered about the batches too. We had more returns from white and red ones that crapped out than black ones, with the Salsa. That’s just my store, so it’s anecdotal evidence, but…

  25. I’ve had my purple Tango for three years and it’s still functioning well. It does occasionally die when I try to change the speed, makes that horrible dull click. It starts working again if you charge it for ten minutes or so. These complaints led me to buy an Eroscillator, however, so I can’t say I’m not satisfied. The Tango works as a great portable vibe for me, though I’ll probably try something else once it dies.

  26. I totally agree about battery life but still love this. The same of the touch just doesn’t make sense to me. Like, it doesn’t work with anatomy, at least not mine. I don’t even like lipstick vibes generally, but I still really like the Tango because of the type of vibrations. I enjoy the simplicity of the single button and don’t mind lack of options because I never use them anyway.

  27. I’ve been trying to figure out whether I want to get a Tango or not, since I already have a Salsa and a Touch. I’d really just like another Salsa. I was in a shop the other day that had a few left, and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t pick one up.

    But I, like everyone else, have had issues with battery life and broken toys. It’s a shame, since they’re great in other regards.

  28. How does the vibration strength of the Mona 2 compare to the Tango? I have and love the latter but I’ve been wondering if it’s time for something new.

  29. Yeah, I too have witnessed the horrid click with my Salsa. I just charge it for few minutes and it will usually turn on again. But it’s infuriating when it happens in the middle of things so I bought a Tango (was in sale at Lovehoney) as well and it has behaved well (for now at least). It’s my goto-toy for PIV sex as larger toys are in the way. I just wish that the charger was not so crappy. Oh and a travel lock would be nice too since the charger can’t be trusted to stick to it. :/ I like the shape of Salsa better than Tango, but my Tango has been more reliable from those two.

    When it works, it works. When it doesn’t, the hell with it!

  30. It’s hard to say, since the Mona is so much more broad than the Tango. I would say that the Tango is probably marginally stronger, but it’s negligible. The Mona is far far far more reliable, which always wins out for me.

  31. Where did you hear this rumor? I’ve been interested in buying this for a while, yet all the flaws listed here make me wary. If they are re-releasing these toys, I’d like to wait.

  32. I wonder if there’s some sort of issue with the various voltages that different countries have contributing to the death rate on the STT toys? I’m in Australia and it’s vanishingly rare for the bin-o-shit to have Wevibe toys in it. We had a crap batch of Salsas when they were released (including one that shorted out mid tub and zapped the poor user) but since then maybe once every couple of months and we were clearing mad amounts of them.

  33. My Tango ended as a cat toy… I turn it on and let it rumble over my floor, while my cats freak out and chase it. They have definitely more fun with it than I do.

  34. Great review. I’m another one late to the party. I bought my Tango 5 weeks ago, used it 4-5 times and it’s dead. Mine is a non-USB model, but I’m not sure I want to by a new model, only to go through the frustration again. This untimely death is right on the heels of the doc Johnson magic bullet dying and my sweet husband unknowingly purchasing a counterfeit hitachi (which is going in the trash). I’m beginning to wonder if what the nuns told me might be true – am I being punished?

  35. I loved my Tango. It was the strongest clit vibe I’d had that didn’t make my bits itchy (sorry, Hitachi), at least before I got the MiMi. One night while using it to pump out a few quick orgasms, I got startled by my dad calling up the stairs to tell me my cell phone was ringing. The Tango banged against something or other, not even all that hard, and never recovered.

    I take some solace in the knowledge that at least I’m not the only one who’s had a Tango die like that.

  36. Ugh. I have a tango, and it lasted exactly one year before it stopped charging at all and completely stopped working. Before then, it would be finicky about charging and would quit without warning. I had thought at the time that it was because I hadn’t charged it enough.

    I spent 70 dollars on the thing and it was my favorite. Would it be worth it to get one of the new ones and ask for a discount in return of the dead one?

