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Review: Prism V

My prayers have been answered. The Prism V is an awesome, all-purpose vibrator, and it’s only $99.

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L'Amourose Prism V rechargeable G-spot vibrator standing up on a reflective table, next to an ornate golden lamp.

There is no clever way to start a review about a vibrator that just works. I can offer no snarky analogies, no thought-provoking insight, no riotous backstory. I can’t lure you in with tales of boundless pleasure: dramatically arched backs, fistfuls of sheets, kaleidoscopes of color passing before my eyes. But let me tell you about all the easy, simple orgasms I’ve had with the Prism V. Ones where I didn’t have to think, or try, or struggle… where I could just get off.

That, there, is the triumph — small and insignificant as it may sound.

The L’Amourose Prism V is not the most unique or interesting sex toy, but “unique” and “interesting” sex toys are so fucking overrated. In the scramble for innovation, companies keep inundating our genitals with flappingwrithingelectro-shockingwater-shooting toys with painful rotating parts, condescending shapes, laser light technology, useless music modes, and other laughable “features.” 9 years into my career as a sex toy reviewer, I truly believe that it takes more gumption for a luxury sex toy company to introduce a basic vibrator into their catalog than to trot out some stupid gimmick.

World’s first. Revolutionary. Cutting edge. Best. Only.

Fuck that shit. Do the thing that has been done before. Do it well. Then I’ll be impressed.

Last year I tried L’Amourose’s Rosa, which received a slew of warranted praise within the sex toy reviewing community for its impressively rumbly vibrations. But something wasn’t up to snuff for me personally: the shape. The oblong base obstructed my clit and felt too chunky in my palm. It was just awkward enough to deter me from using it regularly, and I longed for a traditional handle like the one on my Mona 2. Then the company announced the Prism V.

In this vibrator, my prayers have been answered. The Prism V is sleek and sophisticated, with a smartly-curved head and an artsy, geometric base that doubles as a pleasing handle. It’s covered in powdery soft silicone and comes in sky blue, royal blue, and deep red. The flat base is a bit of an odd design choice, but it does allow the toy to stand proudly upright on any flat surface. So when I set it on my desk it looks like a cute Loch Ness monster poking its head out of the wooden sea.

The USB charging cord attaches magnetically to a notch in the base, so the Prism V becomes a beached Loch Ness monster when you go to charge it. It’s a bit finicky, as most magnetic chargers are. The toy is fully waterproof, and when I use it in the bath and lift it out of the water, residual water wiggles in the charging alcove like a tiny rooftop hot tub. (I may be literally the only person on earth amused by this, but WHATEVER.)

The price tag is what really shoots the Prism V into the stratosphere, though. $99 barely gets you anything rechargeable these days — usually a vibrator that’s palmsized or smaller. To find an insertable vibrator for that price, especially one as fully-featured and well-rounded as the Prism V, is amazing. Particularly because its functionality is similar to my favorite vibrator — for SEVENTY DOLLARS less.

That’s seven months of Netflix. Four boxes of wine. Nine orders of Panda Express. An impossible-to-quantify amount of material happiness.

One mark of a quality vibrator is a high number of distinct vibration settings, and this is where the Prism V excels. It features 12 steady vibration intensities and 5 patterns.1 I relish being able to incrementally increase the vibration intensity rather than clicking through a small handful of settings. The vibrations are quite good — not as powerful or rumbly as the dual-motored Rosa,2 and a couple notches weaker than Mona, but decent and sufficient for most scenarios.

Just to throw a few quibbles out there, I’ll concede that the Prism V is kinda loud and rattly on its highest settings, and — this is weird, but — I feel improper staring at the charging port and battery disposal icons on the base while I’m using this toy. It shouldn’t be where my eyes go; it’s like watching someone pick their nose in their car.

L'Amourose Prism V rechargeable G-spot vibrator standing up on a reflective table.

But that tells you how solid the Prism V is — that I’ve resorted to complaining about having to look at the charging port during use.

I received the Prism V around the same time that I got the We-Vibe Rave, and so much of my testing involved pinpointing differences between them. They are quite similar: both are versatile, affordable,3 rechargeable G-spot toys. I felt the crushing pressure to choose a favorite, to label one THE BEST. But it cannot be done easily, because the race is too close.

There are a couple major differences between the two. The standout feature of the Rave is its ability to be controlled with an app, from anywhere — whereas you gotta still be in the same room as the Prism V, old school style. But the Prism V is waterproof, and the Rave is only splashproof.

What I realized is that they are both great toys, but neither is 100% amazing at both internal and external stimulation. The Prism V suffers from a design choice that always dismays me: the handle curves away rather than toward me. As far as vibrator faux pas go, this one’s pretty mild, but it prevents the toy from being the best G-spotter it could be. I have to reach too far to control it, so I can’t really thrust. It’s good for static vag hangin’, but to get supreme G-spot stimulation from it, I have to press the handle downward like I’m jacking up a truck.

For intense G-spot play, I’d choose the asymmetrical, slightly girthier Rave, with its handle that leans toward me. For clitoral stimulation, though? I prefer the straightforward head of the Prism V. Neither pinpoint nor broad, it rests on the dominant left side of my clit effortlessly. That, and those 12 vibration intensities, are all I need.

Plus, if you’re the kind of person who likes to vote with your dollar, you’ll be pleased to hear that the company who makes this vibrator, L’Amourose, do not seem to be sexist jerks! You’d hope I wouldn’t have to specify that, but we now live in a world where the most well-known luxury sex toy company manufactures penis tuxedos and hires a known abuser to endorse their dubious new condom. Now we must specify.

That’s why I was so thirsty for a good, reasonably-priced, versatile rechargeable vibrator like the Prism V. A vibrator that functions admirably, asks little of the user, supplies reliable pleasure without protest. It checks the boxes, fulfills the requirements. With all the features of a thoroughly modern vibrator save for the price, the Prism V has quickly cemented its place among other top-tier rechargeable G-spot toys. It’s an awesome, all-purpose vibrator, and it’s only $99. My thirst is quenched.

  1. As always, the patterns do not impress me. One is frustratingly close to good, but has too many gaps in the vibration.
  2. I’d say Rosa feels like it has 3-4 higher settings than the Prism V.
  3. For rechargeable toys of their size, of course.

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  1. I was hoping you would compare this and the rave! Glad to see they aren’t too much different. I almost feel the elegance of the prism v might make up for the uncomfortably long handle. And that sky blue is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. <3

    Can I just pause here to say that I sincerely appreciate what you do here, and how consistent, reliable, and helpful your reviews are? You've helped me find some great toys that have worked really well for me, and that became doubly important when I acquired a girlfriend. Because of your reviews, we were able to buy a Mona with confidence on our first getaway vacation . . . to use the first time we had sex. And we were both delighted with it.

    Thank you, personally, for what you do.

    Also, thank you for this review. I love our Monas so much and I was very very sad to hear about the Charlie Sheen thing, which means I won't buy from that company again, ever. I feel better knowing there are comparable if not directly equivalent things out there that YOU would recommend.


  3. Might be a great toy but L’amourose won’t stand by their warranty promise. My wife has a Rosa Rouge that worked once then nothing. Tried to get L’amourose to replace it. They promised me a replacement and it never arrived. Now they won’t answer my emails. Terrible terrible company!!!

  4. I love that deep royal blue, myself. It is on my list now. And that price shocked me with its reasonableness!

  5. I was sceptical about the flat base (on a Happy Rabbit 2), but in use I found it to be incredibly practical. It’s lovely to be able to put a lubed-up vibe somewhere without spreading the lube around, it’s lovely to stand it up to dry, and I regret it doesn’t seem possible to charge the Prism standing up? The way I see it there can’t be too many flat-based sex toys…

  6. You had me until you said it was weaker than Mona 2. I got the Mona 2 ages ago hanks in part to your review and it was the first expensive vibrator I ever got. And it’s bloody amazing. I since got the Lelo Lily (also based of your review) and was horribly disappointed (in both the strength of it and how short the battery life is). I also got the Tantus dildos (forget the name, but the smooth ones with no ridges that are good in harnesses) and I liked them. I’ve been looking for a toy that’s similar in shape and function to the Mona 2 (because it works for me and my picky clit that must only be touched from the outside on the left and never directly), but stronger. Because sometimes (especially since taking anti-depressents) it’s not quite enough. Granted, I can usually come several times with the Mona 2. But sometimes I want more than that, or some days it requires just a touch more power (I’ve tried the wand style and fin it too strong and intense).

  7. Maybe the Eroscillator? It’s plugged-in, so it’s stronger than most rechargeable or battery-operated vibes, but it’s gentler than the big wand massagers and provides stimulation to a more focused area.

  8. I was thinking of trying that. But it’s such a hefty price tag for something that is so different from a normal vibrator, I’m just afraid of not liking it and then I’m stuck with this $200 sex toy.

  9. The Eroscillator is *super* rumbly, verging on thuddy. And it’s all bass, no treble. Which I found good for stimulating internal nerves and avoiding numbness, but not quite as good for providing surface-level stimulation as a rumbly conventional vibe.
    Hope this helps.