  37. If you’re really in love with the size/shape of it, perhaps. There isn’t really anything else that small and that powerful. Definitely see if they’ll give you a discount. They might not, since it’s out of the warranty period, but it’s worth a shot…

  38. I just got my Tango in the mail today. My first orgasm in months! No masturbation material necessary. Best part? It didn’t take all damn day (and the orgasm was awesome). I wept tears of joy and ecstasy as soon as I started using it. I’m in love.

  39. I don’t mean to alarm you, but I’ve identified another problem with the Tango. It’s so damn small. The size is great in use, but I’ve actually managed to lose my Tango somewhere in my apartment. It’s not in any of the 5 places where it should be. I thought for sure it would turn up when my mum visited my apartment, because odds are it would show up then, but nothing! It has been 4 days now, I need help.

  40. Argh. I just bought one, the whole Pleasuremates kit and frankly I did get an amazing deal on it but this thing is driving me crazy! The charger is infuriating, like I know it’s improved but still, I go to set it down and every damn time it disconnects. Ugh. I haven’t been able to come with it yet though I’ve not been feeling well and just a bit ago I almost had my first Tango orgasm and then it effing died. So I’m still feeling the wrath of the killed orgasm but even beyond that meh… I realize most reviewers are able bodied and I knew it would be a pain to hold but not only did I not come when I was so close finally, but ouch my dang wrist! And I was right, I need broad stimulation. And the ability to use it hands free. I’m a huge fan of laying on my side with a wand wedged against me and I sorta hoped a small vibe could be wedged between my labia and hands free but nope. Not enough pressure. And I swear this thing is possibly glitchy. I’m not sure all the levels actually work. No difference between 1&2 and 4 is super obvious. But I feel like sometimes they don’t work and I keep getting to 4 and needing more. And the button… It’s hard to press. Like enough that I would seriously warn anyone with muscle or joint issues (I have both so not sure which it is) to stay away. But I’m still hoping… I’m a greedy masturbator though. My first orgasm can take a long time but then I want to keep going and can have lots more relatively easily so I tend to spend much more time than this gives me time for. Boo.

    But okay I’m whining. I am bummed out a bit but I did mention I’ve been very sick. I think in a much more all around turned on mood I’d maybe like this. We’ll see.

  41. Okay Piph, can you help me? Several Tango questions. I tried again after it was done charging and times it. It died at the 30min mark exactly and I think it made it maybe to 40 the first time. This last time I tried to get off at a lower speed and only turned it up to the last two constant vibe settings for the last minute or two. That’s crap. Also about two minutes before it died I checked for the dead battery light as I swear I felt the power dip and no light. No light when it died and I turned it back on several times with it quitting in like 30 seconds. Finally the light. I never saw the light ever the day I got it and it died twice. When is the light supposed to come on? One would assume BEFORE it shuts off, no? I actually thought maybe it didn’t have a light at all the first day!

    Second are these precharged before they are opened? Mine was dead. No charge. No light.

    Is there something wrong with mine? Because ugh I wish I could all out return it I think. And my wrist aches like hell because apparently I want to death squeeze it when I’m ready to come (and so far no orgasms wtf? It dies almost intentionally I swear!). This is no good. But maybe mine is faulty? I can’t decide. I never saw the reviews where people mentioned all these problems. I heard all the raving everywhere and now I’m like meh… But the light, there’s something wrong with mine, isn’t there?

  42. I have had Tangos that only lasted about that long on a charge. It’s, unfortunately, not that unusual.

    As for the charging light, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t blink until the toy is turned off. It’s also finicky on the magnetic charger, as I mentioned a couple times in this review. You should always charge a toy when you take it out of the box, no matter if it turns on or not.

    To me, your Tango doesn’t sound faulty. It sounds like it’s being about as unreliable as I expressed in this review.

    If you have more questions feel free to email me at [email protected].

  43. Did they ever get the battery-randomly-crapping-out issue solved? This looks interesting, but not if it’s prone to failure.

  44. Did they ever get the battery-randomly-crapping-out issue solved? This looks interesting, but not if it’s prone to failure.

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