  10. This is the first negative story I’ve heard about L’Amourose and their warranty. I know that the company didn’t have a US distributor at first, which made their communications and returns process more spotty, but they have had a distributor for at least 8 months now.

    Any warranty issues should be directed to the retailer from whom you purchased the toy — if they’re a reputable retailer, like any of the companies listed on my Buy Toys page, they can ensure that the warranty is honored (via the distributor).

  11. I would just like to note that for Canadians, this toy is CAN$174.95 from Lovehoney; definitely nowhere close to the $99 that you quote, even allowing for conversions (I’m going to assume that you’re quoting in USD, new to the site sorry). I was a bit disappointed about that, it seems like quite a markup… T_T

  12. I kind of wish I would’ve bought the Mona 2 when LELO was still cool, but after the shit they’ve pulled, I don’t think I’d be comfortable bying their product. Obviously a vibe that works internally and externally, like the Mona you love, seems awesome. If you didn’t have the Mona, what would be the most similar, what would be your favourite? Is the Prism V

    I’m pretty new to sex toys, but I had written the Mona 2 on my wishlist (“things I can’t afford currently but will be worth the investment for about a lifetime”), but like you mentioned, I’ve found LELO questionable lately.

  13. Hard question! There are two main contenders: the Prism V and the We-Vibe Rave.

    Clitorally, for me, the Prism V has an edge because it’s a bit smaller and fits better on the dominant left side of my clit. Internally, though, I definitely prefer the Rave. The Prism V’s head feels puny in comparison to the shape of the Rave, and the handle of the Rave is much much more ergonomic. I have to push the Prism V’s handle down to get more G-spot stimulation, so I can’t really thrust — only nudge. It’s not ideal.

    The Prism V has a rumblier motor, but it’s less powerful than the Rave (on high) by a few notches. It has better controls than the Rave, though, and it’s waterproof and only $99. I like them both for different things!

  14. I see that USD $99 is about CAD $132. Looks like Lovehoney is listing it as discontinued now (??) and was also marketing it as an anal toy, which it definitely is NOT.

    I would try to order it from a US-based retailer whose shipping isn’t too bad, or find an ethical Canadian shop that carries it for a better price.

  15. I think I’m about to go ahead and buy this – I was given $100 for a recent anniversary and told I should get something I’ve really been wanting. My clit is pretty sensitive though, and I want to be able to use the Prism V clitorally – can you tell me if it has truly low speeds? Tango’s “low” is way too much for me, and using my Gigi 2 clitorally I start out on the lowest and never get above approximately the middle of its range.

  16. Good question! The Prism V definitely has lower settings than the Tango does. To me it seems like it has 4-5 settings lower than the Tango’s first setting. However, it doesn’t go as low as the Gigi 2. I’d say the fourth setting (of eight or so) on the Gigi 2 is comparable to the first setting on the Prism V.

  17. Sounds perfect, thank you! I’ve ordered it in that beautiful royal blue – yeee!

    When I try to count the speeds on the Gigi 2 it seems to have between 10 and 12, but it’s hard to tell because the button clicking doesn’t necessarily mean it was pressed hard enough to change the speed. (Grrr) I get a different count each time…

    This is why your enormous collection is so useful – you can almost always compare the toy in question to something a reader already owns. 😀

  18. Do they actually carry it for that much, or are you using an exchange rate to convert? Also, shipping can be pricey, even from the states.

  19. im actually quoting the price in CAN$ from the site. shipping is 20 more. i dont know if that is expensive or not for you, but at least its cheaper than lovehoney

  20. Hey, awesome! I didn’t realize they quoted in Canadian dollars, must have been changed since I last checked them out. Thanks for the info!

  21. I bought this on your recommendation, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s like my shitty Spencer’s “sexology” vibrator (yeah, good job, past me, AT LEAST IT’S BODY-SAFE), but strong enough for my lazy ass to use through underwear and less likely to make me wonder if I have a clitoris anymore or if the buzzing has permanently numbed it!

  22. I am still heartbroken about the loss of L’amourose. I would’ve bought multiple Prisms if I’d known. I’ve got the Pillow Talk Saddy, but the Prism was just SO perfect for me. I appreciated the hell out of the narrow neck, and it’s small size because of how incredibly firm it was. The Sassy is bigger while also squishier, so it doesn’t hit quite the same way. I’ve even messaged stores to see if by ANY chance they had backstock but of course not. I’m just desperate. The vibrations on it are perfect for me and I really don’t think I’ll find another toy that’s quite as good as a G-spot vibe. I wonder why they shut down and if they’ll ever start back up again. It seems odd and like they would be able to make a comeback – hell even a kickstarter – I’d fund that! I bet many would.

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